Spring Makeup Giveaway (read to the bottom)!

Spring is beautiful, but in the Berkshires it can be tentative at best. In the past month we have had ninety degree days, and also snow. However, we are still determined to celebrate the season with fresh makeup and new clothes. So in that spirit, here are some of my favorite things about spring:

  • Skipping the blow dryer. What’s the point? With so many April (and May) showers, the blowout isn’t going to make it anyway. So give your poor heat-distressed tresses a rest and look soft and romantic.
  • Brilliant florals. What better time to access our inner girly-girls and just be really pretty.
  • Jane’s garden. It is an uplifting reminder on the way to work every morning that beauty has real value.
  • Wild wellies. Let it rain, our feet are dry and fabulous.
  • And last but not least: pink cheeks and lips. There is nothing as fresh, pretty and feminine as glowing pink cheeks (Clarity In Touch Cream Blush is my go-to); and soft, bright lips (Sugar Plum PureGloss Lip Gloss and Fascination Lip Fixation are in heavy rotation).

Now it’s your turn! Leave a comment on this blog post about your favorite things about spring. We will pick our ten favorite comments, and those ten people will receive one Lip Fixation in their favorite shade.

Contest rules, terms and conditions can be found here.

  1. My Favorite Things about spring are The Flowers and Trees in Bloom, The smell of Fresh Cut Grass and Going for a walks at Sunset 🙂

  2. Spring favorites: opening the windows and letting Spring winds in; watching the dogwoods bloom and fill the air with their essence; the promise of bare shoulders, toes and a fresh face!

  3. The very best thing about spring is that it falls on my son’s birthday! However this year was extra special, I found the man of my dreams and married him on April 10th! As we walked out of the church to U2’s “It’s A Beautiful Day”, the sun was shining and the wind blowing my veil all around! Spring is about love in the air and there was a lot of love that day!!

  4. I love the Spring because it means the start of new ideas and inspirations for the summer. Enjoying hearing the birds singing and watching the garden burst into energy is very uplifting.

  5. Walking my dog, Fiona, first thing in the morning in the spring sun. The grass is covered in dew and the birds are singing. Then when we get home I have my coffee on my porch and Fiona curls up on my lap and her paws smell like fresh grass.

  6. What i love about spring is the renewal and rebirth of nature. The birds, the bunnies the trees and flowers. It nice to talk walks and appreciate nature in spring and having ur clothes hang on a clothesline outdoor and let them line dry. Having lunch or a picnic outdoors. Its a beautiful gift Spring!

  7. Spring is full of anticipation and new beginnings. It feels like the bright awakening after a long sleep!

  8. Spring is my favorite time to witness the hope and creativity the season inspires. Anything is possible in springtime. Awakening of the earth and the spirit together. Namaste, Fran

  9. The Best part of Spring is seeing the greening of the trees. Ss a gentle breeze builds, the Fragrance of the Lilacs fills the air!!!

  10. Planting flowers is like planting hope. A new look with fresh lips (love Fascination)and lighter make-up and a renewed sense of hope for myself.

  11. My favorite part of Spring is the smell of orange blossoms in bloom. and how it puts a little “spring” in my step with new found clarity.

  12. Best part of spring is the springing up of new blossoms, trees are green and cherry blossom trees bloom, also summer is around the corner.

  13. Spring – open the windows and let the fresh air and sunshine pour in – open the doors to your home and mind and enjoy nature!

  14. Spring in Wisconsin means the start of band-aid season for my family of 4 kids. It means playing outside for as long as possible before having to go to bed and sleep enough for school the next day 🙂 In spring we love to pack away the shovels and sleds and bring out the rollerblades and rip sticks, and bikes. We get to lay fresh mulch and plant vibrant flowers. Spring, the headliner for Summer!!

  15. When the snow starts to melt and the crocuses start to bud, I know spring is coming. When the tulips bloom, and the spring peepers sing, I know spring has arrived! My favorite part is how everything “magically comes back to life” after a long, “dead” winter!

  16. The best part about spring is the flowers blooming and a soft breeze outside of your window and blowing thru the house

  17. I love that in the spring, people including myself, feel more freedome! We can come and go as we please w/o too much extra clothing like sweaters and jackets. We can feel more happier knowing that our makeup will be more visible and appreciated by all including self. I love how my two daughters enjoy running through the yard seizing the day without worrying about the cold and darkness! I also love the new makeup colors that blossom on the market, and yes it means from Jane Iredale! Love the Perfectly Nude Collection!!!

  18. I love spring for the beautiful green that surrounds us after winter. For the breath taking flowers that bloom constantly and being able to be outdoors to breathe in the fresh spring air.  Thank you!

