Refresh your beauty routine + a GIVEAWAY!

NYE makeup giveaway2015 is coming to an end and we’re about to ring in a new year, which means it’s the perfect time for a fresh start to your beauty routine. We’re giving away five products to help you do just that.

Start your new beauty routine with our Magic Mitt. This magical mitt quickly and easily removes every trace of makeup using only water. Plus, it promotes the health of the skin because it does not affect the acid mantle. When this beneficial barrier is intact, it aids the skin in protecting itself from harmful and invasive bacteria.

Next apply your shade of PurePressed Base. PurePressed Base, our most popular foundation, now includes eight revised darker shades, relaunched to offer women of all skin tones a beautiful match. PurePressed Base is a foundation, powder, concealer and broad spectrum sunscreen all in one product. To find your shade match visit our shadefiner quiz here.

We recommend applying PurePressed Base with the Handi Brush. The Handi Brush is a hand-tied, flat-headed, long-bristled powder brush made of goat hair. The flat head allows for an even application of all our pressed powders.

POMMISSTOnce your foundation is applied, spritz with your favorite Hydration Spray. The Hydration Sprays help to hydrate, condition and protect your skin while setting your mineral powder for the most natural, long-lasting look. POMMISST, featured here, also has the added benefit of Pomegranate Extract, a powerful antioxidant and UV protector known to help protect against skin cancer. Plus all of our Hydration Sprays have been reformulated and awarded ECOCERT’s Natural and Organic certification!

Lastly, we’re giving away Truly Pure Shampoo and Conditioner, a gentle shampoo and conditioner free of wax-coating agents and chemical dyes that cleans and helps maintain brushes. It’s formulated without parabens or sodium lauryl sulphate, making it suitable for all hair types; also recommended for natural hair brushes. It provides gentle cleansing and light conditioning without product build-up. You can use it on your hair and for your brushes!

How to enter: 

  1. Leave a comment below telling us how you’re starting fresh in the new year.
  2. Remember to use your current e-mail address so we can notify you if you win.
  3. Stay tuned, we’ll announce the winners after the new year!
  1. I honestly have NO skin care routine right now. Don’t wince, I know. So my goal this year is to finally take care of my skin. My 64-year-old mother does, and looks like she’s barely 50, and if I want to look like that (and who wouldn’t?), then I know I have to start now by taking care of my skin like she does.

  2. I am a new mom and have not been taking care of myself like I should. This new year I will excercise more and spend more time beautifying myself

  3. I’m starting fresh by throwing out all my old make-up and starting with new palettes of eye shadows, new lip glosses and new mascara.

  4. I just purchased some of your products and I’m waiting for the BB cream, concealer and more. I can’t wait to start the new year with your healthy and clean products. I would love to try the ones above too!

  5. Just got major knee surgery there a month ago, am now on the road to recovery and plan to start a new fitness plan seeing my knee is fixed for good!

  6. In 2016 I am starting fresh each day with:
    * a kiss from my guy
    * tall glass of water

    I will treat my body and skin right through fitness and natural, high-quality products. I vow to dump ALL the chemical-based products from my cabinets.

  7. I am starting and continuing this New Year with helping myself and my boys to a path of wellness. I have discovered Yoga and it is so inspiring and challenging. I have focused on building a better me with gratitude and positive thoughts. I am diligent with sunscreen and skincare….I love and recommend your products to all my friends.. Keep up the great work and making our skin glow. Happy New Year!

  8. After 37 years of marriage I am facing the next chapter of my life alone. I will have to be strong and dig deep into myself to find the inspiration and strength to move forward with hope and joy.

  9. I just started using your pressed powder and hydration spray. I love your products and look forward to trying more of them:)

  10. I’m streamlining my beauty and skincare routines– getting rid of expired or unused products and replenishing my supply of things I need!

  11. I’ll be continuing to prioritize myself and my health. Beauty radiates from that – this will be the best year ever!!!!

  12. Hello, I Will start The New year With studying. I am in my last year of nursingschool and it would be a great motivation for me to start the New year With the lovely products of Jane Iredale!!!

