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Last-Minute Halloween Looks

  • 7 min read


Your pumpkins are carved, your fake spider webs are spread around your house, but have you chosen a Halloween costume yet? We always wait until the very last minute to decide on our costume (we're human, after all) and that means sometimes we have to create looks using the makeup we already have in our cosmetics bag. But, just because we are using the clean, cruelty-free jane iredalemakeup we know and love, doesn't mean we can't have a fun, on-trend costume! Here are four Halloween makeup looks you can create using your favorite jane iredale products.

Glam Cheetah Halloween Costume Makeup

Add a pair for cheetah ears to complete this gorgeous, last minute look from our Global Educator, Natalie!

  1. Apply Smooth Affair for Oily Skin to your entire face.
  2. Apply Glow time BB Cream in your shade all over your face.
  3. Apply the Bronze shade in Moonglow Bronzer to your hairline, under your cheekbones and from the inner corner of the brow following your noses natural edges using the Eye Shader Brush.
  4. For highlighting press Gold 24-Karat Gold Dust on the bridge of your nose up to the center of your forehead.
  5. Apply the Bronze shade in Moonglow Bronzer on your entire eyelid from lash line to brow.
  6. Using the White Eye Pencil, smile, then start coloring from the outside of your lip line to your smile lines and down to your chin.
  7. To create dimension, frame the edge of the all-white area with the bronze shade in Moonglow Bronzer using the Smudge Brush.
  8. Color the tip of your nose black with the Basic Black Eye Pencil.
  9. From the center of your nose to your cupid's bow, draw a straight line using the Basic Black Eye Pencil.
  10. Line your lips with the Basic Black Eye Pencil.
  11. Fill in the center of your lips with Berry Lip Liner.
  12. Fill in your brows as you normally would.
  13. Using the Basic Black Eye Pencil, line your bottom lash line and smudge with Ebony Pure Pressed Eye Shadow.
  14. Line your upper lash line with Black Liquid Liner creating a long, winged line on both the inner and outer corner of your eyes.
  15. To create the leopard spots press Gold 24-Karat Gold Dust where you want the spot using the Smudge Brush.
  16. Trace the edges of the spot with Black Liquid Liner creating any shape you like.
  17. Add PureLash Extender and Conditioner, followed by Jet Black PureLash Lengthening Mascara.

Lioness Halloween Costume Makeup

lioness halloween look

Channel your inner lioness this Halloween with this simple makeup look created by our Retail Support Specialist Theresa Hebert.

  1. Cleanse and prime your skin, then polish your complexion with your favorite foundation.
  2. Next, use our GreatShape Contour Kit and the Contour Brush to contour and highlight your cheeks and your nose. Then, use the White Fan Brush to dust the high points of your face with Moonglow Bronzer.
  3. Prime your eyelids with Gold Smooth Affair for Eyes.
  4. Line your top lashes with Onyx Mystikol Powdered Eyeliner, then blend out the line with your Smudge Brush.
  5. Press EbonyPurePressed Eye Shadow into the lash line using the same Smudge Brush, then layer Double Espresso PurePressed Eye Shadow on top using the Eye Shader Brush. Use the Crease Brush to apply Moonglow Bronzer to your crease, and highlight your brow bone and inner eye with Oyster PurePressed Eye Shadow.
  6. Prime your lashes with PureLash Lash Extender & Conditioner and apply your favorite mascara.
  7. Use the Crease Brush to swirl White PurePressed Eye Shadow on your chin and upper lip. Draw "fur" on top of the white eyeshadow with the WhiteEye Pencil.
  8. With the Basic BlackEye Pencil outline the tip of your nose, around your nostrils and down the medial cleft (the vertical indentation above your cupid's bow).
  9. Fill in the outline with Craving Lip Fixation Lip Stain and dab Clearly Pink PurePressed Blush on top of the lip stain to set it.
  10. Finish the look by defining your brows and tousling your hair for a wild look.

Mermaid Halloween Makeup

mermaid halloween look

Turning yourself into a glamorous mermaid may not be the easiest thing to do, but it's definitely achievable with products you already own. Check out this mermaid makeup tutorial from Retail Support Specialist Mimi Banasik.

