Mineral Makeup for New Moon Madness

Got New Moon madness? Even if you don’t, everyone else seems to, so why not get in on the fun? Here’s a way to capture all the drama and excitement of the second installment of the Twilight series in a look that’s PG by day, and red-hot by night.

Our own Internet Marketing Assistant, Carleen, came in this morning rocking this amazing vampire eye look, inspired by the Twilight series and the sensational Prada’s fall ’09 runway look. We all loved this look on the runway, but none of us were quite so sure how to translate it into a wearable version. Our heartfelt thanks to Carleen for figuring it out!

This is how she did it:

– First, line eyes with copper end of Double Dazzle Highlighter Pencil.
– Apply Rose Gold 24-Karat Gold Dust to entire lid by patting it on with the Deluxe Shader Brush.
– Use Oyster PurePressed Eyeshadow to highlight the brow bone.
– Finish with Black Ice Longest Lash Thickening and Lengthening Mascara.

One thing to keep in mind: I’m a beauty fanatic, but I’m not a photographer, so my apologies for the sub-par quality of the photos. Also, these pictures were taken at 5pm. It’s the end of the day and with no touch ups (we wouldn’t let her), Carleen is still looking way, way Bella.

Coming soon: An evening version of this seductive look for a special occasion look that will “Eclipse” everyone else’s!


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