  13. Starting fresh with these products would be a great start to the new year!
    Plus I’m clearing out my closets so I can start fresh each day with a better view of the things I love!

    1. Staying hydrated this year with #JaneIredale hyrdrating mist. It helps keep the minerals looking fresh all day! I love using the absence before I apply minerals to help with shine.

  14. I’ll keep my self fresh this year by eating healthy food such as fruits and veggies. As much as possible, I’ll try avoiding fast food chains and eat healthier food.

  15. I am starting fresh this year by exploring some new opportunities such as modeling. My Jane Iredale products already help my skin look and feel healthy, and I would love to try some of the other products like the POMMISST hydration spray!

  16. I plan on totally taking better care of myself in every aspect. I have been very sick for the past 3 years and am now starting to feel like myself again. I also hope to be able to walk again in 2016.

  17. Jumping into a fresh start this year with something called rebounding but really its a big kid on a small trampoline inside. Looking forward to bouncing my way back to healthy and vigorous life.

  18. My plan to begin the new year with a fresh start to re-evaluate my skin care routine, drink more water, walk a bit more, clean my Jane Iredale makeup brushes weekly, use Jane Iredale pure pressed base in Radiant, use my hydration spray, and hope I win this go around. I absolutely love my Jane Iredale products!!! This is the only I line I use and I am a devoted loyal follower.
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  19. I’m starting fresh this new year by living a hydrated, healthy, and happy lifestyle with my husband! I will also be starting my Master’s Degree and starting a new life as a civilian by separating from the military, (NAVY).

  20. Next year I’m starting off fresh with a new perspective n a new look, I’m going to reVamp my make up collection and finish esthetics school and Enjoy the World! Happy Holidays

  21. Starting fresh by incorporating more natural products into my beauty routine, eating more fruits/vegetables, preparing for my first half marathon race and for my wedding day in August!!

  22. i am ringing in the new year with by refreshing my makeup collection ( out with the old and in with the new!!) and also implementing a NEW weekly workout schedule!! I am excited!~

  23. I was so excited this year to be invited to a makeup party where I was given a free makeover and introduced to new Jane iredale products. It was so great to be taught how to finally do a smokey eye. Love Jane products

  24. I’m starting fresh by using my new Jane products Santa brought me. Also I am going to drink more water and try and eat more whole foods!

  25. Would love to,win!!! Done,with 2015 and my horrible skin!! I need to come into 2016 with a bang and find a New beauty regmine that works for me!!!

  26. I’m resting going into the new year after an emergency appendectomy on christmas morning. Jane iredale makeup has helped me not look so pale these last few days! Not the christmas I was hoping for but hoping for a great 2016.

  27. I love the fresh clean slate of a New Year, and having clean skin is a must. I resolve to change my skincare regimen, and these products would be perfect for that resolution!

  28. I am starting fresh this new year. My kids have made last year a living hell. We even had to move. My health suffered. This year I have accepted that it’s their bed they have to lie in it, not me. I am going to focus on my health.

  29. After spending whole night at the airport my new year’s beauty routine refresh will start with hot bath, moisturing mask, herbal tea and a good sleep.

  30. I am starting off the new year with a new me. I am kicking my bad eating habits by eating healthy and exercising daily. I am also getting rid of all toxic makeup and products from my house that could be causing more damage to my families health.

  31. I am staying fresh this year by removing my make-up every night, never skipping my skincare routine, and using a humidifier during the dry harsh winter months.

  32. I’m starting the new year on a fresh note by using glamorous, natural makeup by Jane Iredale at a wedding this weekend! Glam and natural are not mutually exclusive!

  33. I’m taking care of myself from the inside out this year! I will be taking better care of my body an skin, I just turned 38 so it’s really important 🙂

  34. I am starting fresh by cleaning out my closet and donating my gently used clothing to the SPCA thrift store – win win!

  35. I’m going to start 2016 off by signing up for yoga classes, I need to start focusing on my fitness and mental health, yoga does that for me!

