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Concealer is the unsung hero of our makeup bag. It discreetly helps us hide any perceived flaws or distractions we may not like so we can stop obsessing about them (you know we do!) and focus on enhancing our best features. Different problems call for different solutions, so this week I’m going to discuss our different concealers and what they do, to help you find the best one to suit your needs.


Active Light Under-Eye Concealer Active Light Under-eye Concealer adds light to your face wherever you need it. It brightens under-eye circles and also contains buckwheat extract to reduce puffiness and cucumber extract to soothe. It has a light texture and is relatively sheer. It can also be used on other areas of your face that you want to brighten, like the bridge of your nose, top of cheeks, or brow bone.

How to apply: My favorite way of applying Active Light Under-eye Concealer is to place small dots under my eyes and then gently pat it to blend, with my ring finger. A great trick is to draw short lines, like the rays of the sun, from the under eye area to the tops of cheekbones. This brightens dark circles and highlights all at once. A little goes a long way. Until you get used to using the right amount for you, check in a mirror 30 minutes after applying. If you have some creasing, pat gently with the ring finger and apply a little less next time.

Best use: Active Light Under-eye Concealer is best to use if you have slight under eye discoloration or puffiness and is perfect to create a brighter, more wide-awake look.

Circle/Delete concealer

Circle/Delete Concealer Circle/Delete Concealer is very emollient in texture and provides more opaque coverage. It is nourishing and helps hold in moisture. Due to its texture it is important to keep this concealer away from your lower lash line if you are wearing eye liner, as it may cause your eye liner to smudge. Circle/Delete Concealer is not only great for deeper under eye discoloration, but also works well to lighten the nasal-labial folds (puppet lines) around the mouth, to give a refreshed and lifted look.

How to apply: The best way to apply Circle/Delete Concealer is with the Camouflage Brush. Using the brush pick up some of the concealer and apply using short criss-cross motions on the area you are trying to cover, this will allow the product to get into any tiny crevices and cover your under eye circles thoroughly. Continue to pat with your ring finger warming the product into my skin. As with Active Light Under-eye Concealer, check for creasing after applying.

Best use: Circle/Delete Concealer is a good choice if you have dry or dehydrated skin, fine lines or darker under eye circles.

Enlighten concealer

Enlighten Concealer™ – Enlighten Concealer is perfect for those with very dark circles, hyperpigmentation or bruising. It has full coverage due to a mixture of concentrated extracts of Amazonian Marapuama, Suma Root and White Lily, which are all plants that reduce the appearance of dark under-eyes and puffiness.  These plants also brighten and revitalize the look of tired eyes and hydrate the eye area to help that delicate skin to look firmer and smoother.

How to apply: Dip a Camouflage Brush into the pan of concealer.  Gently dab and pat the product onto your under-eye area.  Work the product into the skin until you can no longer see any harsh lines between the product and your skin.  Use the warmth and gentle touch of your ring finger to press and melt the product into your skin, this will ensure a natural, flawless application.

Best use: Enlighten Concealer is best for those with very dark under-eye circles who need additional coverage.

blemish concealer

Zap&Hide Blemish Concealer  Zap&Hide Blemish Concealer is great for spot treatment of acne. It contains two sides; the Zap side treats acne spots while the Hide side is perfect for concealing your blemishes. The concealer comes in yellow tones, which are great for counteracting redness.

How to apply: You may apply this product directly to your skin. However, if you are breaking out you may choose to apply it using the Camouflage Brush to prevent any bacteria transfer. Wash your brush with mild soap following the application.

Best use: Zap&Hide Blemish Concealer works best if you suffer from occasional breakouts, as it conceals while it heals.


Disappear Concealer –  Disappear Concealer is a full coverage concealer that works best for more pronounced acne breakouts as well as redness and tattoo coverage. Green tea extract calms and protects against free radicals and acne bacteria.

How to apply: Squeeze a little Disappear Concealer onto a Camouflage brush and apply to the area you are trying to cover. To cover tattoos, layer Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder using the Flocked Sponge and Disappear Concealer using the Camouflage Brush to receive the fullest form of coverage.