  19. My favorite thing about Spring is having the sun up and bright early in the morning when I am walking my dog. I love the big blue sky screaming at me first thing in the morning, what better way to wake up.

  20. I love the soaring, flying feeling I get when walk out in the morning to a warm new spring day, and what I see reminds me that beauty is everywhere. We, on this beautiful earth, are already in heaven. My spirits lift and I am hopeful and inspired.

  21. Spring brings us hope for love, life, and beauty in a world that often makes us forget its magnificent possibilities.

  22. My favorite thing about Spring is the simple refreshing feeling of a warm breeze. The chill of Winter is gone and the warmth in the gentle blowing breeze is like the loving hand of Mother Nature welcoming you back into a vibrant world. Makes me smile just to think of the feeling 🙂

  23. Being able to walk my dog when I get off from work which is usually late in the evening. In the Spring it’s still light outside. She even gets excited and is waiting for me at the door with her tail wagging! She and I are both excited in the Spring

  24. My favorite thing about spring is the feeling of life being restored within every plant and everybody around me. The lawn and garden smells finally wake up and there’s nothing better than sitting on my porch with a glass of tea in hand and watching all of the neighborhood people finally come out of hiding to take a walk with their children or spouse or mow the lawn religiously week after week after the cold weather has gone away. Spring is my awakening to new and better things to come.

  25. Spring! More daylight…vibrant colors spring forth from the earth…yard sales and flea markets…farmers’ markets..and this spring, watching my son walk down the aisle!

  26. Spring time is so pure and clean, like a clean fresh breath of air from Heaven with the scent of flowers and God’s awesome beauty and gift of love to each of us to love and enjoy.

  27. A few of my favorite things about spring:  1. wearing flip flops instead of uggs to work  2. sitting at South Street Seaport in the evenings and weekends with my husband, puppy and either an ice coffee or pina colada in my hand  3. Skirts and dresses!

  28. Spring is warm and cheerful. Bright and beautiful. A time for new awakenings after a harsh cold winter. I love opening my window and letting in the fresh breeze with the tinkling sound of bird calls, walking barefoot through our grass, cutting fresh lilacs, and putting a new coat of paint on my walls. 🙂 I want my room to match the beauty of the outdoors. Spring is magical.

  29. My favorite thing about spring is the closet transformation. Away goes the sweaters and sweats and in comes cute spring dresses and shorts… Of course that means all the fun new spring make-up colors to go with….

  30. my favorite thing in spring is when the brown/grey of the berkshire winter bursts forth with the vibrant green that only the spring can bring….like a 2 foot layer of snow has been shaken off of your shoulders and you feel light enough to dance….

  31. One of my very favorite things about about “Spring Time” is no more sores on my buttocks:Because of slipping & falling on treacherous black ice,while shopping on Newbury Street at night in Boston!

  32. The best thing about Spring is renewal. Not only in nature and the beauty that surrounds us, but also in the hope, inspiration and anticipation of what the new season has in store for us. This winter was a time of great loss for me personally and I am ready to start healing and feeling renewed. Hope springs eternal…

  33. My favorite thing about spring is seeing the grass turning green again and all the leaves appearing on the trees practically overnight. The world just seems like a happier place with green grass!

  34. Ah, finally, at last, it is Spring!    I love the birds..as they start to sing.        I love the smell of grass, freshly cut..    the smell of flowers lifting me from the winter rut        This is what I dreamt of on those cold, snowy days..    the white puffy clouds broken by a warm sun ray.        Spring, I wish you would never go..    I love how you make all my favorite things grow.        I will think of you now and when you go away..    remembering your beauty..how you brighten my days! 🙂

  35. The excitment in the air anticipating love, life and laughter. Shedding the winter colors and clothing as a butterfly does. I love spring!!!!!

  36. My favorite thing about sprng is actual sunlight. Totally serious… And the fresh smell to the air, and the birds chirping in the morning. Nice… 🙂

  37. I love the way beautiful, fresh things push their way through the detritus of winter: snowdrops, crocuses, pear blossoms, and soon everything outside and in is humming with new energy… it makes me confident I have the same ability to re-emerge, with beauty and brilliance!

  38. I like spring when flowers bloom,the sky’s blue, air is fresh, early morning walks, and wacthing sunsets at the beach.    thank you mother nature

  39. Spring is all about life. I love it. Just walking through a field and breathing in the wonder of creation and I instantly feel that peaceful air of fresh, new life. The flowers spring up around me, the lambs start bleeting beside their mothers closeby, the sun begins to rise higher than its done for months. Its just wonderful. That’s why I love spring, it reassures me that the cold harshness of the winter passed will always be followed by the beautiful wonders of spring. The wonders that restore hope, and bring life.