  36. I will be starting fresh into a new year by finding a better job & being able to save for Disneyland for my boys. 2016 Goals 🙂

  37. When you have kids they come first. I am going to try and find time to take care of me too ! I am going on a detox in January. Clean eating, drinking lots of water and trying to get more sleep.,

  38. Starting my new year with letting go of past grudges and moving on and providing s happy life for my 2 year old daughter. Striving to get healthy by eating more vegetables and drinking lots of water! Happy new year! xo

  39. Hopefully I’m a winner so may give this my daughter who will be starting college classes this January 2016 while in high school. So proud of her!

  40. I’m starting fresh by stressing out less on little things with low importance, I hope it will show on my skin and the beauty products of Jane Iredale always give a nice addition to feeling beautiful and looking healthy.

  41. I will be starting fresh by maintaining a regular skincare regimen with the newly formulated Jane Iredale skincare products. Looking forward to a healthier look as the New Year unfolds thanks to JI products.

  42. I will refresh my beauty routine in 2016 by being kinder and gentler to my skin! I will use skin care and makeup products that protect the acid mantle, offer anti-aging benefits, and are free of harmful chemicals. Jane Iredale will be key for this goal! I will also visit my dermatologist regularly for screenings because I’m at higher risk for skin cancer.

  43. I am starting the New year off by putting my health which includes skincare a priority and by being in the moment …time and life is too precious

  44. I will be starting afresh in the new year by cleaning my make up brushes more regularly and also hoping to do a make up course for beginners

  45. Starting the new year with fresh new make up from jane iredale! Can’t wait to receive my first order and clear up my skin!

  46. I am starting fresh this year by moving to Houston from Austin for more job opportunities and to be closer to family. I am continuing to workout more each week and get stronger. Happy new me!

  47. I will be staying fresh this year by taking more time to take care of ME! I often put myself last and sometimes not at all, so this year I’m going to invest in myself!

  48. My goal in this new year is to take better care of my face things like making sure all of my make up is off before bed and making sure i wear spf when i go out etc.

  49. I’m going to go a bit gentler. I’m 50 now. Still some adult acne on my chin and nose but everywhere else is fine. I decided to switch to a cream cleanser. And due to things I’ve heard lately, only exfoliate once a week.

  50. New Year, New Beginnings!! Starting school again at 57 and sticking with my simple Jane Iredale makeup routine to keep a healthy look!

  51. I’m starting fresh in 2016 with a new direction toward self-care. I plan to better nurture my body, mind and heart.

  52. Starting fresh by minimizing the ‘stuff’ in my life to spend more time on what’s most important to me – my family and health!

  53. Old with the old in with the new! Looking forward to ditching my old toxic make up for some new non toxic makeup and spreading the word!

  54. Struggling with an autoimmune disease is a struggle, my insides ar in a constant battle. But that doesn’t mean I have to look icon in the outside, I am always looking to try products that help me look refreshed and beautiful.

  55. I’m staying fresh on this new year 2016 by actually adapting to a morning and nighttime routine to care for my skin! No more rebellion!!

  56. I am starting fresh this year by using my new D2O Hydration Spray from Jane Iredale. I now have both the Pommist Hydration Spray, the Balance Hydration spray and the D2O Hydration spray. It makes a truely difference when using the PurePressed Base mineral foundation. Egen you start with these products you feel and start fresh ☺️

  57. I had a rough year with two surgeries but feeling better. I have decided to start a walking program to be healthy. Strive to be a better person in and every day! And always to make time for what is important meaning family/friends.

  58. I’m starting fresh in the new year with clean makeup brushes, a new mascara, and a couple of resolutions to walk more and drink more water with lemon!

  59. I’m starting off fresh by visiting Iceland in February. Visiting earth in its pure and pristine state. In addition, I’m switching all my makeup to organic , chemical free makeup!

  60. I’m planning on staying fresh in the new year by drinking more water and building up my Jane Iradale beauty line with more great products! Heading over to Jasper Park Lodge, Fairmount Spa in January to try and buy few new products! Happy New Year ! And hope I win .. Hehe

  61. I’m staying fresh this year by starting my mornings with meditation. Even if it’s only 20 minutes it allows me to start my day in deep gratitude.

