How To Look Airbrushed With Mineral Foundation

A question came in on our Facebook page asking whether our Liquid Minerals A Foundation could be used in an airbrush system. Well the answer to that question is no, but in the process of getting the answer, I got a fantastic insider secret that is going around jane iredale. This comes from our National Makeup Artist Educator, Cheryl Shorter.

To get an airbrushed look in no time flat, squirt one to two pumps of your Liquid Minerals onto a Flocked Sponge. Spritz right on top of that with 3-5 sprays of your Hydration Spray. Work it right into the skin, really well until it looks dry.

That’s it! No mess, no fuss, and super-quick. Just remember, there is no SPF in Liquid Minerals, so please apply your PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation or Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder on top.

  1. I have been using this product for over a year now. I loved it, but the last bottle I purchased is not very good. The gel is cloudy, there is very little color, it goes on very white, and it feel awful on my skin. After a few hours, it looks like it need to be blended in again. Any suggestions? It is a brand new bottle, is it possile it is gone bad?

  2. Hi Terrilynn,    Sometimes if one of the microbeads bursts in the bottle, it can cause clouding and there is no problem with the product. However, I am concerned that it does not look right, feel right, or wear right on your skin. I think that perhaps you should return it and get a new one.

  3. concerned about nano particles…tell me about the size of the particles in your mineral foundation and products. I have been using another brand for several years and have quit. Love the way minerals look but want to be safe.

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  5. Hi I found the sponge has absorb quite a lot products. I tried the foundation brush but it didn’t work well. After I pump out the microspheres are broken and I don’t know if I need to use fingers to rub and warm it first? sometimes I know our fingers are the best tool to apply foundation but I found it not even application. More tips please 🙂

  6. Hi,     I am having applying the product on to my face smoothly. It comes out of the pump a bit clumpy, i try blending it in my hands a bit before applying it. On my face it doesn’t get applied so smoothly and you can see visible particles. It also tends to not last very long. Is there anything I can do? Will the hydration spray help?

  7. Hi CR,    We recommend dispensing two pumps of Liquid Minerals to the back of your hand. Then, using your Foundation Brush, mix Liquid Minerals in a circular motion until the ingredients are combined. Then apply the foundation to your face using criss-cross motions. You should continue to blend the Liquid Minerals using this technique until it is smooth.    I hope this is helpful!    Joanna

  8. I am a professional make-up artist working in movies and television. I have been using the Jane Iredale cosmetics to great success since 1999. I use the liquid foundation all the time on many performers. I squirt it into the palm of the hand and use the foundation brush to break up the particals until thoroughly mixed, then I brush it on the face in quick criss-cross motion finishing off with a downward gentle sweep with the flocked sponge. This is beautiful and flawless even under HD, but I always apply a light dusting of pressed minerals over the top for more coverage and SPF protection, then spritz with the hydration spray. It is beautiful!

  9. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to select the correct colour? Its very hard to tell from the names and I want to buy some for my mother for her birthday. She has fair skin and would normally pick a colour such as porcelain or something slightly warmer.        Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.        Thanks

  10. Hi, I bought the liquid minerals foundation and I have a query. Some videos found on YouTube has shown that the way to apply is just with the flocked sponge but the video on your website shows to spray some of the Hydration spray. Which is the appropriate way to go to get a simple and clean look and for someone with sensitive skin at the cheek areas? 🙂

    1. Hi Samantha,

      If you are using the flocked sponge you may want to apply a spritz or two of Hydration Spray to the sponge first or even a little bit of water. You may also apply Liquid Minerals using a Foundation Brush or even the Blending Brush. Just be sure to blend well!

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