  40. My favorite part about spring is getting to experience all the joys of it through my daughter’s eyes. She loves the outdoors, and nature, and being autistic, it is one of the few things that calms her. I see such a peace about her when she is outside, exploring the flowers or staring at the birds. It makes me stop and truly appreciate all of the beautiful things around me, things I used to take for granted before I was blessed with her. I look forward to spring every year, knowing that she and I will have many hours together, spent outside in all of God’s beauty. 🙂

  41. So many things about spring I love.Watching the buds come out of the ground – the color that follows. even the beautiful green of new leaves. Reminds me that life renews. One of the things I love most is watching the birds. we have a birdhouse (built by my husband) outside our son’s bedroom with the hole facing the window. We can watch the parents feed their young. The sound is incredible!

  42. spring is my favorite season – open windows, the smell of lilacs, flowering crabs & vibernum; warm days and cool nights; pansies & daffodils, and the sounds of birds again. Renewal at it’s very best!

  43. My favorite things are the new flowers and baby animals! Traveling down the interstate yesterday, I nearly had stopped to allow a momma duck and her dozen babies pass by. Luckily, she decided to herd them back into the grassy area. =) It was adorable, there were so many!

  44. My favorite part is when it gets warm and sunny and reminds you summer is coming. It always inspires me to change up my makeup colors 🙂

  45. Going on walks and reflecting on how wonderful my life is with two grown children, one married, one in college. I feel in love with being free to be outdoors and taking in all the smells of fresh cut grass, seeing all the new blooms on the dogwoods, smelling the lilac’s. Life is everywhere, waving to my neighbors and the sense that this is all of ours to enjoy and take in the moments of life….. Being grateful for this season of life.

  46. Spring means it’s time to get up and go. It’s motivating and refreshing, a time for change! I always feel ready to try a new look in the springtime, new hair cut & color, and new makeup 🙂

  47. Spring means planting flowers everywhere, in flower boxes, pots, old boots, baskets, in moss, and the old stand-by, just plain old good earth! Spring means there is hope that your flowers will be the most beautiful in the neighborhood and hope that our lives will be as simple and beautiful as our flowers.

  48. Spring sings…    S: Sweet Smells    P: Pristine    R: Renewal    I: Instinctive    N: Natural    G: Growth

  49. A 2 year old in underwear and orange rain boots let loose on the puddles after a spring storm. New life bursting out from an old, dried out seed. Purple tulips. Sleeping with the windows open. Falling asleep to the serenade of crickets, and awakening to the song of hungry, newborn chickadees. A deck and bbq rediscovered.   A renewed sense of possibility.

  50. Spring is joy as it opens our windows and doors and releases us from what seemed like a hibernation of sorts. It births bursts of color that almost seemed forgotten over the winter. It awakens our senses and we remember that we can smell spring as it grows, we can once again feel the sunshine,and we can touch the blooms and leaves that were once brown and lifeless. We feel re-born as if we were a tree budding and getting ready to show our beauty.

  51. I love that Spring is a time of new life, vibrant colors, and weather that changes day to day. The days are new every morning and it’s a great time to get out and try new things!

  52. Hello everyone! Thank you for your beautiful comments! They have certainly brightened all of our rainy days and enhanced the sweet smell of flowers wafting in the windows. The contest is now closed and we will be choosing our lucky winners this week. Winners will be notified by email and posted as a comment here and also on our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/janeiredale

  53. I love Jane…circle delete saved me a few times…..from looking tired and terrible. I love to experiment with new colors for spring and summer….all right down to the toes!  Spring means longer days are here and people are getting out more and taking care of their lawns. To me it means more walks with the family and curling up with a book and reading out doors whenever possible.

  54. What do I love about spring? Since Spring is the most colorful season, it’s the best time of year to get inspired! When I go for a bike ride, I see so many different flowers and so smell many different aromas. This is what starts me out for spring knowing what colors will be “out” and what perfume smells I should look out for. =D

  55. There are beautiful scents that fill the air and inspire me to stay outside and energize my soul. There is something so special about spring. My parents had a bush filled with these little white flowers. Growing up, I remember spring was always accented with his distinct smell. It is similar to a gardenia, and it is my little reminder that summer is just around the corner!

  56. I love:    -Walking in the park while it’s drizzling, watching the leaves drip  -The smell of honeysuckle: sometimes I’ll just be driving with the windows down and catch a waft, and it will put a smile on my face  -But my favorite part of spring, living in Georgia, is watching the beautiful dogwood trees bloom into masses of white and pink little flowers. You can’t help but be happy with such beautiful scenery surrounding you.

