How To Apply False Eyelashes – Even For the Faint of Heart

I have always been brave and experimental about makeup, but false eyelashes were too much even for me. This truly seemed like something that only professional makeup artists could do.

Then jane iredale launched our own Professional Faux Lashes, and I was intrigued. First, they are individual lashes, so it is possible to get a natural, if dramatic, look. Second, it is jane iredale, so I trust them to be gentle on my eyes. I just had to try them.

Professional Faux Lashes give crazy length and volume, and are totally customizable. They come in two lengths. The outer circle contains 6mm lashes for a lush gorgeous look. These look most natural; but if you are applying dramatic lashes to the entire lash line, these might go in the inner corner and center. In the inner circle there are 9mm lashes. These are for big, bold lashes! Use them all the way across for the strip-lash look, just at the outer corners for that sexy tilt, or in the center for a doe-eyed Twiggy look.

I was not sure I would be able to do this, but with a little bit of practice, it was easy. Just don’t wait till five minutes before a big night to apply them for the first time. Try it first on a lazy day off, and enjoy sitting around in your PJs with gorgeous, glam lashes! The best part is, the glue is included, it’s latex-free and non-drying. All you need is a pair of clean, dry, flat-head tweezers, a hand mirror (for easiest application, not necessary once you are comfortable) and a lash curler (optional).

OK, ready? Let’s go!

  1. Lay everything out on a desk or table, with a mirror handy.
  2. Pull back your hair, and if you have bangs, pin them aside.
  3. Open the lashes, remove the disc from the compact, and take out the glue.
  4. Spread out some paper towels
  5. Curl your lashes if you have a lash curler.
  6. Put on mascara (I recommend Longest Lash Thickening and Lengthening Mascara) and allow to dry. if you are going day to night and already have mascara on, skip this step.
  7. Using your tweezers, pull several lashes from the disc and place them on the paper towel. Grasp the lashes close to the knot and gently wiggle them free. if you are too rough, the lashes may get damaged.
  8. Open the glue. Squeeze a tiny dot out onto your paper towel. You can dab the lash directly onto the glue wand, but I prefer to squeeze some out and then close the glue tube. There are less moving parts this way 😉
  9. Grasp a lash with the tweezers. Here is where experience comes in. You need to grasp them so that you can both easily dab the knot into the glue, and then without changing your grip, drop the faux lash onto your lashes. I have the best success with coming straight in from the front, grasping the lashes on the fringe.
  10. Raise your eyebrows a bit and look down into the mirror. You can prop your elbows on the table if you need to steady your hands. All you should be holding is the mirror and the tweezers with the lash.
  11. Now here’s the deceptively easy part: position the lash above where you want it, with the knot right next to the lash line, and just drop it on top of your lashes.
  12. Repeat till you have applied all the lashes you want.
  13. Wait thirty seconds after you apply the last lash, then gently apply mascara to blend.

A few tips: you can clean the tweezers with alcohol if they are getting glue-y. There is no three-second rule with lashes. If you drop one on the floor, throw it away.

Removing your lashes: just take your Magic Mitt or a wash cloth and wet it well with warm water. Press it to your lashes and gently wiggle a bit. If they have not come out yet, wiggle some more. GENTLY! False eyelashes are single use. Once you take them off, please throw them away.

How do they wear? I applied two lashes to the outer corner of my upper lash line when I started writing this blog at 1 pm, just to refresh myself on how to do it. It took me about eight seconds, and they went on perfectly. it is now 4:17 (I had some meetings). They are still in place, haven’t budged, and I forgot I had them on because I can’t feel them. I will comment here tomorrow to tell you how late they stayed on and how they looked when I took them off. They look so natural, but very flirty and dramatic. So now it’s your turn, are you ready to try them?

  1. Hi! Great article!    When you apply the fake lash onto your own, where do you apply it, on top of your lash or at the end of the lash?

  2. Hi Karen,    Thanks! YOu pose a great question and I am sorry if I wasn’t clear. It goes right on top of your own lash, not on the end.

  3. I tried this type of lash 25 years ago. They looked great, but would pull my own lash out when they came off. Do the Iredale false lashes do this?

  4. Hi Paula,    Definitley not! If you use the method for removal I described above, they will come off without any tugging at all.    On a different note, if you feel your own lashes might be weak or prone to breaking, please try our PureLash Extender & Conditioner. It does wonders!

  5. These look interested, but it seems as if they aren’t permanent? The professional lashes I am familar with last several weeks and grow out.

  6. @Claudia, it sounds as if you are referring to lash extensions, which are professionally applied and do last weeks. These are single-use falsh eyelashes and can be applied by anyone.

  7. I had been using the eyelashesn, not the individual, but the strips.    They are very easy to apply and very easy to take off.You can even reuse them again. I use the eyeliner after I appply the eyelashes and the look is completely natural.

  8. How many do you usually use? And where do you place them? In the middle and then on either side, from the outside and work inward? I used to apply full strands of them back in the 60’s! LOL! I’m not a fussy gal these days, though!  Posted @ Thursday, August 11, 2011 5:19 PM

  9. Hi Martie,    I’m Joanna and I work at jane iredale. When I apply false lashes I usually start from the outside and work my way in. You can space them out a little and always fill in more as you need to. I usually only apply lashes to the outer 3/4 or sometimes only the outer half of my upper lash line. Applying lashes toward the inner part of your eye can often look too heavy. Start light, you can always add more later!

  10. Question!
    When applying lashes does the lash glue ahere to your lashes or the skin above the lashes? Mainly speaking about band lashes.

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