  62. Starting fresh by starting to live MY life! now I only have myself to thing about. And hopefully I can jump back to my running routine. Oh and! En route to better skin. Bye hormonal acne 🙂

  63. Not so much a fresh start but as a business owner I am more and more committed to sharing the benefits of back to nature products. To educate and inform new clients and old. That’s what I love about Jane Iredale and I love to send people your way.

  64. Got a treadmill for Christmas but so after a workout shower and use truly pure shampoo and conditioner after that clean my face with Jane’s mitt. After drying off using the caramel colour powder that I’ve just started using as it perfect for my skin , and save up for the handI brush and hydration spray I’ll be a truly pure woman not unlike my shampoo & conditioner not a bad start for 2016.

  65. I am trying to change all my products to as natural as they can be. I have had some very serious health issues which I believe are from what’s in our environment. I like to know the ingredients. Like the products I have tried so far!

  66. I want to start fresh in the New Year by really trying to eat healthy…drunk more water and getting some sort of exercise in every day~Happy healthy New Year to you all!

  67. I am staying fresh by quitting coffee, starting a yoga practice and playing outdoors with my daughter. Nothing better then fresh air, mudpies and little girl giggles.

  68. I’m refreshing my whole body this new year with quitting smoking for good! Now I can feel and look good from the inside out and my Jane Iredale products will be icing on the healthy cake!

  69. Starting my New Year off by turning 40 on the 2nd, and ringing it in with the a new focus of doing more for myself! Always doing for others makes me happy, however a change of focus to me won’t be a bad thing for 2016!!

  70. I’m staying fresh in the new year by making sure I am nurturing and nourishing my body with plenty of sleep, water, and a variety of healthy foods! Looking forward to 2016 : )

  71. I am staying fresh this year with excersize, healthy eating and healthy natural skincare and make up! Love my Jane Iredale products!!

  72. Jane Iredale makeup changed my life after a bad accident two years ago! Starting fresh with some NEW Jane Iredale products in 2016!

  73. Starting every day with reminding myself of what I am thankful for; my friends, my family, my health, the ability to return to school and pursue my dream of becoming a makeup artist. This, breathing deeply and taking care of myself are some of the was I am keeping things fresh this year.
    Throwing on some Jane Iredale liquid foundation and Sunbeam bronzer don’t hurt either 😉

  74. I am starting my New Year fresh by taking care of my health and appearance. My Husband’s unexpected heart attack before Christmas has jolted me out of complacency.

  75. I’m starting fresh in the new year by ditching makeup products that have a lot of chemicals in them. I love Jane Iredale products!

  76. I’m starting fresh with entering new bedtime routines to our 10 month old daughter. It’s time she starts sleeping in her own bed so the whole family can sleep like kings and queens and not just the newest member 😉

  77. I am committing to myself and my goals for healthy habits! Getting more sleep and staying focused with my routine for my skin and exercise! ❤️ Jane Iredale!!

  78. Starting fresh by NOT sleeping with my makeup on so often! And drinking plenty of water to give my skin a more healthy glow.

  79. I’m starting out the new year with some new attitudes on life! I also want to try and go to bed with a clean face… I always sleep with makeup on…!!

  80. In the new year I am going to increase my meditation practice from 5 minutes per day to 10 minutes and I am going to do yoga at home 2x/week instead of just one. I’m also hoping to cut out all refined sugars from my diet for at least a month. 🙂

  81. New year New Me!!! I’ll be focusing on going to at least 1 class per week of hot yoga, and at least 2-3 time for my Bootcamp!! Staying hydrated and staying on a healthy eating habit is always the hardest so that will be the biggest challenge for me. 2016 here I come!!!!!!!! P.S I lovvvvvvvveeee Jane Iredale!!!!!

  82. I need to be re freshened for 2016. Started a new (again) diet. Looking better does make you feel better about yourself and improves your attitude.

  83. I’ve decided to leave certain things (products, people, memories) behind me, in 2015 where they belong, and not take them with me into the new year where they’ll only continue to drain my energy. Easier said than done I know but here’s hoping! X

  84. I will walk my dog more often. It is good for us both! ZEN moments, indeed.

    What an awesome gift to win to start the new year off! Perfect.

