Saying No to Animal Testing

On The Good Glow, our goal is not only to provide you with educational skincare and makeup tips and tricks, but also to share more information on the issues that are important to Jane and our company as a whole. Previously, Jane wrote an article discussing what it means to be a clean beauty brand. Today, she wants to share more about our no animal testing policy and explain why being a cruelty-free makeup brand is important to us.

Spending your day making decisions about makeup sounds like fun, and it often is but there are times that leave you pacing the floor and reaching deep into your soul.  no animal testing, cruelty free makeup from jane iredaleDo I put the company first or do I put my conscience first?  Is it OK to be one person at home and another one when I reach my office door?  That kind of dilemma applies to ingredients, for example.  We’ve developed this hot new product and we want it to work, but are we comfortable with the ingredients we’ll have to use to make it work?

That all pales, however, when it comes to the question of animal testing.  I have a very strong personal stance about animal testing.  I abhor it!  When I look into an animal’s eyes and see the trust and vulnerability looking back at me, I wonder at a human being who could deliberately inflict pain on it.  And I’m not only talking about our beloved domestic animals, I’m also talking about those used in laboratories, the subject of unthinkable experiments – physical and psychological.

The China Dilemma

I’m also aware that the company’s financial well-being is affected by my point of view because it eliminates us from going into some large overseas markets that require animal testing as part of the registration process. (Interesting that some of these markets, like China, insist on animal testing where imports are concerned but don’t on their own domestic products.  Could that have anything to do with the fact that they wouldn’t be able to export their home-grown products to Europe if animal testing were involved?)

If a product can’t be developed without the need for animal testing, then don’t develop it.

I know there are well-reasoned arguments for animal experiments in the development of life-saving and life-prolonging drugs.  But when it comes to cosmetics and personal care, there is no argument that could persuade me.  If a product can’t be developed without the need for animal testing, then don’t develop it.  Surely we have enough makeup choices without inflicting torture on an animal that didn’t give us permission.  And if a country insists on using animals to test products before it allows them into the country, then don’t go there.  There are enough faces in the rest of the world.

As far as pacing the floor is concerned, I haven’t worn out a path on the carpet over this one.  I am fully supported by a staff that shares my point of view and for that I am immensely appreciative.  So we’re missing the opportunity of a big market.  At least I can sleep at night and look my dog in the face.

  1. I admire your views on animal testing and the fact that Jane Iredale does not test on animals is one of the reasons I use your products.

  2. Thank you for not testing on animals. I will now by my makeup from your company. It is hard in stores to find truly cruelty products such as yours.

  3. Hi,

    I have been using your products for many years. I have recently decided to look at all th producers I use and to only use products that are cruelty free and am absolutely delighted to learn that yours are! It is proving to be tricky to change all of my products, some of them I have been using for more than twenty years! I have been feeling uncomfortable at the fact that I would have to stop using my favourite products but am so happy to discover I don’t have to give yours up! Thank you so much for following your heart, beliefs and values! I can now look my dogs in the face too!

    Kindest regards
    Alison Forbes and my puppies

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