  57. Spring is a time for renewal and growth, a time for sunshine, long talks on the porch, and watching my 2 beautiful children chasing around our resident frog….

  58. Watching the landscape transform with hints of green, pink and yellow. The first daffodil signals time to visit my herb garden in my silly green garden clogs that still make me feel like a little girl.

  59. I am certain there is nothing better than welcoming spring with the scent of lilacs. I look forward to bunches of lilacs on my table for the few weeks they are in bloom each year. I have a vivid memory of my Dad carefully picking lilacs off our bushes in the yard, carefully choosing which bunch to add to his bouquet knowing it would make my Mom melt. Worked like a charm, every single time. A warm spring breeze full of that unique scent makes me close my eyes, think of simple times and it is something I look forward to every single year.

  60. Spring is my favorite time of year. All the trees start showing their leaves, flowers are blooimg (In our case, a lot of wildflowers as live in the woods….butterfly weed, spider wort, Purple cone flowers, columbine, johnny jumpups around our lake) etc. I love the smell of fresh cut grass and all the different kind of critters we see…lizards, turtles, squirrels, birds singing, possums, raccons, foxes wild turkeys and deer. I feed the wild turkeys all the time.    Carole

  61. My favorite thing about spring are the fresh, vibrant colors of the tulips, hydrangea, and crepe myrtles! I love the full, fresh grass and trees also. The renewal and sunshine invite you to go outside and enjoy it all!

  62. The best part about spring is being to be outside with my daughter who loves nothing more than playing outside at the park. We pick up a pizza, or pack some sandwiches, wait for Daddy to get home and spend the evening outside enjoying nature and most importantly, our beautiful daughter.

  63. My favorite thing besides watching the hummingbirds, listenening to the other birds sing and watching the squirrles eat all the bird feed from the “No squirrels can get in this feeder” is, This spring I was introduced to Jane Iredale!

  64. The beauty of spring is that it’s a new beginning, a period of renewal and rebirth. Sleepy growth, awakening and turning spring green. Spring flowers that perfume the air. Goslings and ducklings, precious and adorable. Spring, nature’s way of reminding us to reawaken, become reborn and renewed.

  65. Spring is a fresh start, a new beginning. A rebirth for so many reasons! It is vibrant, colorful and awe-inspiring. Spring is beauty at it’s finest to me!

  66. Open the door and put up the screens    walking at night under bright moon beams    neighbors about as the weather turns warm    we all welcome the lightening and thunderstorms    activities and gatherings occur later as we turn the clock ahead    we pack up the wool garments and bring out cotton instead    so after months of the cold and winter white scenery    we are blessed with springtime colors and all of its greenery

  67. I always look forward to the new spring collection of makeup and fashion. spring colors are the best. so colorful and vibrant or soft and beautiful. you can wear bright colors or pastels. there are so many amazing options for spring!!


  69. open windows,curtains blowing in the cool, damp breeze.The smell of wet earth. The sound of water trickling everywhere from melting snow. The first signs of budding trees.And most of all,sitting on the porch watching the wild,electric, energizing storms that roll in, in the evenings,and the feeling that everything is starting over again and that ANYTHING is possible!

  70. My idea of a wonderful Spring is, Homeless people will not freeze to death, Animals can come out of hiding from the cold weather,and most of all God shows us how beautiful new life is,all you have to do is look around you and see how God blesses us with his beauty and his love.Also there are picnic’s ,children playing,people seem to be more friendly and giving to others who are less fortunate.The air is crisper,AND CLEAN. I just love all the seasons,but most of all Spring because it is new growth and beauty. thank you,Catherine [Cat ] Barnes

  71. Spring is kissing in the rain. Dancing in the rain also, with colorful rainbows after quick storm. That happy feeling that makes you feel wonderful! 🙂

  72. Spring is the season to clean out your cosmetic bag, throw out old mascara, update your lipstick shade, switch to the next shade of concealer, foundation, or bronzer, and then clean those makep brushes. Resurface your skin with an exfoliator so makeup, cream, and sunscreen will glide on. Revitalize with a seasonal facial or outdoor exercise. Spring means renewal and rebirth. Start it with a fresh new look, an updated wardrobe, and a fresh makeup palette. Roses, pinks, pastels, matte or dewy finish complete the look of spring!  Posted @ Monday, April 30, 2012 2:16 AM

  73. My truly most favorite part of spring is the birds! I love to sit on my porch in the mornings and watch them bathe in our birdbath. They play and when they wiggle the water through their feathers, it is a reminder that no matter what negative aspect comes my way today, I can let it roll off my “feathers” and continue on!! It’s so refreshing and the smells of spring are really uplifting!

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