  85. Turning 43 in February and being the oldest of 4 sisters, I naturally become the one to watch! How I age inspires them in what to do and what not to do. Using natural products, like JI, keeping my face covered when in direct sun, exercising, eating whole foods, learning new things (this year it’s the acoustic guitar), and being willing to laugh at myself!
    I will start fresh by fine tuning all these things and ridding myself of whatever is weighing me down and not allowing me to move forward as my best self.

  86. Starting 2016 off by exercising more, taking more breaks for me time (single mama) and getting closer to God! Love All of your products! The BEST!

  87. 2016 will bring with it less tech time, more me time, and adding a little bit of beauty to each day with the help of jane iredale products, because my skin is worth it, because I am worth it xx

  88. Paying better attention to what I eat and how it effects my body, especially in relation to my Graves’ Disease diagnosis. I also really want to work on increasing my physical strength.

  89. I am staying fresh by transitioning my current career to a Complete new one. This will mean for me starting school up fresh in my late 20’s, wish me luck!

  90. My fresh new year is going to be all about being healthy and treating myself (body and mind) better then I have been this past year.
    Beauty becomes greater with respecting your body and soul.
    Happy New Year Jane

  91. Last year, I got rid of all of my makeup. Every month, I bought a new Jane Iredale product. It has been the best makeup I’ve ever used. So gently and healthy for my skin!

  92. I just discovered this fabulous product line. In the new year, I would love to use them, drink more water, and exercise since I will be 60!

  93. To start fresh this new year, I will work on saying “YES” more often, and taking risks to expand the horizon of my life! I want to get out there and see the world, and experience this life to my full potential! Nothing better then starting that off with an all natural beautiful makeup set, to make me feel fresh as well!

  94. I’d like to look after myself better by taking small steps instead of not even bothering by picking a goal that seems impossible; slow and steady, as they say.

  95. Staying fresh this new year by following a healthy diet, hydrate, and using the amazing skin care makeup by Jane Iredale!

  96. I’m an empty nester now. So I have turned my dining room into my art studio. Couldn’t wait until the new year but it’s coming together

  97. I can’t wait for the new year! We have been eating healthier and we are ready to make even more healthy changes in the coming year!

  98. Two years ago, I decided to start fresh by changing my food diet to Organic wholesome food, and using glass products over plastic.

    Last year, I decided to start fresh by changing all my personal hygiene products (shampoo, body wash, face cleaners, toothpaste, etc.) to less toxic organic real products.

    This upcoming year….
    I am making the change for makeup now. I will now start using organic and non toxic makeup products. I am excited to start this new change!

  99. I am starting fresh in the new year by letting go of everything that is not serving me whether it’s certain foods, clothes or relationships. Happy New Year!! xo

  100. I am starting the New Year out fresh with a cleaned out Make Up drawers. I started this summer that any products I used I placed in a empty drawer. Last night I checked through the other 2 drawers to see if any items left were something I wanted or needed to keep. After getting rid of all of the unwanted items I labeled the balance with Dec date. My plan is to DATE any new products that I get so I know how old they are. I also notice how bad my brushes look so they are on the replacement needed list. I now have room to try new products and looking forward to a shopping visit on Jane Iredale.

  101. Eating healthy , drinking more water , using healthy skin care products especially the Jane Iredale line … I absolutely love the hydration spray especially in the dry winter months !

  102. I have decided to make my life much more simple. Donate clothes and things away to charity and only keep what I really love.
    So I will go through every inch of my house and hopefully end up with plenty of fresh new space and energy for the new year ♡

  103. I’m gonna do everything different. New year, New Beauty habits! I’m gonna try all new products and looks!! Happy New Year ladies!!!

  104. Starting fresh with a new foundation routine! I’m ditching my heavy cream makeups and ordered jane iredale base powder and stay matte powder. Beyond excited to try out jane iredale as I have heard nothing but positive things.

  105. I’m starting fresh in 2016 by drinking water! It’s just something that slips my mind and I know my skin, my body and my mind would benefit so much from drinking more water and less sugary drinks.