Best use: Disappear Concealer is best used if you have redness, acne or tattoos.

corrective colorsCorrective Colors – Corrective Colors is a professional palette created for camouflaging all the stages of bruising.  It also covers hyperpigmentation flawlessly.  This four-color palette is all you need to coverage any bruise.  The yellow conceals redness and can be used to conceal acne spots or rosacea.  The peach hides blues, purples and greys and can also be used to conceal dark under-eye circles.  The lilac covers yellow shades and the beige conceals hyperpigmentation.

How to use: Using your finger or a Camouflage Brush, take the color that conceals your skin concern and gently pat and press it over the skin, apply a second layer as needed.  To ensure that your concealer stays all day, sweep your shade of PurePressed® Base Mineral Foundation over the skin to lock your look into place.


We hope this concealer breakdown helps you find your perfect product.  We want to see your looks! Share pictures with us on Instagram by tagging @janeiredale and #BeautyWithBrilliance for a chance to be featured in our Gallery.

  1. Thank you for the information. I had problems with the Circle Delete causing my eye liner to smear. Someone on the Iredale FaceBook page suggested applying powder before using the Circle Delete. I used Ivory, to help with the dark circles near my eyes.         You also didn’t mention the Corrective Colours Kit. I have occasional ezcema breakouts and the combination of the yellow and a blending of the peach and beige helps to cover the extreme red of the ezcema. I follow up with my powder base and finish with Beyond Matte.

  2. I love this review – thanks so much for the info! I use active light concealer and it’s one of my all time favorite products, as it really disappears into purepressed powder. The wrinkle reducing is good, the coverage if very good and it doesn’t cake like concealer can. I’m also really impressed with the wearability, as it just lasts and lasts all day. Your review was helpful because it showed me I have chosen the right product for my needs. Thanks! I LOVE JI! 🙂

  3. To get every drop of Disappear out of the tube, when nearly done I cut it with scissors across the flat end and then down the middle; store it in a snack baggie.

  4. I bought the Disappear concealer, happy with the coverage to a certain extent, I was told the product was waterproof and had bought for that reason to hide a visable scar. The concealer washed off and also rubbed off on my clothing. I followed the directions exactly as the lady who was selling it showed me.

  5. Hi Lisa,    I am sorry you were told that Disappear is waterproof, as it is not. However, if you apply our PurePressed Base or Amazing Base over top, they are water resistant. Did you try this?    You may also want to try applying Amazing Base using the flocked sponge, as this is a water resistant option that allows for a lot of coverage. This blog post may help you Please let me know if this is helpful!

  6. Hi,   I would to like wich shad of Active light concealer mache with my under eye. I have olive skin, i just want something brighten my under eye some times I have slightly puffiness.    Thanks.

  7. Hi Hend, do you know what color you wear in our foundation? That will help me determine what shade may be best. Also, if you would like to talk with one of our wonderful personal shoppers they would be more than happy to help you find your perfect shade and also a location where you can try it. You may contact them at or 877-869-9420.

  8. I was told that Disapper is not suppose to be used to conceal around the eye area due to the green tea that could dry out the eye area, is this true?

    1. Hi Amber,
      That is correct, we recommend you do not use Disappear under your eyes as this is a very sensitive area and the Green Tea could cause it to become dry.

      1. I’m confused. You suggest you don’t recommend Disappear to conceal under the eyes due to potential for drying from green tea extract. But, doesn’t the circle/delete also contain green tea extract?

        1. Hi Debi,

          Great question! Circle/Delete does contain green tea extract as well, but it also contains hydrating properties that protect the under eye area from becoming too dry. This area of our face is often more sensitive to dryness because it does not have oil glands. Disappear also has a more matte finish, where Circle/Delete and Active Light have a more luminous finish.

          1. Thank you for the explanation. I appreciate your help. I struggle with hereditary dark circles worsened by allergies. I’ve used Jane Iredale for many years…going to try this product. I’ve tried other brands of under eye concealers and still haven’t found the right one. I was leaning toward Disappear…but now I will try Circle Delete 2 based on your recommendations. Thanks.

  9. Hi,
    I was curious as to the best Concealer to use on hyperpigmentation spots? I use pure pressed powder in Golden Glow.
    Thank you!

  10. Hi, I’m not sure what concealer to buy. I have the latta pressed mineral powder which is perfect for my skin colour. My skin would be in the medium range. I have reddness in my cheeks and under eye cicles. Can you please offer me some suggestions? Thanks!

