Mineral Makeup For Dull Winter Skin

I may be nearly unique among all my friends and co-workers in that I LOVE winter. Here at the jane iredale home office, it is a winter wonderland. The frigid temperatures have us all outfitted in furry boots and furry hats, while snow-lined streets and snow-covered trees look absolutely beautiful.

What does not look beautiful is my winter skin. When temperatures plunge, the blood retreats to warm the core, leaving the face pallid. Dryness from indoor heat and outdoor winds adds to the dullness. I may feel invigorated, but I look like death!

Fortunately, where there’s a beauty problem, there is usually a makeup solution. My answer to the winter doldrums? Blush and lots of it! My favorite for winter is In Touch Cream Blush because it is creamy and moist (and smells like chocolate). The shades look intense in the tube, but on the face they give such a fresh flush of color, it’s like you’ve been sledding, throwing snowballs and sitting by the fire drinking cocoa.

Applying it is so easy: it can be swiped on straight from the tube and blended with the fingers. But  to make a single tube last absolutely ages (and to keep those fingers clean), use the Foundation Brush or the Blending Brush. Apply blush from the tube to the brush, and then sweep the brush over the roundest part of your cheeks. Keeping it to the outer half of the cheeks really opens up the face.

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