  106. I want or need to start off the new year by taking care of myself more: exercising more, laughing more, reading more.

  107. Beautiful skin starts from within. I’ll start the new year off with a cleanse, hot yoga challenge and, hopefully, the wonderful Jane Iredale products with anti-irritant ingredients! I use the mineral powder and love how my skin can actually breathe with makeup on!

  108. I’m focusing more on myself this coming year. I’ve been a stay-at-home mom and housewife for years now and while I enjoy taking care of others, sadly when I write letters or think of what I have going on for myself, I have nothing to say. Rather than feel sorry for myself, I plan on nurturing my creative side and encouraging my inner goddess to break through and help me find my own path. All we have is today and I plan on doing something to make myself proud.

  109. I’m making an effort to go green with all my beauty products. I want 2016 to be about being the healthiest year I can make it.

  110. As a grad student approaching graduation in May, self care is so important, but very often overlooked. Between being an intern school psychologist, grad school, and working another job, who has the time? This new year I am dedicating myself to making time at least twice a week to breaking a sweat to keep my body healthy and pain-free.

  111. Hello!
    I am looking forward to making many changes in 2016! Starting with a new career !!! Then with eating whole foods and exercising regularly.
    I am also revamping my skincare system and getting rid of my old make-up!
    Out with the OLD in with the NEW !

  112. I have been on a path to learn to accept things in m life, and worry less. I feel that I will start the New Year with this refreshed mindset, and will try to compliment it with healthy diet and reasonable sports regime. This will fuel beauty frmo inside, which will manifest with using the high-quality Jane Iredale cosmetics.

  113. Actually no new year plans this year. Continuing to work on my education and learning to appreciate more what I have. Alyhough Janeiredale line would be a lovely gift to try.

  114. I will exercise more and drink more water this year. I have a hard time with getting motivated and with staying hydrated. But it will be a new year and a new me!

  115. For New Year, I like to make a huge clean up of all my clothes and make up to keep what I prefer and classify everything! So nice for refreshing the mind as well and remember items I might have forgotten!

  116. I’m starting fresh in the new year by leaving last year behind me! I got laid off from my job, which I hope will prove to have been a blessing in disguise.

  117. I want to start off the New Year by moisterizing every morning and evening, drinking more water and less soda and mastering my makeup techniques!

  118. I’m going to start off this year fresh by eating healthy and training for the marathon I’ve always wanted to enter. Happy new year!

  119. Starting the new year with a commitment to get more sleep, do something restorative for my body every day – gym, massage, meditation, and make memories with my family.

  120. Working on getting back to a primarily raw, plant-based diet, cutting out added/refined sugars and processed foods. So excited!

  121. mine isn’t real complicated OR fancy…i use a gentle/safe cleanser for my face daily-at least a few times a week an facial scrub… at night sometimes a night-time heavier moisturizer…most times a daily lighter moisturizer with spf… on occasion i do a mask like a clay type! thank u

  122. I’m celebrating the new year with Jane Iredale’s new cleanser, toner and moisturizer! Happy new year, blessed holidays to all of you at Jane Iredale!

  123. Starting fresh 2016 with a hard core elimination diet to continue to identify my food intolerances and gearing myself towards a paleo and healthy lifestyle and diet…. Going more natural.

  124. I don’t have any kind of face cleansing routine – I’m at an age where I know I need to adopt one, but I never have. Would love to get everything I needed to start one, though

  125. My plan to start fresh this new year is to be more patient with my goals. I know that progress takes time and I need to remind myself that more often. My skin, my health, my relationships…they are all important and all need proper attention.

  126. I am going to work on better self-care in the New Year. I’m horrible at prioritizing me & finding time for things that are relaxing or I enjoy.


  128. I’m looking forward to a complete beauty and fashion overhaul!!! I guess you could say I’m doing ‘Spring Cleaning’ with my makeup & wardrobe!! It’s time for a change and I always feel better when I look my best!!

