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We have received a few questions regarding dry winter skin and makeup application, so I thought this would be a great place to share what I do during this season. While there many of different fantastic moisturizers out there, here are a few makeup tricks that can also combat the look and feel of dry skin.

girl in snow with snowy makeup look

Try adding a tinted moisturizer or liquid foundation under your powder. Liquid Minerals A Foundation is my go-to foundation for the dryer months. I love the extra moisture I get with it and I feel that it offers me better coverage, especially when applying my PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation over it. I always wear my base over Liquid Minerals to ensure I have SPF coverage. Here is the best way I have found to apply Liquid Minerals:

  • Squirt two pumps onto the back of your hand.
  • Using your Foundation brush mix the product in a circular motion until all the ingredients are combined.
  • Apply Liquid Minerals it to your face in criss-cross motions with your brush, be sure to work it in well for best results.

While I’m usually a PurePressed Base girl, during the dryer months I like to switch to Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder. Amazing Base, as opposed to PurePressed Base, offers a more luminescent finish rather than a matte finish; this makes my face appear fresher at a time of the year when I do not have as much oil. This is how I like to apply Amazing Base:

  • Gently tip Amazing Base over and tap on the bottom twice, knocking some powder into the cap.
  • I then take my Chisel Powder brush and using all sides of the brush, wiggle the bristles into the powder, ensuring I pick it all up out of the cap.
  • I then tap the brush on the cap to get off any excess powder.
  • I apply Amazing Base by gently patting the sides of the brush on my face.
  • I finish with a spritz of Hydration Spray, which helps to cover up any dry patches as well as set my minerals; D2O is my favorite for dryer skin.

The Complete In Touch Highlighter as well as the In Touch Cream Blushes are also fantastic for adding luminosity to your face. Think shimmer and gloss to freshen up your face and keep it glowing all year.

Last, but certainly not least, I am always sure to have my LipDrink Lip Balm handy. I love it for keeping my lips moist and it is especially great under Lip Fixations.

  1. I LOVE your PurePressed Base is simply amazing! I also love all the makeup tips you’ve provided here on your blog. I hope that you can post more “how to” videos and pics to go along with your tips, it’s a tremendous help watching the application process or even looking at pictures from the beginning to the finished results. Thank You for your wonderful products!

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