    1. Hi Ruth,

      To cancel redness you will want to use a concealer with a yellow base. We would recommend Circle/Delete 1, which also has two shades in the compact so you can mix them together to get the perfect shade for you. If your under eye circles are a gray/blue color, you will want to use a peach base to cancel that out. You may either use Circle/Delete 2 for that, or you may consider getting the Corrective Colors Kit seen here The Corrective Colors Kit has concealers in yellow, beige, lilac and peach so that you have everything you need to cover any imperfections. We hope this helps!

  11. I use the Dream Tint Moisture Tint spf 15 shade Light. What shade of Active Light Concealer should I order? Thank you

    1. Hi Paula,
      You will want to look for a concealer with peach undertones to camouflage your under eye circles. Active Light #3 is the lightest active light with peach undertones and should be a good match for you. Please let us know if you have any other questions!


  12. I am awawre transulusent powder can set Disappear, but can do you recommend apply Disappear After Fpundation or Before? Thank You

    1. Hi Arlene,
      You can apply your Disappear before or after your foundation, whichever you prefer. Applying it after your powder can help it stay even longer, then you can also apply a light layer of powder if you like.

  13. Hi There,
    I use the Liquid Minerals Foundation and i just love it! I want to get a concealer for under my eyes just to cover some very light pigmentation. I have a fair skin but always have a light spray tan and then use the honey bronze liquid minerals which is a perfect match. What concealer and color would you recommend for me ?
    I cant stand the cake look, that’s why i use the liquid foundation and its great.
    Thank you for any help! Cheers Cassie

    1. Hi Cassie,

      Great question! What kind of pigmentation are you looking to cover? Is it brown/tan, red or blue/grey?

      1. Hi Joanna, thanks for the reply.
        It is a very very light hiperpigmentation from the pill. more of a tan/light brown colour.
        I saw that you have discontinued the honey bronze 🙁
        I still have this foundation and would still like a colour match recommendation for a concealer for the honey bronze please. Thanks Cassie

        1. Hi Cassie,
          Circle/Delete #2 may work well for you. However, your best option is to visit a location that carries jane iredale so that you can try the concealer first. The location should also be able to color match you so that you can have a replacement Liquid Minerals once you run out of Honey Bronze since this shade was discontinued. You can find a location near you by visiting this link and entering your zip code I hope this helps!

  14. Hi, I would like to buy the active light concealer, and I need some advice about the shade to choose. I have olive skin, and my dark circles – usually not very evident – are purple in colour. However, my main problem is that I have sunken eyes, so I am mainly looking for something to enlight area. I’d like also to use this at the side of my nose, to hide some redness. I don’t wear any foundation, so I cannot give you any information on the shade I use, sorry! Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Sara, if your olive skin tone is light-medium I would recommend Active Light #3, if it’s medium-dark Active Light #4 may be a better option. These shades have a peachy undertone that will help camouflage any of purple color. However if your bigger concern is the redness and you are simply looking to brighten under your eyes, you may want to try Active Light #1 if you are light-medium or Active Light #2 if you are medium-dark these have a more yellow/olive undertone that help camouflage redness and may work better with your natural olive skin tone.

      I hope that is helpful!

  15. I wear Suntan pressed powder base and am trying to determine ti best color concealer to purchase. I am looking at Active Light or Circle/Delete.

    1. Hi Melissa,

      What are you trying to conceal? Is it under eye circles or blemishes? If it is under eye circles, are they very dark or are you looking to brighten the area a bit?

  16. I have a few questions about the dissapear concealer. First off I love all me Jane Iredale products. I am here to figure out if maybe i got an old product. recently i bought the dissapear concealer. I love the yellow color of it and it seems like it really can cover anything. The only thing is I think mine might be old or something. I noticed on the reviews that people said this was very blend able. When I apply it on me it doesn’t blend. I have tried tapping it on and smoothing it on.But it just thickens up and doesnt smooth out. i tap it on and feather the edges. When I do, it messes it all up. It’s very hard to describe what happens. I noticed if I apply it with a damp sponge it is better but if I pat it to much while blending it leaves marks in it and it smears all weird and dries in a clumpy consitency. Can you tell me if im doing something wrong or if maybe this could be old and if so what are the signs of it being old.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Amanda, while Disappear is a thicker concealer, it shouldn’t be that hard to blend. Your tube may be old or perhaps you got a faulty one, we are so sorry this happened! Can you please e-mail us your mailing address? We would like to send you a new tube to try. Also, can you let us know what shade you are using? You may e-mail me at

