Makeup For Green Eyes – The Pure Impact Collection

We get so many questions about what makeup looks best with different eye colors. Eye Steppes has taken the guess work out of it for us, and not with the same boring shades, but with a huge variety!

For your inspiration, here are some gorgeous ideas from our National Makeup Artist Educator, Shawn Towne.

I will start with green eyes, because that’s my eye color, and add brown and blue in my next posts. Hidden bonus: there are tips about how to use our fabulous new brushes!

A Simple Daytime Look:

  • Use the Oval Blender Brush to apply Allure (the large base shade in the top of your Eye Steppes stack) to the entire lid, lashes to brow.
  • Next use your Chisel Shader Brush to press Iris (the lightest shade in the middle Steppe) to the inner third of the eye.
  • Apply Grape (the purple shade in the bottom Steppe) to the outer fourth of the eye, from lashes up over the crease. Use the Chisel Shader Brush for intense color, the Crease Brush for a more subtle wash.
  • Finally, use the Small Fluff Brush to press Sepia into the lower lash line. Mist the brush first if you want more intensity.


A Perfect Playtime Look:

  • With the Chisel Shader Brush, press Iris into the inner two-thirds of they eyelid, lashes to crease.
  • Use the Chisel Shader Brush to press Slate (paired with Grape in the bottom Steppe) into the outer third of the lid, lashes to crease. Trace under the entire lower lash line with the Small Fluff Brush.
  • Wipe off the Chisel Shader Brush on a tissue and use it to press Sepia into and just above the crease, in the center area of the eye.
  • Clean the brush again (are you getting the hint that this brush is incredibly versatile? If I was stranded on an island, this is the only brush I would need), and apply Allure to the brow bone, in the center.
  • Be brave now! Take Grape and apply it to the outer third from the lashes up toward the brow, fading as you go up.

For best results, blend everything well with the Oval Blender Brush. The illustrations of the finished looks are less blended for purpose of, well, illustration 😉

As a last step, apply plenty of PureLash Lash Extender & Conditioner and Longest Lash Mascara Thickening and Lengthening Mascara in Black Ice.

Everyone in the office is playing with these looks, will you give them a try?

Our next post is up to you… blue eyes or brown eyes?

  1. Very good article! I always enjoy reading your blog!        Angelica wrote above: will start with green eyes, becasue that’s my eye color, and add brown and blue in my next posts. Hidden bonus: there are tips about how to use our fabulous new brushes!        I know we are excited but let’s be patient. I know I am because I am excited for us Canadians to purchase! xo        Posted @ Tuesday, September 21, 2010 5:11 PM

  2. Stephanie,    Hazel eyes will look gorgeous with looks from goBrown or goGreen, you lucky lady. Or better yet, BOTH!    Posted @ Wednesday, September 22, 2010 8:55 AM

  3. YAY! I am so happy you all are enjoying these looks and find them helpful. Big thanks to Shawn!    It looks like brown eyes will be next, unless I hear from you blue-eyed ladies… coming next week 🙂

  4. Another vote here for brown eyes !    Very excited to see the Eye Steppes  collection. Looking forward to  seeing all the collections. Thanks   for the wonderful article above to  start us off.    I saw the advertisement in Organic  Spa magazine, and I am looking  forward to playing with the Eye  Steppe brown collection…

  5. I am enjoying the tips and the easy availability to product information…great job!! How are your ‘new’ brushes different from your ‘earlier’ brushes? And, how do I know if I’m getting the ‘new’ brushes – or ‘old’ stock from my retailer? I LOVE the gogreen and will try the gobrown as I have HAZEL eyes.    Read you every day like the morning newspaper. Kate

  6. Hi Kate!    I am so glad you are enjoying the blog! The three new brushes we have just released are completely new. There is nothing like them in our line. YOu can find them on our Website here: You will find the “Angle Definer,” the “Chisel Shader” and the “Oval Blender” here, so you know what they look like. Then you can call your favorite retailer to be sure they have them in stock, or find out when they are getting them in.    Good luck and tell us how you like them!

  7. Help! I have blue/green/gold eyes, and medium blonde hair (had red hair as a baby…mom’s also a redhead), and have a hard time finding the right colors….seems like I’m stuck between blue/blonde and green/red. I like to stay neutral/warm tones but can’t go toward “pink” or “rust” tones. In the spring I love coral tones, and seem to do better with autumn colors when it’s cold out.. What eye shadows would look best to bring out the green/gold without going completely towards “red head” tones? It’s like I’m stuck in “no-man’s” land as far as my coloring goes. Any suggestions?

  8. Hi Colleen,  You sound absolutely beautiful! I asked Sabrina, one of our talented makeup artists at for help with your question. Here is her response, I hope this helps!    It sounds like you have beautiful eyes. I think the Brown Sugar Eyeshadow Trio would complement your eye color very nicely. This trio contains Peach Sherbet, Supernova, and Dusk eyeshadows. These three shades are more peach, brown, and purple and they all have shimmer. They blend together very nicely and will really make your eye color pop.   If you are looking for a more subtle look I would suggest the Sweet Spot Eyeshadow Trio. These colors are more neutral and it includes a pretty peachy/coral shade. The colors in this trio are all matte.   The Glimmer Gold Eyeshadow would be a nice color to try for a simple look, as well as our new Citrine Mystikol!

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