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I’m sorry for the delay in postings, but I have just been on vacation (YAY!). I thought it would be fun to see what we bring with us in our makeup bags when we travel.

I love traveling light. I’d rather go without than be weighed down. The few things I pack are soft knitted separates that can be mixed and matched endlessly, and don’t need ironing: a jersey dress, a cardigan, leggings, skirt, tanks. This can last me two weeks! My makeup kit is similar:

While this may sound like vacation packing (and it is) I use this formula for business travel as well. I might add my favorite Uniqlo blazer and one PurePressed Eye Shadow Triple instead of the Glimmer Gold.

My dear friend and colleague Laura is always prepared for everything, and her travel makeup kit proves it. When travelling, she will be equally confident on a hike in the woods or at a red carpet event, because in her Quilted Makeup Bag she packs:

I wrote to Jane while she was on vacation to see what she had packed. She wrote back:

Now it’s your turn. Please share your travel tips! What do you bring in your makeup kit when you travel?

  1. I just pack up my day-to-day kit……  To include whatever I may possibly need  purepressed base  dream tint  lash conditioner  black ice and or jet black mascara  brown sugar, cloud nine  sunbeam  chocoholicks  lip plumper  champagne gloss  lip drink  Rose Lip Definer  Balance Hydration Mist  and a whole slew of Jane Brushes!!!! Love it all!!!       Posted @ Tuesday, August 24, 2010 12:20 PM

  2. BIG Thanks Rhonda & Angelica for your helpful comments on my ‘pressed’ vs. ‘loose’ mineral powder question. I really appreciated your thoughts. I purchased the pressed powder today!!! I love it! Kate

  3. I’m planning on going for a short visit via plane and am only taking carry on luggage. What make up basics would you recommend I bring? I need things for day and night.

  4. I love the pressed powder and during the summer my skin ‘glowed’ with Carmel; now I am much lighter – and the ambient natural light is way more cool and blue – I can’t find a color that works now. Radient is ‘dull’ on me’ Warm Sienna is ‘red’; Carmel is too dark now and makes me look red even though I put it on light as recommendedd and Golden Glow is too yellow.        Can you help? What would be a good winter color if Carmel is a good summer color.        I am quite light but have red as well as yellow undertones. What a bummer….        Thanks your any help you can offer.    Kate

  5. Hi Kate,    You are so astute to notice that it is not jsut our skin tone, but the light itself that changes in winter.    There are several ways to answer your question, but the best one is to go to a retailer and get re-matched. Nothing beats it! Check here for your nearest location     Another thought: it may be the formula as well as the shade. In the fall I go one shade lighter in PurePressed, from Golden Glow to Warm Sienna, and then in the winter months I switch to Amazing Base, going a half shade lighter still, to Warm Silk. Liquid Minerals is another option.     There is no way for me to match you sight unseen, and I am not sure which formula you are using, but if you were Caramel in the summer, you might want to try Riviera, or even Warm Silk which is quite a bit lighter.    Let me know how it works out for you!

  6. Hi Sandra, I am sorry, for some reason I just got your question. I hope it is not too late for your trip. Here is a 6 product/3 brush mini-kit that has everything you need for a short trip: your favorite foundation, such as PurePressed Base, plus the matching brush (Handi in this case) and Hydration Spray. Bring a good brush like the Sculpting Brush and use it to apply extra layers of your foundation for concealer. next you will need blush. Try Moonglow or Sunbeam as blush and bronzer, plus the light shades are great for highlighter at night – I just use the same brush as my foundation to avoid packing another. Alternatively, In Touch Cream Blush and the fingers are perfect for glow. Bring one fairly neutral eyeshadow triple. You can use a light hand and simple application for day, and amp it up for night. Use a fine brush like the Detail Brush to apply the darkest shade for eyeliner. Bring your favorite ji mascara, and your favorite Lip Fixation for long wearing lip color and shine. And of course, the Magic Mitt to take it all off with no need for cleanser!

  7. Hi.         I was just recently introduced to this makeup line and I love it! I was given the starter kit in “fair” for my birthday. I packed the starter kit, mascara in black ice and thats it! I used the blush very lightly as eyeshadow and it looked great! I didn’t need anything else for an easy spring vacation look. Love these products and especially the lip plumper!

  8. Hi Jessica,  Welcome! We are so glad you found us. Thank you for sharing your wonderful tips about traveling with the starter kit.   Take care!  Posted @ Tuesday, April 26, 2011 10:16 AM

  9. Hi, I was looking for natural makeup on the market and I’m glad to find Jane Iredale.
    I got matched with PurePressed Base in carmel, its a little dark for me, also Active light in #4.My skin is medium-light with yellow under tone with red cheeks, could you help me to choose bronzer for every day look. Thank you.

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