Makeup For Brown Eyes – The Pure Impact Collection, Part 2

The votes are in and makeup tips for brown eyes took the lead. So get your goBrown Eye Steppes, and let’s get started. Don’t worry, blue eyed lovelies, you are next!

A Natural Look:

Natural green eye makeup for brown eyes


A Glamorous Look:

Glamorous green eye makeup for brown eyes

  • With the Oval Blender Brush, sweep Sea Green from the inner corner to the middle of the brow bone.
  • With the Deluxe Shader Brush, pat Blue Sky into the center of the eyelid, blending up into the crease.
  • With the Chisel Shader Brush, apply Tan to the outer two-thirds of the lid, from lashes right up to the brow bone.
  • Using the same brush, layer Forest over the Tan, from the lash line into the crease.
  • With the Angle Definer Brush, press Licorice into the lower lash line. You may wish to moisten the brush first to up the intensity of the Licorice or any other shade you wish to amplify.
  • Blend well and apply PureLash Lash Extender & Conditioner and PureLash Mascara in Jet Black.


The colors here are distinct to illustrate the look. On you it should look more subtle and blended.

So have any of you tried it? I did and got loads of compliments!

Next week, blue eyes!

  1. Is it true that the pressed powder mineral foundation is for oily skin; and that the loose mineral powder is for dry/mature skin?    Or is it a matter of preference.    Help…I am about to purchase & get conflicting info. Thanks. Kate

  2. Kate, I usually ask my clients if they prefer a more matte finish or a dewey finish. If they like matte, go for the pressed. If they prefer dewey, go for the loose. One benefit of the loose is that it is easier to get more coverage. The pressed is better for oily and the loose is better for dry skin, but I think it is more the effect you want and how much coverage you need. Hope that helps!

  3. Hi Kate,    Rhonda gave you a great answer (thanks Rhonda!). Both are appropriate for any skin type. Your choice depends entirely on the finish and coverage you prefer. My 81- year old mother who has dry/mature skin, wears PurePressed because she prefers a sheer, semi-matte finish. It is true that it is easier to get more coverage with loose, but you can certainly build up as much as you need with either pressed or loose. The key is layering and spritzing! I cannot recommend strongly enough that you get the right brush for your base: The Handi for pressed and the Chisel Powder for loose. This will really help you get the results you want and is worth the investment. Also, Hydration Spray is wonderful for setting the minerals (and nurturing your skin).

  4. Love the Brown Eye (Pure Impact   collection) look!    For the daytime look above,  what Lip Fixation would give   a Fall look?     (I am using Copper Wind Blush.)    Thanks for any suggestions…

  5. Hi Joan,    Any of the new Lip Fixations will look great and give you a different look. Try Rapture for that classic red or Devotion for this fall’s it-color. The trick for a gorgeous, sheer daytime wash of color, is to apply just a few dots of color on the lips and blend with your fingers while still wet. Leave it as is for a soft matte look, or add shine with the gloss end.    Have fun!

  6. Hi Angelica!    Thanks so much for your reply!    I have ordered the Eye Steppes   in Brown.    I’ll add the Devotion Lip Fixation  when I pick up the eye colors.    Thanks for a wonderful blog, with  terrific color suggestions…

  7. I have a question about the compacts themselves for both the eye steppes and My steppes. I have both My kits in warm and cool, and the eye steppes in go blue and go warm. All of the kits I have can pop apart so you can combine them differently. However, I noticed that the go warm eye steppe is also magnetic. I got so excited I started popping things out, only to find out that my others were glue in. What’s up with the design difference, and if I order new ones, what should I expect?

    1. Hi Lorna,

      I’m so sorry that it has taken us some time to get back to you. All of our Eye Steppes and My Steppes now have the magnetic compacts so if you order a new set you should be able to interchange them.

      We hope this helps!

  8. Hi.
    would you plz help me? It is my sister wedding, I have light brown eyes and I have got turquois long dress, what kind of make up will be suits on me?

    Thank you

    1. Hi there, what color is your skin tone and hair? If you have a warm skin tone (golden or olive undertones) you may like goWarm Eye Steppes or even Moonglow Quad Bronzer for your eyes. The colors in these are bronze and golden and may look very nice on your eyes without clashing with your dress. If you have a cooler skin tone (pink undertones) you may like Sundown or Brown Sugar Eye Shadow Triple. Both of these are also pretty neutral but have slightly plum undertones that work very well on cooler skin tones. Have a wonderful time at the wedding!

    1. Hi Anita,

      We have a couple Eye Shadow Triples that you may like. Azure is a shimmery copper, sage green and deep jade color. Silver Lining has three shimmery shades of grey. If you are looking for Eye Shadow singles, Rose Gold, Dreamy Pink, Caribbean, Magic, Peach Sherbet, Allure and Royal Velvet are all shimmery and would look beautiful with brown eyes!

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