Flawless skin with Dream Tint and the Blending Brush

Dream Tint mineral makeup foundation

Here is an example of how makeup brushes can make a huge difference in your makeup application:

Dream Tint Tinted Moisturizer is a beautiful, light-textured tinted moisturizer with SPF 15. It really is a dream come true! It can certainly be applied with your fingers, but to get the best results, use the Blending Brush to blend it in. It’s definitely worth it!

Dot Dream Tint onto the face then really work it into the skin with the Blending Brush. You can’t be too vigorous! It takes about 12 seconds from start to finish and is so goof-proof, I have even done it without a mirror! Results? Flawless, no-makeup look, perfect alone or for more coverage, under your regular foundation. Thanks to celebrity makeup artist Christian McNally for this how-to!

  1. I got a great tip from my friend and colleague, Marlene Lindstrom. By adding a little Amazing Base to your Dream Tint, you can create an amazing concealer for those “days” when you need a little extra coverage under your eyes or anywhere on your face.

  2. I love the dream tint. I’ve been using it on brides, they love it too. It gives beautiful, fresh natural looking skin. When done applying their makeup they always say how natural their makeup looks.         Dream tint is a Brides dream come true!

  3. I had to add one more little comment regarding the Dream Tint. Don’t forget to pick up the perfect “tool” to apply it with, the Blending Brush. You’ll use less product, get more even coverage and it won’t end up in between your fingers and under your fingernails.

  4. Your makeup really is fantastic. However I have 2 problems I see no pricing and how will I know what foundation will suite me? One cannot choose the perfect color just by looking at them. Would really like to use this makeup.

  5. Hi Vivienne,        This truly an amazing product, perfect for a fresh summer face! For pricing information, please visit our online storewww.janeiredaledirect.com. The colors are so sheer, they are easy to match, the shades are very intuitive. But your best bet is always to try them on at an authorized retailer. To find one, visit our store locator at http://iredale.know-where.com/iredale/ Good luck, I know you will love it!

  6. For order of application:    ~do you use your normal moisturizer first or leave it out and go straight to the dream tint?    ~do you use the pressed powder over top of the dream tint?

  7. Hi there,    To keep the brush from getting gummed up and the hairs from sticking together, it is a good idea to rinse it out and allow it to air dry after each use.     Then wash it once a week with our Truly Pure Brush Shampoo, or any mild shampoo, shake out the water and allow to air dry (this is a good practice for all of your brushes).

  8. To figure out how Dream Tint works best for you, play around and see what works best.     Depending on your skin type, Dream Tint may be enough. Some people even use it before bed time (and it does not rub off on the pillow)    If your skin is very dry, or you like a certain moisturizer or serum, apply those products first and then the Dream Tint. It will not feel like “too much.”    Dream Tint alone is a beautiful, sheer foundation. However, for a more flawless finish, you may layer your PurePressed or Amazing Base over the top. Simply allow the Dream Tint to absorb into your skin, then apply your Base as usual, finishin with a light mist of your favorite Hydration Spray.    I hope this helps!

  9. I just started using the Dream Tint & I absolutely love it! On days that I don’t feel like applying the Mineral Powder foundation, eye shadow, etc., I just use the Dream Tint. That way I am hydrated, protected with the spf & have a finished look, too. It is great!

  10. Hi, I have been using JI products for years but I’ve never tried the Dream Tint. Does it contain nano-particles? Thank you.

  11. Hi Michelle,    There are no nano particles in Dream Tint or any of our other products. Thanks for checking!

  12. I really wish Dream Tint had a higher SPF! I work at a skincare clinic and we tell our patients what the American Academy of Dermatology says – SPF 30 is a minimum. So if forced to recommend just one product, I have to recommend one of our higher SPF products that don’t have tint.

  13. I love, Love, LOVE Dream Tint! I use it over my Mary Kay moisturizer and it provides the perfect, most natural looking finish. It gently evens out my skin tone making it look flawless while not appearing fake. I can’t say enough good things about it. If I could change one thing, I would like to see it be significantly more moisturizing. Cheers!

