10 Easy Summer to Fall Transition Tips

summer to fall makeup transition tipsListen closely ladies! It’s import to transition your makeup from summer to fall. We know this sounds daunting, but it can actually be quite simple. You don’t have to completely overhaul your makeup bag, but as the seasons change, so should a few essential items.

Decreases in temperature and humidity often have dramatic effects on our skin, requiring us to re-evaluate what products we wear. During the fall, our skin starts to react to the cooler air, causing dryness and flaking, especially if you live further from the equator, like we do in Massachusetts.

It’s also important to account for a change in color palettes. We bet you’re like us, and often wear bright clothes and floral patterns during the summer, but as fall and winter approach, your wardrobe becomes darker (and plusher…hello, sweater weather!). As you adjust the colors of your outfits, you also have to think about how your makeup compliments your clothing.

Don’t be afraid to make a few makeup swaps here and there. Here are the top ways to transition your makeup bag from summer to fall.

How to Transition Your Makeup Bag

Change Your Foundation Shade

As your skin adjusts to the weather, so should your foundation. When the temperature begins to drop and the days grow shorter, Global Makeup Educator Edgar Dominguez says to keep two things in mind: your skin's shade and texture.

"Always get rematched for the fall season because we tend to lose our summer glow," he says. You can visit one of our retail partners for an in-person consultation or take our Foundation Finder Quiz to help you select your perfect match.

...and your Foundation Formula

Edgar also suggests, "going with a more hydrating formula foundation to give your skin a dewy complexion, rather than a matte finish, which is best suited for summer to control the appearance of shine."

If your skin starts to feel dry, swap out your matte foundation for Liquid Minerals. "The hyaluronic acid and CoEnzyme Q10 in Liquid Minerals do an amazing job at making your skin appear more plump and hydrated," says Global Makeup Educator Hannah Hatcher.

Don't forget to finish your look with Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder for added SPF protection!


Create a Custom Foundation Shade

There's always a slightly awkward period when you're in between your most tan and normal foundation shade. When Hannah is in this transition period, she brings out her Refill-Me Refillable Loose Powder Brush.

"I really enjoy using my Refill-Me Brush and custom blending my Amazing Base," she says. "I take my summer shade and my fall/winter shade and kind of mix them together in my Refill-Me Brush to create that perfect in-between shade as I begin to lose my summer color."

Change your Primer

If you use an oil control primer in the summer, it's likely you won't need something to reduce the appearance of shine or oily skin in the fall and winter. "Most people use Smooth Affair for Oily Skin or even Absence in the summer time due to higher temperatures and humidity to help combat shine," says Hannah. She continues, "but as we transition into fall we start to notice the air gets drier and colder so it’s a perfect time to switch back to the OG Smooth Affair Facial Primer and Brightener to increase hydration in the skin." 

Double up on Moisture

Do you know how your skin tends to feel tight, dry and flaky when it's cold outside? It happens to us, too—even Jane! That's why she says she likes to "wear both BeautyPrep Moisturizer and Smooth Affair Facial Primer" during the fall and winter. "In the summer, I tend to use one or the other," she continues.

If you only have a few dry spots, we recommend applying BeautyPrep Face Moisturizer on those areas only. Then, you can apply Smooth Affair Facial Primer and Brightener on your entire face.


Fight Dry Skin from the Inside

For help balancing your skin's moisture all over your body, add two Skin Omegas  capsules to your daily diet. This Skincare Supplement is like an internal moisturizer. It contains omega-3 from fish oil and omega-6 from evening primrose oil, with the addition of vitamin A. That means it's perfect companion to your topical moisturizer but especially for dry, flaky skin.

Learn more about The Skincare Supplements.

Illuminate your Skin

When your skin loses hydration, it looks duller. In addition to hydrating your skin from the inside and out, we also love to use makeup that adds a little luminosity for a beautiful dewy finish. "Fall is the perfect time to update and refresh your makeup bag with makeup that will illuminate your complexion," says Edgar. He recommends choosing a PurePressed Blush with a little shimmer to add a little extra glow to your skin. Try shades like Clearly Pink or Cotton Candy.

You can also use Active Light Under-Eye Concealer to brighten dark circles and nourish the delicate skin under your eye. 

Deeper, Darker Lips are a DO

While maintaining the moisture balance in your skin is essential, so is taking inspiration from the seasonal color palette. The number one thing Jane swaps in for fall is "deeper, darker lipsticks."

Hannah agrees and says, "I think it’s important to look at color, we are exiting summer and starting fall, which is always a transition into deeper and more rich pigment." She recommends swapping your bright and sunny lip colors for something a little darker. Our shade for the season is Gwen PureMoist Lipstick!


Add Gloss and Go!

We know that dark, vampy shades aren't for everyone. To add more depth to your favorite lip colors, try this simple trick from Hannah.

Pick a deeper shade of PureGloss Lip Gloss like Candied Rose or Kir Royale, and swatch it over your favorite lipstick shade. This will create a brand new color that's perfect for the fall.

Wash your Brushes!

Need we say more? We know that it's not always possible to wash your makeup brushes every week, and sometimes washing them every month is even a stretch. We multitasking mavens have to put something at the bottom of the to-do list, and often, brush care is one. So, while your swapping products in and out of your makeup bag, take the time to give your brushes a good clean. 

Read this article to find out how to properly clean your makeup brushes.

We Want to Know

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  1. Changing your makeup to match the change of the season is great. I honestly look forward to the change. There are always new trends and colors to try. It’s so exciting.

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