  129. For most of 2015, I have been lucky enough to have been carrying around my first baby. As a result of this, my skincare routine has gone out the window. My face is dull and in need of a boost. When she arrives in early January, I want to be ready for a skin refresh – it is the perfect way to ring in the new year and it would be so nice to have a little pampering 🙂

  130. I’m starting fresh in the new year by waking up early & exercising everyday, & also would only stick to jane iredale products as my skin loves it. 🙂

  131. I have been a Jane fan and used her products for years. The new year holds a bittersweet beginning for me. As my breast cancer has metastasized to my lungs, I will be beginning chemo again mid-January. I resolve to take the best care I can of my body, skin and soul while going through these difficult treatments. More importantly, I have passed along the importance of using products with pure ingredients to my two teenaged daughters. I have communicated the importance of taking the best care possible of their bodies skin and soul. They know I am a big Jane follower, and I am helping them build their Jane collections so that they can make pure and positive self care a priority at a young age. Thank you for your consideration.

  132. I’m starting the new year fresh by vowing to do things that make myself proud. Whether that be helping someone out or finally doing that one thing that I have been putting off for a long time. I feel like 2016 could be my year to actually achieve some goals and I’m so ready to finally do just that.

  133. I am working towards cutting back on sugar/candy, eating healthy and being more active, as well as continuing to use healthy natural products for our skincare, cleaning products etc.

  134. 2016 will be the year that I physically move to a new area and start fresh in all aspects of life: better job, better home, better family time, better body (juice cleanse), better make-up (Jane iredale) and finally better me!

  135. I am starting fresh in 2016 by eating healthier (eliminating the junk food). I also am going to throw out all my old makeup and organize and purchase some new makeup.

  136. Earlier this year for the first time in my life I began to have severe acne. From perfect skin to such a disaster that I for several months could hardly show myself outside. My skin was so irritated that to apply makeup was not even to consider for months.
    Once I overcame my acne and my skin was in balance again, Jane Iredale was the only brand I dared to use to cover up bad scares caused by The acne.
    So now, a daily routine as well as to consider both diet and lifestyle is very important to keep my skin in control. This year I want to start fresh and stay in balance and have the best skin I possibly can with my best friend Jane Iredale.

  137. I am starting fresh with a new job! This is going to be an exciting new chapter in my life and I honestly cannot wait to get started. 🙂

  138. I’m starting fresh this New Year by making myself proud. Whether that be by helping someone out or finally doing that one thing that I’ve been putting off. I feel like 2016 is my year to achieve some goals and I’m ready to finally do just that.

  139. I’m going to wash all my brushes, applicators, and cases and toss out what’s old. Also going to get organized in all areas of my life.

  140. I’m starting fresh in the new year by eating healthier and exercising more consistently like I aim to do every year. But the thing I’m doing differently this time is to improve my outlook. I plan to look at the world and the events in my life with a more positive, optimistic view because I truly believe that change happens best in a positive environment.

  141. I will be taking a minimalist approach to makeup and skincare – I have way too many products that I don’t love and the clutter is taking over my space.

  142. I’m starting 2016 by making more of an effort when it comes to my makeup and appearance; I deserve to feel good about myself. I’m going to start working out and will try to have clear, radiant skin by the end of the year – with the help of Jane Iredale! I will also hopefuly do well in all of my exams this year.

  143. I was never brand loyal in makeup, but now I am changing over ALL my makeup to Jane Iredale. The more of these I change to, the better the health of my skin. And I am most definitely happy with the looks! I decided to take this approach in all aspects of life this year.

  144. Thou it’s always been a constant endeavor, having a fresh new year to work with I will be making an ernest effort to truly love the skin I’m in. With new changes coming, my second lil boy is due in April! It’s time to trust my gut & work with my intuition. To stop my inner judgments & give more love to myself and others. Thank you for this awesome opportunity to start fresh with a healthy completion!

  145. 2015 was physically and emotionally hard for me. I’ve been suffering from Chon’s Disease and my skin has really took a huge hit form it. I’m focusing all my attention on my skin this year. A fresh glowing face helps a woman is so many ways! Jane has already helped me on my journey of a fresh start!