  14. i use liquid mineral warm silk and and pure pressed powder in warm silk or natural… i am interested in purchasing another liquid mineral but a different color AND i want to try dream tint. however, how do i pick the color without going to my nearby salon and trying it first. can i use the 15% discount at the salon as well? thank you and please respond soon.

  15. Hi Kristin,  It is really hard to pick a foundation color without trying it on. Dream Tint is the easier question: I would try Medium Light. The special codes are for the Web site, but some locations run the same promotions, you would need to call and ask. I am not sure why you want to change your shade of Liquid minerals. Is the match incorrect? Did you want to go lighter or darker? Why don’t you try calling one of our Personal Shoppers at 1-877-869-9420 for help.

  16. Hi,  This Dream Tint sounds amazing 🙂 I’ll get one soon, however i’m really wondering what’s the difference between the Dream Tint and the Liquid Minerals? (I mean I know the difference of ingredients, texture) I need a new base and a new mineral powder, I’m looking for a base to go under the amazing base to ‘unify’ the color of my face and prepare it before applying the powder so it looks flawless. I’ve already a great powder concealer (under eyes, redness on cheeks). My skin is “mixt” but not fat, some little rosacea sometimes so I need something to have one unified skin tone. thanks for the tips 🙂

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  19. Hi, I am interested in using Jane Iredale makeup products post cosmetic surgery which included laser resurfacing of my face. Will this Dream Tint product help cover redness before applying mineral makeup or what sequence of products would you suggest? SPF is a MUST in all products. Thanks, Rhonda

  20. Hi Rhonda,  Please be sure to check with your doctor prior to using any products after your laser resurfacing. If your doctor gives you the go ahead I would recommend using the Amazing Base as it gives better coverage and is more soothing than Dream Tint, Amazing Base also has a higher SPF of 20.  Good luck!  Joanna

  21. Even in my mid-fifties, my skin still has a tendency towards oiliness, PLUS I have eczema. Would Dream Tint leave my skin feeling oily?

  22. Hi Paula,    Dream Tint should not leave your skin feeling oily. In fact, often our skin produces extra oil to compensate for the lack of moisture, it may actually help!

  23. Hi there,    I have acne-prone and oily skin, is dream tint non-comedogenic like Jane Iredale’s other products?     Thanks!

  24. I really really adore Dream Tint, I got a sample at a salon I go to and I never want to take it off! However, money is a problem and I am comparing it to another tinted moisturizer I like almost as much. How much product is in every tube?

  25. I wanted to know which colour of Dream Tint is more suitable for a fair Asian skintone, Lilac or Light? and what’s the difference as I noticed they looks fair complexion after applying it

  26. I find very interesting the whole makeup line of Jane Iredale. What I’m having difficulty with is finding the right shade for most of the foundations/powders. Perhaps the blog of JI should have tips or a map on how to really choose the right shade of any foundation product.
    I’d love to try more than one products, but since the company doesn’t ship to CH, it would be useful to know my right shade in order to find them online in my country of residence.

    1. Hi Vera,

      Have you tried taking our foundation quiz? http://shadefinder.janeiredale.com/

      We also have a wonderful distributor in Switzerland who should be able to help you find a location to try on the different shades or they may be able to send you samples to try. Here is their information:
      Bahnhofstrasse 33
      CH-8703 Erlenbach
      Phone: +41 79 314 9474
      email: daniel.staeger@mineralcosmetics.ch
      website: http://www.mineralcosmetics.ch

      Please let us know if that is helpful, best wishes!

  27. Dear Jane, i have one concern with this product. It contains dimethicone… why? Couldn’t it work without it? Is it safe? Will you be able to explain the role of silicone a bit more? Some people suggest its not safe to use them…

    1. Hi Agata, this is a great questions! Dimethicone is made from sand (silica) that is a combination of minerals but largely composed of quartz. This state-of-the-art ingredient replaces the need for oils and is the coating on our micronized titanium dioxide. Dimethicone aids spreading, is transfer resistant and imparts a remarkable smoothness and creaminess to the overall product. It also improves coverage without adding heaviness. And, it is non-comedogenic and highly water repellent. It gives micronized titanium dioxide the highest light refractive ability of any titanium. This outstanding ingredient is one of the driving forces behind the creative evolution of color cosmetics. It is also highly moisturizing. The Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel reviewed the data surrounding dimethicone, and assessed it as safe to use in personal care products. Please let us know if you have any other questions!