  17. I have a couple of questions about covering or lightening my under eye circles. My skin tone has a very slight yellow tint, I have very pale blue/green eyes and blue/grey circles under my eyes. I typically do not wear any make-up so prefer to keep my coverage sheer and natural looking. I was checking out your products at a natural pharmacy store and the sales associate recommended Active Light No. 4, which has a more pinkish hue. She said that the pink color is better for coverage for my blue/grey circles and the shiny luminescence would dissipate. I purchased the product, but wanted to verify this information before I started using it. I was not able to confirm this information on your website. Could you help?

    1. Hi Cheryl,
      That is correct, Active Light #3 and Active Light #4 do have a slightly peach undertone that help to camouflage blue/grey circles; #3 is a bit lighter than #4. If you find that it is not working right for you after you begin using it please let us know!

      1. Hi Joanna,
        I went ahead and have been trying the Active Light for my under eye circles. Unfortunately, it does not seem to be working for me. It lightens my dark circles a little, but not enough and since I use it infrequently the wand gets stiff and the product gets thick and clumps. Perhaps, the Circle/Delete would work better for me. I would be willing to give it a try, especially since I believe your products are of high quality and I love my new cream blush.


        1. Hi Cheryl,

          I’m so sorry you had that experience! Active Light is a great brightener but for really dark circles Circle/Delete is often the better choice. Our Senior Personal Shopper, Katelyn, will be e-mailing you shortly so that you can try Circle/Delete instead. Please let us know if that works better for you!


  18. I need to redo my review on the product dissapear concealer. The first bottle I had was faulty and the constancy was off. my new bottle is not that way at all and i absolutly love this stuff now. its a very creamy concealer and is great for covering the red in blemishes. It’s super concentrated pigment. I use it to correct the red In blemishes and then put the bb cream over it. I have it in light and it has a yellow undertone to it that Zapps the red right out. I could use dream tint and just use this on my spots on a light makeup day and that would work great too.

    1. We are so glad this one worked better for you and are sorry the last Disappear was faulty! Thank you for updating your review we appreciate your kind words :).

  19. Zap in hide concealer
    I just purchased this concealer and have used it now for two days. It’s amazing!! I think it’s my new favorite. I use the lightest one.. It’s so soft and lightweight, all you do is dab it on and your done. There’s not really any blending needed,the medicine end helps it glide on easy. Also: the medicine doesn’t cause dryness or peeling. It’s very moisturizing and soothing.

  20. “Corrective colors”
    This palette of correctors/concealers (not pictured above) is really great as well. It has directions under the lid that tells you which color to use on what. All the colors are super creamy not at all hard. The peach color does wonders for under eye circles. 🙂 Love this, and its a great value for all you get.

    1. Hi Jayne,

      Thank you for your question! You can apply your concealer over your powder and it is not necessary to set it with powder on top. However if you wish to do so, you may use PurePressed Base or Amazing Base. PurePressed has a more matte finish and Amazing Base has a more luminous finish.

  21. Im looking to buy the active light concealer and have light/medium toned skin. which color should i buy? do they have samples to try?

  22. Hello!

    I would like to buy the Active Light concealer and I was wondering if you can suggest the best colour for me to use, on the base of the fact that I have very fair skin with rosy undertones (I also tend to have couperose and redness around nose and cheeks, just to make clear what I mean by fair/rosy).
    Thanks a lot in advance!

    1. Hi Maria,

      Thanks for your question! If you are looking to neutralize the redness we would recommend Active Light #1. This is a very fair shade of Active Light and has a yellow base, which is great for camouflaging redness.

        1. It would work well under the eye as well. If you have grey/blue circles under your eyes you are looking to camouflage you may prefer Active Light #2 instead. That shade has a more peach base that works better for neutralizing blue/grey tones.

  23. In summer I use the BB cream in 7 and golden glow loose and pressed powders. In winters I typically use the BB cream in 5 and warm sienna loose powder or golden glow pressed. Warm Sienna and BB5 is a bit light for me so I mix it up with the darker shades (BB7 and golden glow).
    My problem: I have very very dark age spots on my cheeks.
    What do you recommend to cover these up?

