How to Choose the Best Eyeshadow for Every Eye Color

color wheel for makeup mineral eye shadow shadesThis is the ultimate guide to choosing an eye shadow that works best with your colors, so gone are the days where your only choices for natural eye makeup are brown or black. We have over 30 mineral eye shadow shades, giving you the luxury of playing with a multitude of colors and textures to create the effortless and chic look you want. However, with all of these options, it may be difficult to choose the most complementary eye shadow color. Today, we are taking the guesswork out of how to create a beautiful makeup look that enhances your eye color, so follow along for some simple guidelines.

Looking at a color wheel will help you pick the best eye makeup shade to make your eyes stand out. You want to choose a shade that is on the opposite side of the color wheel because contracting hues will draw attention to your eyes. Additionally, using eye shadow with texture (i.e. a metallic or shimmery finish) will help mimic flecks of color in your eye. Now that you know the basics, keep reading to find out what makeup shades will look best with your eye color.

Eye Makeup Inspiration

Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

Ladies with brown eyes, you have the most versatile eye color! Therefore, you can wear almost any color on your eyes. If you want to bring out the clarity in your eyes, try deep purple or bronzy golds. To make your brown eyes look lighter, try a mossy green eye shadow. For eyes that dazzle, choose eye makeup in cool hues like charcoal or silver. Lastly, add a touch of intensity to any look with black. You can either blend a little black eye shadow into your crease or if you have dark brown eyes, use black eyeliner on your waterline to add extra definition.


brown sugar purepressed eye shadow triple

Brown Sugar PurePressed Eye Shadow Triple

onyx mystikol powdered eyeliner

Onyx Mystikol Powdered Eyeliner

merlot purpressed eye shadow single

Merlot PurePressed Eye Shadow Single

Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

Orange is the opposite of blue on the color wheel; therefore, if you have blue eyes, try eye shadows with orange undertones such as rich browns and terracottas. Additionally, gold, bronze or shimmery champagne eye shadows will bring out the gold highlights in your eyes. One thing you to remember is black eyeliner may look too harsh on blue-eyed lovelies because you tend to have lighter skin tones. To get the same sultry look with a while complimenting your skin tone, try brown or bronze eyeliner instead.


canvas smooth affair for eyes

Canvas Smooth Affair for Eyes

24-karat gold dust

24-Karat Gold Dust

dark suede purepressed eye shadow single

Dark Suede PurePressed Eye Shadow Single

Eye Makeup for Green & Hazel Eyes

Eye Makeup for Green Eyes

If you have green or hazel eyes, red is the opposite shade on the color wheel. Since red isn’t the best color for a natural look, we recommend using eye shadows in the pink family or even darker hues with reddish undertones like bronze, rust and mahogany. You can also opt for eggplant-color eye shadow to help the green or gold highlights in your eyes really pop. Similar to your blue-eyed sisters, trade your favorite black eyeliner for a less harsh shade like charcoal, silver or even purple.


steamy purepressed eye shadow single

Steamy PurePressed Eye Shadow Single

double dazzle highlighter pencil

Double Dazzle Highlighter Pencil

petal smooth affair for eyes

Petal Smooth Affair for Eyes

Eye Makeup for Gray Eyes

Eye Makeup for Gray Eyes

Gray-eyed ladies, you have one of the most unique eye colors. Your stormy eyes look best paired with eye makeup that enhances their misty shade. Choose eye shadows and liners with steely hues, such as silver, mink gray, or icy blue.


black/grey eye pencil

Black/Grey Eye Pencil

smoky quartz mystikol powdered eyeliner

Smoky Quartz Mystikol Powdered Eyeliner

smoky grey purepressed eye shadow single

Smoky Grey PurePressed Eye Shadow Single

Practice Makes Perfect

Need help deciding which of our eye shadow shades will look best on you? You can virtually test all of our products on yourself with our Makeup Room tool. Also check out our post about how to keep your eyeshadow from creasing. Once you’ve picked the perfect color to make your eyes pop, share pictures of your dazzling eye makeup look with us on Instagram. Make sure to tag @janeiredale and #BeautyWithBrilliance.

    1. Hi KC,

      The best shades to enhance Hazel eyes are very similar to those for Green Eyes. We would also add in beautiful eggplant shades for hazel eyes.

    1. Hi AH,

      Our recommendation for Dark brown, almost black, eyes is the same as those with brown eyes! As we mentioned, the best way to add extra definition to your eyes is to use black eyeliner in your waterline.

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