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Beauty Tips
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mineral makeup application

get the most out of mineral makeup powders

Amazing Base and PurePressed Base Application

We get very few complaints about our mineral powders which are a foundation, concealer, sunscreen and powder all in one. But below are some challenges we sometimes hear and what we suggest to solve them. Usually, it requires just a simple adjustment. Switching to a powder that’s applied in small amounts and gives instant coverage may take some suspension of disbelief as well as some practice.

We always recommend that the brushes that were designed for these powders be used. This isn’t just to sell product – the results are visibly better. Although we made our name with our mineral powders, we have since introduced a tinted moisturizer, Dream Tint, an anti-aging liquid foundation, Liquid Minerals, and a Full-Coverage BB Cream, Glow Time. Whatever you choose -- enjoy!

"Too Much Shine"

Use a primer! We have two – Smooth Affair and Smooth Affair for Oily Skin. They will help to control shine and give more even coverage without a lot of work. Choose PurePressed which is more matte than Amazing Base. Remember that working the minerals too much tends to separate the individual minerals and pull the one that creates the glow to the surface. It’s easy to avoid this by applying the minerals in thin layers in downward strokes with the brush. Keep adding layers until you get the coverage you want. Then spritz with one of our facial sprays and blot. To eliminate any shine in the middle of the day, apply PureMatte or Amazing Matte. They don’t build product and will keep things looking matte and natural.

“Accentuates Pores Or Fine Lines”

Use our primer Smooth Affair or Smooth Affair for Oily Skins before applying the mineral powders to even out pores and fine lines. Apply PurePressed Base or Amazing Base with a brush. Spritz with one of our facial sprays and blot, or mix the loose powders into a moisturizer and make a cream foundation. Apply it with fingers or a sponge. If the powders appear to accentuate lines under the eyes, dampen a cotton pad with one of our facial sprays and gently press it on the problem area, or gently dab on a small amount of moisturizer. It’s OK to add moisturizer after the minerals have been applied.

“Uneven and Blotchy”

This is usually because the minerals have been applied before the moisturizer has been absorbed or because the moisturizer being used only lays on the surface of the skin. The simple solution is to wait a minute for the moisturizer to disappear or to blot any excess. Our BeautyPrep Moisturizer was designed to be the ideal base for our foundations. Or try one of our facial sprays as a substitute moisturizer for oily skin. Also, some unevenness can be attributed to sponge applicators that do not “move” on the skin. This is why, if a sponge is used, we recommend our Flocked Sponge. It’s the only sponge we've found that blends the powders and does not drag. The sponge in the pressed compacts is only meant for touch-ups.

“Wrong Color”

This was probably chosen in poor lighting. The best way to test for the right color is to do it on the jaw line in daylight. The color should disappear if it blends perfectly with the skin. An easy way to begin is to test Natural and Amber. They both have the same value, but Natural has a pink undertone and Amber a yellow. You will be able to see quickly whether to try a lighter or darker base and which undertone best complements the skin. Find your perfect foundation and shade with our Foundation Finder Quiz .

mineral makeup

mineral makeup

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makeup application

makeup application

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