Wedding makeup tips from a jane iredale bride, part 1

I am so excited to introduce you to my colleague Carri. In August Carri will marry the love of her life, Brian. As a special treat, she has offered to take us with her on her journey as a jane iredale bride. Along the way she will share some of her exciting bridal makeup milestones and explain why choosing jane iredale was so important to her, and no it’s not just because she works here ;). Please join me in welcoming Carri to our blog!

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In 121 days I marry the love of my life, but who’s counting? As a bride there are many things I need to check off on my “to-do” list, but there are many things that will be out of my control: the weather that day, and the days preceding, and my skin. The last few years I’ve been battling adult acne, which has been worse than the breakouts and skin problems I battled at 13 years old. I never knew there was even such a thing as adult acne until it happened to me.

Frankly, at first I was completely embarrassed about it. Here I was an adult, who had great skin for most of my life, having big breakouts on my cheeks (of all places). I didn’t know what to do but I did everything I could to cover it up, with whatever seemed to work best and didn’t feel caked on my skin. Never did it occur to me that what I was using to cover it up could be causing these issues, until my sister said to me “You have to try this makeup I’ve been using, I swear it makes a difference in my skin, the line is called jane iredale.” I thought she was crazy, how could this foundation really make THAT much of a difference? If only I listened to her, because it wasn’t until I had begun working here that I realized how quickly jane iredale cosmetics would help.

I was floored by how weightless our foundation felt on my skin, up until this point in my life I zap and hidehad never worn foundation because I could always feel it on my skin. As soon as that PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation was on my skin, I knew I was hooked. Within two weeks of using Zap & Hide Blemish Concealer and PurePressed Base my breakouts had settled down and the scarring they had left behind wasn’t looking so dark and angry. Now fast forward to a year and a half later and it’s night and day on these cheeks of mine. But as these 121 days wiz by, I keep reading articles on how to prepare the few months before your wedding and the majority focus on your skin and skincare.

That’s the difference with jane iredale versus other makeup: jane iredale is not just makeup; it’s a makeup with skincare benefits. Making the change to jane iredale is not only important for the day of your wedding, but also in prepping your skin to be as beautiful as it can be by using only makeup that is good for it.

I certainly have been perfecting my skincare routine these last few months, though I do still

have the occasional breakouts, I can’t say I’m concerned about my skin for the wedding. I know that even if something pops up here and there, I will look beautiful and feel beautiful on my big day.  And what’s more important than how you feel about yourself on such an important day in your life? The pictures that will be taken of us, on that sunny August day (hear that Mother Nature? The sunny August day), will hang in our home for our lifetime and will be seen by our kids and grand kids. Isn’t it most important that you look back and love those pictures, love the way you look and remember how wonderful you felt? You certainly won’t be talking about the table settings 50 years from now, will you?

There are a million important decisions you make when planning a wedding; what dress you’ll be wearing, what flowers will be in your bouquet, who will be a bridesmaid, what colors and dresses will they wear, the list could just go on and on. But my advice as I too go through this process? Don’t forget about your makeup.

Blushing Bride makeup products in light pinkOur wedding is at the very end of August outside in our backyard. I have no delusions that I won’t be hot and sweating as we dance the night away, but I know that my makeup won’t budge. I can hug, kiss, cry, sweat and dance all night and look just as radiant and put together as I did during the ceremony. Trust me, I’ve tested it out at the gym, it doesn’t budge and I surely sweat, a lot, and sometimes cry at my instructor.

The versatility of the jane iredale line allows any bride to create a look that expresses their personal style and preferences. What look are you going for on your big day? I’m thinking vintage, understated eyes with bold lips.  But we’ll see what we decide when I have my consultation in June. Happy planning!

  1. We have a wedding coming up next year for my oldest daughter, my other daughter works on the jane iredale website. I hope we will be able to be on jane iredale Bride’s Blog! I am a proud momma<3

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