Make-up Basics: How to Apply Concealer

This tip comes from Jane, whose skin always looks flawless and completely natural:

The skin isn’t smooth like a piece of plastic, so to get full coverage apply your concealer with the Camouflage Brush using criss-cross motions. This gets the concealer into the fine lines on the skin that aren’t normally visible.

Then, to make your concealer completely disappear, feather the edges with your ring finger. The warmth from your finger will melt the concealer into your skin.

  1. Hi, I would like to know if I can use circledelete(CD) to cover my blemishes?     I used to use Disappear but the Medium Light(ML) color is too orangey on my face, so I used the lighther part of CD #1 and mix with ML and it suits my skin tone. But I’m not sure if this is good for my skin since CD is for under-eye.    I am Asian and have fair skin tone, currently using Warm Silk pressed powder. Should I change my Disappear to the Light color or my current method is alright?    Thank you!

  2. Hi Jocelyn,    That was very creative of you to mix the two products to get a better match! We do stuff like that all the time! CircleDelete can be used for any kind of distraction, and there is nothing in it that is bad for your skin. However, it is very emollient (to nourish the undereye), so if you notice an undesirable result with it, then stop using it. Someone in the office here just said she uses CD for her blemishes all the time and it works great! So your current method is fine. You may find that it is not as opaque as Disappear, in which case you may wish to switch to Light. I hope this helps!

  3. Hey!    I was wondering which of the circle/delete shades would work best for very fair skin and dark under eye areas? I normally use light beige/ ivory shades on all my Jane Iredale products..So pretty much almost the lightest shades on all my products. I know this is a tought one.        Thanks in advance! 🙂

  4. Hi Rory!    I am so sorry I did not get back to you sooner, your question got by me! CircleDelete 1 is our lightest shade. It has two shades in it so you can custom match. Often people use too a concealer shade that is too light and that can just make the undereye look puffy. It should be just a shade or two lighter than your skin tone. But you may need to use just the lightest shade and if you are concerned about wasting the second shade, you might also try Active Light #1 instead.     I hope this helps!

  5. Has anyone had any success in lightening the darkening of the skin around the eyes caused by glaucoma medications?

  6. Hi Nancy,  Not to worry! You can treat this much like any dark circle. CircleDelete is a great choice, or something from the Corrective Colors Kit, if the pigmentation has a pronounced color to it. For example, the yellow shade cancels out red discolorations. See more information here:   We also suggest layering with your pressed or loose foundation, using a small brush like the Deluxe Shader or Large Shader. Use plenty of Hydration Spray between layers to keep everything looking fresh and natural. And remember the key to natural looking concealer is to try to make it look better, not perfect. Too perfect will look unnatural. Good luck, I hope this helps!

  7.         Hi, I`m using circle/delete #2. Honestly It`s the best concealer I`ve ever tried! The peach colour is perfect for hiding my dark circles! Unfortuneately it dissapears a little only after a few hours. Is there something I can do to make it stay longer? Will the active light concealer perhaps be better for me? (#4)        Kind regards, Anne from Denmark

  8. Hi Anne!    How is Denmark? I am hoping to visit your beautiful country some day.    To make your CD last longer, don’t use any moisturizer in that area before applying it. CircleDelete is very emoilliant and moisturizing on its own. You can set it with mineral powder –either the shade you wear or one shade lighter to brighten eye area. Then finish with a good misting of your favorite Hydration Spray.    Feel free to try Active Light, but neither product is longer wearing than the other.    I hope this helps!

  9. Hi Sue,  Thanks for the great question. Personally I apply mine before, but I highly recommend you experiment both ways and see which looks best on you.

  10. HI Lisa,  You can try using CircleDelete as an eyelid primer, however, it is VERY emollient, so it may result in creasing or make the eye shadow slide around a bit. Try it and let us know if it works! Some of our favorite primers (office faves!) are Lid Primer or Eye Gloss. Remember with any of these, a very little bit goes a long way. Just smooth it on gently and apply your favorite eye shadow over it.

  11. My concealer is showing up to bright in photos. Do I have the wrong color or is it an application issue?

    1. Hi Shannon,

      This may occur for a couple different reasons. You may be wearing a shade that is too light, but it may also be caused by the powder you use to set your concealer. Our Beauty Advisors can give you a personal consultation and help you find the best solution to this issue. You may contact them by phone or email.

      Phone: 877-869-9420

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