  28. I have been using the light shade of Dream Tint Moisturizer. I have fair skin with pink undertones. I ordered the Active Light undereye concealer in the shade you recommended No. 3 which works well but now my pink undertones on my nose and cheeks really show up. Should I be using a different shade of the Dream Tint Moisturizer? Thank you

      1. I am only applying the active light under my eyes which are grey/blue. Am not applying it on my nose or cheeks.

  29. I sent an inquiry on March 31. Then you sent me a question/reply on April 2 which I responded to on April 4. As of this date, I have not received a response to my orginal inquiry. Thank you

    1. Hi there,

      I’m sorry we missed your comment on April 4th. Using the Active Light under your eyes should not effect the color of your cheeks and nose. Perhaps your Dream Tint is a shade too light. We will have one of our personal shoppers e-mail you as they will be able to help you choose the correct shade, and send samples if we have them available!

  30. Can you explain the differences in coverage between all of your foundations and powders? The differences between applying with sponge or brush?

    1. Hi Lisa,

      That’s a great question, I will try to give you a somewhat concise answer :). jane iredale has five foundations. Amazing Base and PurePressed Base are the two powder foundations. Amazing Base is a loose mineral foundation, it can offer a bit more coverage than PurePressed Base, which is a pressed powder foundation. Amazing Base has a more luminous finish while PurePressed Base has a more matte finish, because of this sometimes people with oily skin prefer PurePressed Base. Both offer light to full coverage and are SPF 20. Here is a blog offering tips on Amazing Base application http://makeupblog.janeiredale.com/blog/2012/04/25/amazing-base-makeup-foundation-basics-and-beyond/.
      Liquid Minerals offers sheer to medium coverage and has a moist light finish, there is no SPF in this so we recommend following it with a light dusting of Amazing Base or PurePressed Base. Glow Time BB Cream offers the highest coverage of all our foundations and has SPF 25. Glow Time has a very luminous, dewy finish, so if you like the coverage but want a more matte finish you may want to apply a dusting of PureMatte Finishing Powder on top. Here is a blog explaining the difference between Liquid Minerals and Glow Time BB Cream http://makeupblog.janeiredale.com/blog/2012/08/30/back-to-school-your-makeup-questions-answered-part/.
      Dream Tint is a tinted moisturizer, it has sheer to medium coverage and SPF 15.

      Applying the powder foundations by gently pressing on the powder with a Flocked Sponge can provide much heavier coverage than using a brush. We recommend this technique for touching up areas with extra redness or blemishes. You can also use a moist flocked sponge to apply any of the liquid or cream foundations for a more sheer finish.

      I hope this is helpful! Please let us know if you have any other questions.

  31. Hi, I live in India so i have to buy all my JI products online. Since I can’t go to an authorised retailer I was wondering if you could tell me what shade of the Dream Tint Moisturiser and what shade of BB cream would match the Golden glow color the best. (Ive tried BB7 which is described on the JI website to match golden glow but it is too dark)

  32. I may be overly cautious, but if you have an iodine sensitivity should you use products like Dream Tint? This is the best product I have ever used but I am a bit worried b/c of the algae/plankton additives. Do you really get that much iodine absorption from a pea sized amount?

    1. Hi Joy,

      Thanks for your interest in our Dream Tint Tinted Moisturizer. Since everyone has different skin sensitivities, we always recommend consulting a dermatologist or primary care physician prior to use if you have any concerns about reactions with previous conditions. You may also contact our Personal Shoppers at 877-869-9420 or personalshoppers@janeiredale.com to see if they have samples available that you could use for patch testing. Here’s a great blog post to teach you how to patch test beauty products.

      Best wishes!

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