  1. First, create a smooth canvas by priming your face with Smooth Affair Facial Primer and using your favorite clean foundation and concealer for a flawless complexion.
  2. Next, give yourself a mermaid contour using Clearly PinkPurePressed Blush. Use the Blending/Contouring Brush to add definition on your temples, below your cheekbones and on your jawline. You can even use it to contour your nose!
  3. Add dimension to your look by applying Shower from the Purple Rain Eye Shadow Kit with a Crease brush to the top your cheekbones. Apply the same shade to your jawline and neck using the Blending/Contouring Brush.
  4. For the scales, cut both ends of fishnet stockings and pull the sleeve over your face (just for this part). Smudge the pink end of the White/Pink Highlighter Pencil onto your forehead, cheeks, or anywhere you would like to have scales and blend it out.
  5. Use the Flocked Sponge to press Mist from Purple Rain Eye Shadow Kit on top of the highlighter scales. Then, using the Large Shader Brush, apply Sapphire Mystikol Powder Eyeliner, Sprinkle (from Purple Rain) and Iris PurePressed Eye Shadow, randomly on top of the are when you want scales. Make sure to apply the eye shadows generously to make it pop. Carefully remove fishnet from your head.
  6. For the eyes, start by applyig 24-Karat Gold Dust to your brow bone with a Large Shader brush.
  7. Next, apply Mermaid PurePressed Eye Shadow to your crease and extend it to the outer part of your eye with the Crease Brush.
  8. Use the Angle Liner/Brow Brush, apply Sapphire Mystikol Powdered Eyeliner to your crease for a cut crease look. Blend it lightly with Crease Brush.
  9. Apply Emerald Mystikol to the outer corner of your eye and connect it to the Sapphire shade, blending toward the center of your eye.
  10. Clean up your cut crease line by applying PetalSmooth Affair for Eyes just above your crease from the outer corner to the center of your lid. Mimi used a Chisel Shader Brush for this.
  11. With a clean Large Shader Brush, press Sprinkle from the Purple Rain Eye Shadow Kit on top of the Petal Smooth Affair for Eyes.
  12. With your finger, apply 24-Karat Gold Dust to the center of your eye.
  13. Create a thick cat eye with AmethystMystikol Powdered Eyeliner. You can also apply it to your bottom lash line and blend until it is smokey.
  14. Under your eye, apply Sprinkle from Purple Rain in the shape of a “V". Then press Shower in the middle of the “V” with your finger.
  15. Finish with PureLash Lash Extender & Conditioner and your favorite mascara on top!
  16. For your lips, apply Sapphire Mystikol Powdered Eyeliner, to the outer part of your lips.
  17. Press PetalSmooth Affair for Eyes to the center of your lips and then add 24-Karat Gold Dust on top of it.

Finish this look off by dusting yourself with 24-Karat Gold Dust, using the White Fan Brush. Apply it to the tip of your nose, the top of your cheekbone and under the eye, above the brow, on top of the chin and over your scales. The more, the better, to get that beautiful wet look!

Butterfly Snapchat Filter Makeup Look

butterfly halloween look

We all love the Butterfly Filter on Snapchat, and there are days when we'd love to walk around with that soft-filtered glow and golden butterflies floating around us. That may be a bit much for our everyday work look, but it's perfect for Halloween. Retail Support Specialist Benedikte Johnson shows how to create this look with only a handful of products.

  1. Apply Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener evenly over for face, neck, and décollete using a Foundation Brush.
  2. Mix 2 dots of Glow Time BB Cream and 4 dots of Liquid Minerals. Apply the mixture to your face, neck, and chest with the same Foundation Brush. Blend the foundation on your skin using the Blending/Contouring Brush.
  3. Next, use the GreatShape Contour Kit to contour, highlight, and add a rosy glow to your face. Remember to blend really well because this is a soft-focused look.
  4. Shape and define your brows with the Retractable Brow Pencil.
  5. Apply a thin layer of Gold Smooth Affair for Eyes to your eyelids using the Camouflage Brush.
  6. With the Eye Shader Brush, apply the gold color in the Sunlit/Jewel PurePressed Eye Shadow Duo onto the lid.
  7. Apply Taupe PurePressed Eye Shadowto the inner half of your crease using the Eye Contour Brush.
  8. Then, take a small amount of the bronze color in the Sunlit/Jewel PurePressed Eye Shadow Duo and apply it to the outer half of your crease using the Crease Brush. Blend entire crease with the crease brush.
  9. Apply Taupe Eye Pencil below your lower lash line and bottom water line, then blend it out with the Smudge Brush.
  10. Prime your lashes with PureLash Lash Extender & Conditioner and apply your favorite mascara. You could also add some fake lashes for extra volume.
  11. To get the filter effect, start by using the Sculpting Brush to apply the wax from the GreatShape Eyebrow Kit in small dots (8 or so) onto the forehead, spaced evenly, but not perfectly. Use the same brush and layer on 24-Karat Gold Dust.
  12. Next, using the White Fan Brush, apply the gold and light champagne color from the Moonglow Bronzer onto the high points of your face. Apply 3 – 4 feather-light layers to build the filter effect.
  13. Amplify the glowing effect by adding hints of Moonglow Bronzer down the bridge of your nose, your cupid's bow, on your chin, and above your eyebrows.
  14. Finish this look by lining your lips with Nutmeg Lip Pencil, applying Tricia Triple Luxe Lipstick, and adding a pop of shimmer with Hot Cider PureGloss Lip Gloss

Show us Your Halloween Makeup Looks

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