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10 Resolutions You'll Actually Keep

  • 5 min read


new years resolutionsIt's almost New Year's Eve! Have you made your resolution yet? Generally, the idea of new year's resolutions makes us cringe. We tend to make them a little too unrealistic and never keep them, but this year we're turning a new leaf. We are going to make smart, attainable new year's resolutions that we can, and want, to keep. Gone are the days of planning to lose "the last 5 lbs," not eating chocolate or winning the lottery (though, we'd be thrilled if two of the three happens). Next year, we're keeping it simple and healthy. We resolve to nurture our mind, body and skin, and here are 10 simple ways we can do so.

Resolutions for Your MIND

1) Read More Books

As we get older, we often forget the importance and appeal of reading a good book. Reading is a great escape from the stresses of daily life, and books can be both inspiring and educational. We know it may be hard to find time to read often, but try reading at least one more book than you did last year. Pick up that biography you've been meaning to read or a novel on The New York Times best-seller list, and get away for a bit.

2) Help Others

$55,000 check for cancer researchGiving back to those in our global and local communities is just as important to us as creating clean, simple and effective beauty products. At jane iredale, we believe that our actions should be governed by our concern for the environment and our community, and support a number of different causes. Humans are compassionate creatures, but often we forget to extend that love to those outside of our immediate circles. Next year, let's try to share some of our good fortune with others, whether that's time, resources or compassion.

3) Appreciate "Me" Time

If you have a full-time job (40 hours/week), commute 30-minutes both ways (5 hours/week), cook and eat dinner with the family (14 hours/week), run errands (3 hours/week), and clean the house (3 hours/week), you spend almost 40% of your time working. And, we're not even counting sleep, extracurriculars and taking care of others (parents, kids, etc). That's a long way of saying, "we get it," finding time for yourself each week is next to impossible, but we highly recommend it. Get a mani. Enjoy a bath. Find an hour to read. Do one thing to make you happy, so you can continue spreading cheer to everyone else in your life.

Resolutions for Your BODY

4) Drink More Water

From a young age, we were told to drink some insurmountable amount of water each day. The number of glasses changes every time we hear it because everyone's body is different, and so are our needs. Humans are 70% water, so it makes sense that we have to replenish lost fluid throughout the day to ensure our bodies function properly. In addition to keeping you internal organs healthy, water also helps your skin stay hydrated and youthful-looking. So, no matter how much water you drink each day, try to drink one more cup (just to be safe), we know we will!

5) Learn a New Recipe

Want to eat your way to good skin? Our latest blog post offers 3 yummy recipes inspired by the ingredients in Skin Accumax that will help nourish your appetite and your skin! Get the dish:: If there was any extravagant resolution we could make and actually keep, it would be to travel the world. Unfortunately, that's not always possible. Instead, we plan to head to our kitchens and experience new cultures through food. Nowadays, you can find a recipe from any country you want to visit on Pinterest, or somewhere on the internet. We even share our favorite recipes on this blog. You can join us in our international food exploration by finding and cooking one new recipe each month from somewhere you've yet to visit.

6) Make Time for Fitness

Remember what we said about barely having time to treat yourself? We know exercise falls into the same category. We are busy, superwomen and sometimes we aren't able to fit yoga class into our schedule three times each week; though, we'd trade housekeeping for that luxury, if we could. Since it feels good to get the blood pumping, here is a full body work out from that you can do at your desk. Or, you could cross two goals off your list by making fitness time your "me" time!

Resolutions for Your SKIN

7) Wear Sunscreen Daily

If you only put on thing on your face and body in the morning, make sure it's sunscreen. According to research done by the Skin Cancer Foundation, "one in five Americans will develop skin cancer in the course of a lifetime." It is one of the most prominent types of cancers, but it's also one of the easiest to help prevent. So, wear sunscreen! We're all exposed to the sun at some point during the day, and that's why we proud to have seven SPF products for face, body and skin that are approved by the Skin Cancer Foundation. Read our Sun Protection Q&A to learn more about our SPF products.

8) Feed My Skin

While feeding your body with delicious, home-cooked international cuisine, don't forget to feed your skin! Getting healthy skin is a two-part approach: you have to protect it from the outside with sunscreen and clean beauty products, and you have to nourish it from the inside by ingesting foods and supplements to replenish the vitamins and nutrients. Our secret to clear, healthy skin is Skin Accumax which contains a patent-pending formula of vitamins and plant nutrients to improve skin texture, condition skin, balance oil, and reduce redness. Skin Accumax Starter With MagicMitt With PurePressed Base

9) Remove Your Makeup Before Bed

We have to admit, we try to practice good beauty habits, but sometimes we forget to remove our makeup before bed. It's okay if that happens once in a while, but regularly sleeping in makeup can have serious effects on your skin. It can lead to bacterial buildup, breakouts, irritation, rough skin texture and premature signs of aging. If you don't have time for a lengthy nighttime ritual, add the Magic Mitt and BeautyPrep Face Cleanser to your routine. These two products will remove the day's dirt and grime in less than a minute, so you'll be in and out of the bathroom in no time.

10) Embrace Your Beauty!

If you keep one resolution next year, we hope it is this: embrace what makes you beautiful. Every woman is unique and perfect in her own way, so flaunt what your mama gave you, and let your natural beauty shine through!

Tell Us Yours

Which of the above resolutions will you be making this year? Tell us in a comment below, or share a new year's resolution of your own!