  146. Na een heel droge huid gekregen te hebben moet ik men make-up aanpassen daar ik ook nog eens zwaar allergisch ben nu grijp ik nu met jane iredale producten de kans

  147. I am starting off fresh this New Year by trying to eat more healthy/clean, start exercising again, drinking more water, and taking better care of my skin! I will almost work on having a better and more positive attitude. Making 2016 a beautiful year!!(:

  148. I’m starting fresh this New Year “2016” by taking better care of my skin from within and out. I want to eat better, drink more water than coffee

  149. I always took care of my skin . This year I will continue. Most important is that I will take care to laugh more,to be with the ones we love, to love more , to enjoy every moment of life ! And my skin will reflect that 🙂
    Happy New Year !!!

  150. I am on a mission to declutter this year, everything from cosmetcis to clothes, books to jewelry. I am going minimalist. 🙂

  151. starting fresh this year by moving my skin routine up a notch! I would love to try some new base or bb cream for my sensitive , rosacea prone skin! Love most of my Jane Airedale products.

  152. I am starting the New Year using ALL Jane Iredale products! I have rosacea and kept looking in the mirror at a red face. I decided on October 31st that I was worth looking better and used the pressed mineral foundation in the past receiving it as a gift from my sister. I headed to Nordstrom’s with my best friend in tote. She tried all the make up on me and $300 later I had a start. I then met with Cristina on December 19th and she did a beautiful make over, teaching me how to apply the products. I purchased Pommist,Smooth Affair Primer,Lash Extender & Conditioner and Under Eye Concealer. I LOVE EVERYTHING and this year plan to expand my Jane Iredale product line. I am really looking forward to the new skin care line.

  153. I am starting fresh in 2016 by utilizing essential oils on a daily basis – love them! 2015 was the year I treated myself to Jane Iredale – oh my! What a change and a blessing to wear make up again. I wear it every day and love it all! Thank you !

  154. I am over 40 and just had a baby. When I was pregnant, I started really eating healthy and researching great products that are harmful to your body and skin. I am ordering my first Jane Iredale products this week. I am excited that I found great beauty products that look good and they are good for me.

  155. I am starting fresh by taking out the old and donating it to charity. My goal is to donate at least 1-3 things out of every drawer, and closet that I own.
    I’m also trying to take better care of my skin by starting a daily routine of cleaning my face and moisturizing. I have tried the foundation and love it and want to continue buying more jane ire dale products.

  156. Balanced everything (not too much, not too little)! Balanced skin, balanced make-up routine! Most importantly, patience. Patience is key when growing out those full eyebrows, or growing out your lashes and using a light mascara instead of that fabulous giorgio armani waterproof mascara :X. Patience is key when you are treating your skin, and pimples are drying out, and you want to pick at them or scrub away at your skin, but you have to let your skin do it’s own thing POST-treatment. You know you want to cover up a pimple with layers of makeup, but what help is that really? haha (Thankfully, there are great products out there that treat and conceal, and are non-comedogenic). Anyways. I actually grew my lashes out with jane iredale lash primer, and washing my makeup off with coconut oil and some lavender. Now I use a clear mascara! Still working on my eyebrows…must be patient!!! Also, my mid-20’s skin is kicking in. Threw away a bunch of makeup today. Keeping things light now. It is really important to keep your makeup light in your mid 20’s because it’s the most prone to congestion now. I started not filling in my brows once in a while during the school week. I was just gifted with some FAB spf 40 soothing moisturizing sun protection lotion, good for psoriasis and rosacea. I have to mention, that a great product that works for your natural beauty can be really inspiring!!! I’m gonna go for using that as my all over face makeup now. Cut down on mixing multiple formulas, like concealers, foundations, powders, primers…My goal is to try to use one or two and only in small areas! Definitely need to avoid congesting my face. I found that a nice clay mask never hurts, but overall, my goal is to not over-treat my face! Whether it is with make-up or with cleansing or with medication! Just let your body do it’s thing! All you need is some sunblock and your smile!!!! And if you feel like you need to keep washing your face, just use cold water…

  157. I want to start using Jane Iredale products because I honestly think it’s the best and more natural way to take care of your skin.And it gives you a naturally beautiful and a healthy skin.

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