  24. Hello i want to buy a concealer. But i m not sure from colours. I have fair face. I think 1 number is so fair 2 is more dark than 3 number. Maybe i didnt understand colours. Can you help me? Which number must i have?

    1. Hi there,

      Active Light #1 is the lightest shade of Active Light with a yellow undertone. Since you are very fair you may want to choose this shade if you are hoping to conceal redness. Active Light #3 is the lightest shade of Active Light with a peach undertone, you may want to choose this shade if you are hoping to conceal any blue/grey under eye circles or hyperpigmentation. I hope that is helpful!

  25. Hi, I wear Natural pure pressed mineral powder and unfortunately, I no longer have a local place to buy Jane Iredale or I’d go sample your concealer. I’m in desperate need of a concealer for under eye circles and naso-folds where I’ve got some hyper-pigmentation. Which shade and which product do you recommend? I used to wear warm sienna with a tan but now I’m very strict about not getting sun on my face. I have dark brown eyes and dark brown hair.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Kim,
      To camouflage your dark under eye circles and hyperpigmentation we would recommend CircleDelete #2. CircleDelete #2 has peach undertones that work to neutralize blues and greys. You can use the Camouflage Brush to apply it.

  26. I recently purchased the kit which is “Golden” I also purchased the tea tree and concealer and was given the Z3. I feel this is too light? What are your suggestions. Thank You

  27. Hi.
    I’m currently using MAC Studio fix but am having laser on my skin for acne scarring. I’ve been told to use the Jane iredale mineral make up as it will be less harsh on my face. I like my make up pretty heavy looking with as much coverage as I can get. Which products would be best for this?

    1. Hi Casey, for a heavy coverage foundation we recommend using Glow Time BB Cream with a dusting of PurePressed Base over top. You may also use PurePressed Base (for a matte finish) or Amazing Base (for a luminescent finish) alone, applied with the flocked sponge. Spritz with Hydration Spray after each layer until you get the desired level of coverage. We hope this helps!

  28. Hello!
    I would like to purchase the Mineral loose powder foundation. I have fair skin, with redness around my nose mouth and chin. I know I should be going for one that has a yellow base, but which one exactly should I choose? Afraid of getting one too yellow or too dark and will be too noticable on my fair skin! Thanks so much for the help!

  29. Hi Jane Iredale, I love love LOVE (can’t stress that enough) your cosmetics but I am having a slight problem with creasing with my under-eye area 🙁 I use the tiniest amount (nearly ineffective amount) of Circle-Delete Concealer & proceed to set with my Pure-Pressed Powder but it amplifies my lines under my eyes & ages me drastically (I’m only 21). My eye area is well hydrated so I don’t see that as a problem so I’m assuming it’s my application technique &/or the products I’m using. Would very much appreciate some help & advice 🙂 Thank you – Ashleigh

    1. Hi Ashleigh, we’re glad to hear you love jane iredale products! Here are a few application tips for Circle/Delete Concealer:
      Only apply Circle/Delete where you see the darkness; this typically starts at the inner corner of your eye.
      You can also try patting Circle/Delete in with your ring finger to blend, being careful not to drag the product, but rather pat it into the skin.
      For additional application techniques, watch our Makeup Application video on YouTube.

  30. I’ve been seeing so many great reviews online for your Delete and Enlighten concealers, but I’m not sure which to purchase.

    I have light olive skin and hereditary dark circles-blue/grey. The skin under my eyes is very delicate, and full of fine lines that can be accentuated with the wrong product. Can I get some advice on the best product for me?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi AB,

      Great question! Both concealers are wonderful products, but we recommend using Enlighten Concealer in shade #1. It contains a mixture of concentrated extracts (Amazonian Marapuama, Suma Root and White Lily) that reduce the appearance of dark under eye circles and puffiness. For more information on which concealer is right for you, you may email our Personal Shoppers at

      Best wishes!

  31. I want to buy the Disappear Full Coverage Concealer but I do not know which color to buy. Currently, I’m using Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream BB6 & Purepreseed Base Pressed Mineral Powder Warm Silk for my face makeup. Please advise.

    I want to use the concealer to cover an “error” tattoo eyebrow tail.

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