Holiday makeup looks from our personal shoppers, part II

I hope you were inspired by part one of this post that featured three beautiful makeup looks using the limited edition Glamour Eye & Lip Palette and Snappy Brush Wand. Keep reading for four more beautiful looks from our personal shoppers.

Night Before Christmas by Elizabeth

“I was inspired by a fresh snowfall across the cool purple and blue hues in a winter sky, to create a frosted nighttime look!”Night before christmas makeup look with light purple eyeshadow

Snow Angel by Nicole

“This look is inspired by the soft colors of a winter sunset.”

Snow Angel

  • Apply your shade of Dream Tint Tinted Moisturizer to your entire face using the Blending Brush.
  • With the tip of ring finger, apply a thin layer of Champagne Silk Eye Gloss to your eyelid and blend up to your brow bone.
  • Next, apply Hush PurePressed Eye Shadow with the Eye Shader Brush to your entire eyelid and blend up to your crease area.
  • Apply Smokey Grey PurePressed Eye Shadow to crease and blend well with Crease tip of the Snappy Brush Wand.
  • Line your upper lash line with the Black/Grey Eye Pencil.
  • Use the Black/Brown or Taupe Eye Pencil to fill in your brows, thicken and lengthen them.
  • Add Faux Lashes if desired.
  • Apply PureLash Extender & Conditioner followed by Black Ice Longest Lash Thickening and Lengthening Mascara.
  • Apply In Touch Cream Blush Connection to apples of cheeks using your fingertips.
  • Finish your look with Fetish Lip Fixation.

Holiday Ready by Elena

This is the season for shine and sparkle. The colors that come to mind are red and gold, and that is exactly the root of my inspiration.

Orange and pink makeup look

  • Start by applying Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener using your fingertips.
  • Apply your shade of Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder using the Chisel Powder Brush, spritz with your favorite Hydration Spray.
  • Apply Canvas Lid Primer to your entire eyelid, inner eye corner and all the way to your eyebrow using the Camouflage Brush.
  • Apply Red Carpet PurePressed Eye Shadow all over your lid using Deluxe Shader Brush.
  • Apply Rose Gold PurePressed Eye Shadow to the inner corner of your eye and brow bone.
  • Spritz the Small Fluff Brush with Hydration Spray and dip it into Gold 24-Karat Gold Dust. Apply it lightly to your brow bone, inner corner of your eye, and to the center of your lid for extra highlighting and sparkle.
  • For even more sparkle, line your top and bottom lash line using the Detail Brush spritzed with Hydrations Spray and dipped into Gold 24-Karat Gold Dust.
  • Apply Crabapple PureGloss to your lips.
  • Apply 24-Karat Gold Dust to the center of your upper and lower lip using your finger tip of the Small Fluff Brush.

Day on the skating rink by Alicia

“This is the perfect look for a fun filled day on the skating rink taking in all the beautiful holiday lights and cheerful music.”

  • Start by applying your day at the ice skating rinkshade of Liquid Minerals Foundation to your face using the Foundation Brush.
  • Apply Champagne Silk Eye Gloss using the Sculpting Brush to your entire eyelid and up to your brow.
  • Add a layer of Oyster PurePressed Eye Shadow to your eyelid using the Deluxe Shader Brush.
  • Apply Blue Hour PurePressed Eye Shadow to your crease and the outer corner of your eyelid using the Crease tip from the Snappy Brush Wand, blend well.
  • Line your top lash line with the Black/Grey Eye Pencil.
  • Apply PureLash Lash Extender & Conditioner followed by Black Ice Longest Lash Thickening and Lengthening Mascara.
  • For a flushed look apply Clarity In Touch cream blush to your cheeks using your fingertips.
  • Apply Pink Candy PureGloss to your lips to finish the look.

Click any of the looks above to try them on in our makeover room!

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