Expand your lip wardrobe with a pencil, plus a sneek peak at the NEW PureMoist Lipsticks

The NEW jane iredale PureMoist Lipsticks are almost here, they will be available for purchase on September 3rd so the wait is almost over! These new lipsticks include 24 beautiful shades; six hero shades will remain and 18 new shades have been added. The new lipsticks also have a new formula rich in antioxidants to protect your lips and moringa oil to soothe them. Each shade has buildable pigment so you can choose whether to wear them as a sheer wash of color or add a coat or two for a deeper lip.

PureMoist Lipstick
PureMoist Lipstick NEW formula, NEW packaging and NEW shades.

To expand your lip wardrobe even further, consider adding a Lip Pencil under your favorite lipstick or lip gloss. Keep reading for a few fun suggestions on how to do just that!

Before I add any color to my lips I like to begin with a little pampering ritual using Sugar & Butter Lip Exfoliater/Plumper. The sugar end of Sugar & Butter is made of organic brown sugar which works to gently removes dull, dry skin. After I apply the sugar to my lips I rub them together. There are no chemical preservatives or synthetic dyes to worry about so after you exfoliate you can lick the sugar right off your lips. If that’s not appealing to you, you can also wipe it off with a tissue. Sugar & Butter helps to make dry lips soft and smooth.

Once your lips are ready for color you have a couple of options. You can either apply your favorite lipstick or lip gloss on its own, or if you are ready to change things up a bit, try applying a lip definer first and not only lining but also filling in your lip with the pencil. jane iredale has twelve Lip Pencils that can each be paired with a different lipstick or gloss to completely update your favorite color. The three staples that I recommend keeping in your makeup bag are Earth Red, Rose and Spice. Using these three Pencils, you can transform almost any shade of lipstick or gloss to update your lip wardrobe. Below, we used three of our NEW PureMoist Lipsticks, Lily, Margi and Kaylee, to show how this can be done.

lip colors with different combinations of lip stick & lip liner

Spice Lip Pencil is the most neutral of all the shades, because of that its main purpose is to even your lip line and to make any lip color shades more neutral without changing the color too much.

Rose Lip Pencil is a beautiful dusty pink. Its purpose in your collection is to help give a beautiful rosy tone to any lip color you choose.

The last Lip Pencil I would encourage you to have in your bag is Earth Red. Earth Red is a beautiful true red that immediately makes any lip color a bit more bright and edgy.

defining lip linersWhat lip look are you most looking forward to trying this fall? Comment below and tell us, or visit our makeover room to try the looks on for yourself!

  1. I’m sure that I was once told by your company that Nude was the most neutral…
    I also cannot partake of your Makeover Room. The new lipstick colors are not an option. I made an inquiry on Facebook, but I haven’t received a response.
    When purchasing a new lip stick, can you have the corresponding lip stick choice show on the item before we click add? This way we can compare colors.

    1. Hi Karen,

      We are so sorry that you haven’t received the reply! It looks like we posted it Friday, are you not seeing it on Facebook? We are in the process of testing the new colors in the makeover room now, we want to make sure they are as accurate as possible before they go live. Nude is also a very neutral Lip Definer, but it is much darker than Spice so depending on your skin tone you may prefer Spice as your neutral Lip Definer. Can you explain what you mean by corresponding lip stick choices? There are 6 hero shades and 18 new shades in the new PureMoist line, the 18 new shades do not exactly match any of the old colors, but should you have a favorite that is discontinued please let us know and we will try to suggest a good alternate.

      Best wishes!

  2. Is there any way you can name the colors in the picture above left to right. I am having trouble distinguishing colors from swatches on website. Thanks!

  3. Hi!
    I love the feel of these products, however I have to order online and am having some difficulty determining which colors are cool or neutral as opposed to warm.
    I have a fair complexion using BB3 with a dash of 1, and Ivory in powder, blue eyes and light blonde hair. Which puremoist lipsticks should I try?

    1. Hi Karen,

      There are many colors that would look great on you! One of the wonderful things about the PureMoist Lipsticks is that they have buildable color and really do look fantastic on many different skin tones. You may find it helpful to visit our makeover room here https://janeiredale.com/us/en/makeup-tips/makeover-room.htm where you can upload a photo of yourself and try on all of the different colors and choose the shade, or shades you like the most.

  4. I have been recommended to purchase the shade CJ previously and cannot find it on the Canadian website. Has this colour been discontinued, and if yes which of the new shade most closely resembles the CJ shade? Thank you!

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