How To Use Liquid Eyeliner


Liquid Eyeliner is fun, versatile eye makeup that most people are afraid to use. Messy? Harsh? Not at all. Whether your look is soft and natural, retro-glam, polished professional or anything in between, this is a must-have for your eye makeup arsenal. With a little practice, you will wonder how you ever lived without it!






Believe it or not, liquid liner is easiest to apply to an open eye. Let the brush do the work by laying along the lash line. Use short strokes to draw lines at the inside, middle, and outer corner of the upper lash line, then connect the dots.

  • Shake gently before using for best results.
  • Once you’ve opened the top, put down the bottle and use your free hand to lift the brow, creating a smoother canvas on which to draw.
  • If you feel a little shaky, try lining the eye with a matching shade of Eye Pencil or Cream To Powder Eye Liner first. This provides a template for your Liquid Eyeliner.
  • If your eyes droop down a bit, try winging the liner up ever so slightly, just before the outer corner of the eye. This gives your eyes a wide-open, lifted look.
  • If you want a softer line, but with the staying power of Liquid Eyeliner, use the Detail Brush to gently soften and smudge the line while your liner is still wet.
  • For extra long wear, apply a bit of Lid Primer first.
  • Black and Black/Brown are classic, but here are some tips on using the other colors:


    • Pinot Noir is beautiful with so many looks. Use it as a fresh accent to a neutral eye. It definitely makes green eyes pop, but looks lovely on all eye colors.
    • Gold is great for global skin tones. Use it alone on the outer two-thirds of the upper lashes as a subtle way to draw attention to the eye. For a more dramatic look, line the eye with Black Eye Pencil or Black Plus Cream to Powder Eye Liner, and then draw a fine line with the Gold just along the lashes. For even more drama, place the Gold just above the Black. Instant party look!
    • Copper works wonderfully alone for red heads, especially those with fair skin and green or blue eyes.  It’s a gorgeous alternative to brown, and a lot more exciting. For the rest of us, use it to punch up the usual browns by first lining with Black/Brown Eye Pencil or Black/Brown Plus Cream to Powder Eye Liner, then applying Copper at the lash line for a more current look.
    • Silver along the upper lash line is romantic and enchanting. It creates a subtle flash of light with each blink of the eye. Apply a thin line over your usual makeup.

Makeup should be fun, not intimidating. Sometimes all it takes is a little know-how and a little practice. Enjoy!


  1. Hi 🙂    Can you apply your lid primer, then eye shadow and then the liquid eyeliner? Do you have to use a pencil first before the liquid?    Thank you.

  2. What lid primer is better? The color I mean. I use the SweetSpot, TripleCognac, and SilverLining eyeshadows. Actually, I will use the SweetSpot tomorrow! I received it with my order today!

  3. Hi Karen,    Actually, that depends on your preference and skin tone. I personally have quite a lot of redness on my lids and around my eyes, so I often use Lemon to cancel that out. Canvas makes a wonderful neutral base (it works well by itself as a very subtle no-makeup look) and Petal adds a bit of sexy pearlescence.

  4. I have never had any luck with liquid eyeliner but have been tempted to try this brand since I am happy with the other products I have tried. I’m just not sure which color I should try or if I should go to my skin care specialist who carries the jane iredale line & have her do a make-over on me before I try it. Thanks for considering my comment 🙂

  5. Hi Emilie,    Yes, DEFINITLEY go to your specialist and take some time to play with the shades and see which one suits you best. Choosing a color all depends what look you’re trying to achieve. Black or Black/Brown will work great for polished and dramatic looks from retro to smokey to office proper. The metallics are gorgeous day or night to add light and shimmer to your look.

  6. Hi Hannah,    Women of all colors and skin tones can wear liquid eyeliners. Black Liquid Liner will show up on most skin tones, but for real WOW on dark skin tones, try a Gold or Copper. Gorgeous!

  7. Hi, I LOVE your liquid eyeliner and I use the copper every single day. I have green eyes and fair skin, so I just love the way it enhances the green. However – I so miss a real grey liquid eyeliner. And I love the metallic hue that the copper one has, so I was wondering whether you ever considered making a “Titanium” or “Platinum”, a sort of slate grey, metallic liquid eyeliner? I would be the first in line to buy this, as I am sure many others would be interested. An incouragement – since I love your products and never buy anything else. Kind regards Alice Riis, Denmark

  8. Hi Alice, we are so very sorry we are just getting to your comment, it must have slipped by us. We do have a Silver liquid eyeliner that is very beautiful but not a deep slate color, great suggestion though! The closest thing that we could suggest would perhaps be the Black Plus cream to powder eyeliner which contains 3 different shades. Also, the darkest color in the Silver Lining eye shadow trio is stunning as a liner and contains a little shimmer. You can use your Eye Liner/Brow brush or your Angle Brow brush moistened to apply it.

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