8 Pretty Spooky Halloween Makeup Looks

We all want to ace our Halloween costumes, and makeup is almost always a huge part of that. But, no one wants the skin irritation and acne that can come from traditional Halloween face makeup.  Luckily, the skin-loving makeup you love (and may already have in your bathroom) can be used to create fantastical and spooky Halloween looks that will last all night and won’t cause any scary skin reactions in the morning. Worried that you don’t have the skills to recreate one of these 8 looks on yourself? Not to fear, we’ve listed step-by-step instructions to make the application process one less thing to scream about.


Doe-Eyed Deer Makeup Look

  1. Add extra dimension to the face by using a light shade of Glow Time BB Cream on the tops of the cheekbones, jaw and front of the neck. Add shadow under the cheekbones, on the sides of the nose and around the temples by using a PurePressed Base foundation several shades darker than your skin. Take care to blend the nose contour up to the eye brows.
  2. Using the light shade of Glow Time, white out the lower lash line and down to the nose. Set with White eye shadow and outline the white area with Bittersweet PurePressed Base.
  3. To add fawn-like spots use White Eye Pencil to make dots around the forehead, cheeks and chest.
  4. Create a little fawn nose with Basic Black Eye Pencil. Black out the tip of the nose and pull a line down from the center of the nose to the top lip and black out the top lip.
  5. Using Naturally Matte Eye Shadow Kit, create a sultry eye look.  Apply Buttercream from lash line to brows.  Apply Hush to the lids followed by Eggplant in the outer 3rd of the lid.  Define the crease with Slate Brown and Fudge.
  6. Line the eyes with Black Liquid Eyeliner and finish with lash conditioner and mascara.
  7. Finish by defining the brows with a slightly darker shade than normal.

Dreamy Doll Makeup Look

  1. Perfect your complexion with your favorite jane iredale foundation.
  2. Add a healthy swipe of Clearly Pink blush to the apples of the cheeks in a circular shape.
  3. Add little freckles with Dark Brunette brow pencil.
  4. Define the eyes with Buttercream from the Naturally Matte Eye Shadow Kit from lashes to brow bone. Sweep Slate Brown into the crease.
  5. Line the eyes with Black Liquid Eyeliner and follow with lash conditioner and mascara.
  6. White out the lips with White Eye Pencil. Draw a narrow, heart-shaped lip with Crimson Lip Pencil and Megan Triple Luxe lipstick.

Spooky Skeleton Makeup Look

  1. White out the complexion with Absence primer and BB1 Glow Time in the center of the face. Set the cream products with White eye shadow.
  2. Using Basic Black Eye Pencil, carve out the cheeks from your temples to just below your chin. Blend the line down toward the jaw to create a smoky fade.
  3. Use Basic Black to black out the nose, drawing on the underside of the nose and up toward the eyes.
  4. Use White Eye Pencil to line just outside the lip line.  Fill in the lips with Basic Black and pull the lip line out toward the cheeks. Finish the lips with vertical lines from above the lip to below the lip.
  5. Highlight the eyes by first applying Iced Brown Smooth Affair for Eyes from lashes to brows.  Define the lids by patting Dark Suede from Daytime eye shadow kit. Deepen the outer third of the lids with the matte charcoal grey shade in our Blue Hour triple.
  6. Add extra dimension to the eyes with Steamy on the inner two-thirds of the lid.  Define the inner corner with White eye shadow. Add extra sparkle with Gold 24-Karat Gold Dust on the lids.
  7. Finish the look with lash conditioner and mascara.

Beetlejuice (Beetlejuice, Beetl….) Makeup Look

  1. White out the whole complexion and lips with White eye shadow.
  2. Create dark purple circles around the eyes by first using Brown Silk Eye Shere then Iris eye shadow and Deluge from Purple Rain Eye Shadow Kit. Concentrate the majority of the dark color in the center of the eyes and blend outward so that the outer edges are a bit smoky.
  3. Line the eyes with Basic Black Eye Pencil.
  4. Add green around the temples and forehead and below the cheekbones with Shindig from our Let’s Party Eye Shadow Kit. Blend the outer edges of the green contour with the light green shade in the Harmony triple.
  5. Add a green squiggle to the lower left corner of the lip going down toward the chin using Shindig and the light green in Harmony.
  6. Finish the look with lash conditioner and mascara.

Luxe Cheetah Makeup Look

  1. Perfect your complexion with your favorite jane iredale foundation.
  2. Define the eyes with Brown Silk Eye Shere from lid to crease.
  3. Using White Eye Pencil, white out the upper lip area and the lower lip. Also, blend the liner below the eyes and wing out toward the temples.
  4. Add So-Bronze 2 to the apples of the cheeks and nose.
  5. Draw a black nose and whisker marks on the upper lip area with Onyx Mystikol.  Outline the white area under the eyes with Onyx as well.
  6. Create irregular circles around the face and neck with Onyx and fill in with Gold Smooth Affair for Eyes.
  7. Finish the look with your shade of Retractable Brow Pencil on the brows and lash conditioner and mascara on the lashes.

Glam Cartoon Makeup Look

  1. Perfect the complexion with your shade of Beyond Matte foundation for an extra flawless look.
  2. Using White/Pink Highlighter Pencil line the inner corners of the eyes with the white side.
  3. Define the eyes with Twilight eye shadow triple. Sweep a light layer of the shimmery berry on the lids and define the crease lightly with the grey. Finish with Black/Brown Liquid Eyeliner, lash conditioner, mascara and false lashes.
  4. Using Black Liquid Eyeliner, draw lines around the face and neck to highlight different areas like the brows, cheekbones, jaw and nose. Further emphasize these lines with the white end of the White/Pink pencil.
  5. Add red dots on the forehead and neck to create dimension using Naughty lip crayon.
  6. Finish off the look with Fetish Lip Fixation topped with Jamie Triple Luxe.

Violet Beauregarde Makeup Look

  1. Perfect your complexion with your favorite jane iredale foundation.
  2. Prime the eyes with Petal Smooth Affair for Eyes. Add a base layer of the matte peach from Sweet Spot triple on the lids. Blend the matte brown from Sweet Spot into the crease. And, add extra dimension with the pink shade in our Sorbet eye shadow duo. Finish the eyes with the lightest shade of Rose Dawn Bronzer in the corner of the eyes followed by liner, lash conditioner and mascara.
  3. Create Violet’s purplish-blue nose with the blue shade in our Blue Hour triple.  Blend the blue in a wide V-shape on and around the nose. Add shimmer with Shower from the Purple Rain kit.
  4. Highlight the tip of the nose with the lightest strip in the Rose Dawn bronzer.
  5. Finish with your favorite nude lipstick.

Ursula Makeup Look

  1. White out the complexion with White eye shadow all over the face.
  2. Add a purple hue to the skin with Shower eye shadow from Purple Rain Eye Shadow Kit. Define the cheekbones and collar bones with Iris eye shadow.
  3. Highlight the eyes by first apply a light wash of Sapphire Mystikol to the lids.  Top with the shimmery, light green shade from Harmony eye shadow triple.  Define the crease with a little bit of Soiree from Let’s Party Eye Shadow Kit.
  4. Lines the eyes with Onyx Mystikol and finish with lash conditioner and mascara.
  5. Fill in the brows to make them more dramatic with Onyx.
  6. Finish the look by creating bold red lips with Gwen Triple Luxe lipstick.

Don’t forget to share your Halloween looks with us @janeiredale with #GoodBeautyStories. Happy (almost) Halloween!

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