Fun and versatile: red, white and blue makeup for 4th of July!

Holidays are fun and give us a great excuse to play with our makeup; but how do we get into the 4th of July spirit without looking campy? Follow the tips below, I bet you’d be surprised how versatile and wearable red, white and blue can be.

fourth of July makeup collage


Red: As the summer heats up, you may not be feeling that bold red lip (but don’t ignore it, it is surprisingly on-trend for the summer). For a more laid back look that’s in the same family, try Earth Red or Crimson Lip Pencil under your favorite PureGloss Lip Gloss to create a whole new shade and give it richness and depth.

red pressed eye shadowHave you seen our Red Carpet PurePressed Eye Shadow? It is a sophisticated shade that adds a flattering hit of color to the crease (I avoid the lid to keep from looking bleary-eyed, try White PurePressed Eye Shadow there to brighten the eyes). You can also use it as blush: use the White Fan Brush, as the color is intense and you don’t want to pick up too much. Finally, mix with a bit of LipDrink Lip Balm for a lovely, satiny lippie. Feeling adventurous? Do all three at once for a super cool, monochromatic look.

white eye pencil

WhiteWhite Eye Pencil is one of our most versatile little gems. Use it in the waterline to brighten your eyes and make you look like you have gotten your full eight hours of sleep; all week. If you have dark circles, draw tiny little Xes with the White Eye Pencil, right in the dark circle. pat gently to blend and then follow with your foundation or concealer (or both). This is genius! Last but not least, draw a little onto your cupid’s bow and pat to blend to lift the upper lip, which looks youthful and healthy.

White PurePressed Eye Shadow can be blended into the inner corner of the eyes, at the brow bone and just above the brows to open and lift the eyes. It is a little bit of light magic. In fact, you can blend it anywhere the light normally hits to accentuate the higher planes of the face, such as the tops of the cheekbones. Just use a little bit and blend well.

Mystikol eyeliner in blueBlue: Most people shy away from blue, but why be shy? It’s just makeup, let’s have some fun and you might be surprised. I have green eyes, and I have never heard anyone recommend blue eye makeup for green eyes, but whenever I line with Lapis Lazuli Mystikol, I get tons of compliments.  Here are some other ideas to get you started. Press smoldering Blue Hour  Eye Shadow all over the lid and under the lower lash line for a deep-sea inspired smoky eye. Or wet the tip of a fine-tipped brush like the Bent Liner Brush to use it as an eyeliner. This looks lovely with a shimmery lid. Try Champagne Eye Gloss or the gold color from Golden Girl PurePressed Eye Shadow Triple.

If you like Eye Pencil, try Midnight Blue. Apply to the waterline to make the whites of the eyes look whiter (great after a day of sun and swimming). Or rim the eye with it for a sultry look. You can also use it as a base for smoky eyes, using our 5-minute smoky eye technique. 

Happy fourth to all of you in the US. For those of you who live elsewhere, I hope you enjoy the fun with these unusual colors!

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