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    Fall Eye Trends, Simplified

    • 1 min read


    With Fall in full swing, we wanted to celebrate the best season with some trendy eye looks (and yes, it is the best season! If your favorite season is different, comment it below.) These looks are toned-down, wearable versions of what you might've seen on the Fall/Winter runways. Try one or all three of these looks when you're apple picking, leaf peeping and carving pumpkins!

    Smoky Neutral Ey Makeup Tutorial

    How to Create Graphic Eyeliner

    • Get creative! UseOnyxMystikol eyeliner to create a long-lasting, smudge-proof look.
    • Try a double-winged liner by adding a flick to the outer corner of your eyeliner and adding an extra flick above or below the first one.

    Disco-Inspired Eye Makeup Tutorial

    Try These Fall Makeup Looks Out

    Now, with these trendy looks in hand, go forth into this sweater-weather season and enjoy all the pumpkin spice lattes you can! If you try out any of these looks, don't forget to share them with us @janeiredale using #GoodBeautyStories.