Quick Smoky Eye Makeup!

Smoky eyes are everywhere for fall, and the look has never been fresher because they are being done in every shade from classic charcoal to soft browns, and even vibrant shades like plum or teal. Smoky eyes is not a color, it is a technique; or rather many techniques. Here is one of my favorites from makeup artist Christian McNally. It looks fierce and only takes about five minutes. Have faith. It may look like a hot mess when you are halfway through, but it comes together magically in the end. Blending is the key!


  • Start by smoothing a tiny bit of Lemon Lid Primer over the whole lid, lash line to brow. Blend well with your finger tips or the Camouflage Brush.
  • Next, apply coordinating Eye Pencil: For example, Black/Brown works well with brown or plum smoky eyes; Black or Black/Grey works with charcoal or teal. Draw a thick line across the upper lash line, going about half way up the lid towards the crease. Draw another line under the lower lashes, from inner to outer corner. Connect the two lines at the outer corner, and don’t worry about being neat.
  • Blend the Eye Pencil well with the Small Fluff Brush to a soft, edgeless finish. One thing I have learned is to blend with a very light touch. It may take longer, but otherwise I end up blending off the makeup I just applied!
  • Take your desired shade of PurePressed Eye Shadow Triple. Apply the medium shade to the outer two-thirds of the upper lid with the Crease Brush. The crease can stay clean for this look; concentrate the color on the lid and lash line.
  • Apply the lightest shade on the inner third on the upper lid with the same brush and blend the two together with your clean Crease Brush (simply wipe it off on a tissue).
  • With the Mini-Dome Brush, use the darkest shade in the trio to intensify everywhere you placed the Eye Pencil. Blend well.
  • Again with the Crease Brush, highlight with a little bit of Oyster (shimmery) or Bone (matte) PurePressed Eye Shadow in the inner corner of the eye at the sides of the nose, and on the brow bone. Blend well.
  • Line the inner rim (waterline) of the upper and lower lash line with an Eye Liner. Use the same liner or try Black for fierce drama, or Midnight Blue to really whiten the whites of your eyes.
  • Apply PureLash Lash Extender & Conditioner to upper and lower lashes to condition lashes and add volume and length. While it is still damp, follow with several coats of Longest Lash Thickening and Lengthening Mascara in Black Ice.

Now with eyes this intense, please keep the cheeks and lips soft and neutral. The one exception for this fall might be a subtle pop of hot pink. Use a light hand and try Clarity In Touch Cream Blush on the cheeks and Sugar Plum PureGloss Lip Gloss on the lips

  1. I have a question….can Jane Iredale eyeshadows be used wet, as well as dry?    Thanks in advance for your respnse.    EJ

  2. Hi EJ,    Absolutely! I love using the eyeshadows wet. The color payoff is much more intense and they last forever. I even wet subtle shades for daytime. This is also the perfect way to use your eyeshadow as a liner. I prefer to spritz or wet my brush first, then press it into the eyeshadow, rather than wetting the eyeshadow itself. Have fun!

  3. You’re welcome! I am glad you are enjoying it and having fun, because that’s what makeup is all about, right?

  4. I am trying to find a location on the site that will tell me what the ingredients are in the eye makeup. I am allergic to anything with chrome it in. When I called the 800 number they told me to look on the website???

  5. Hi Jan,  We are sorry that you were not given more help when you called the 800 number.    Unfortunately, many of our eye shadows contain Chromium Oxide Greens. We do have a few kits that do not:    The Daytime Kit http://shop.janeiredale.com/products/eyeshadow/11414-purepressed-eye-shadow-kit-daytime.htm    The Bling Kit http://shop.janeiredale.com/products/eyeshadow/11415-purepressed-eye-shadow-kit-bling.htm    and; The Smoke Gets in Your Eyes Kit http://shop.janeiredale.com/products/eyeshadow/14450-purepressed-eye-shadow-kit-smoke-gets-in-your-eyes.htm    On each product page is a tab that lists all of the ingredients, to the right of the product.    In the future if you have any product questions, please feel free to contact our personal shoppers who are highly trained in all of our products and ingredients, their number is 877-869-9420.    Also, please let me know if I can do anything else to help you!    Joanna

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