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The Spring 2012 makeup collection from jane iredale features two beautiful new Eye Glosses. If you haven’t tried them yet, I’m here to say that once you do you will absolutely fall in love! They are so incredibly versatile, plus they do not smudge and do not fade. Today I want to share some of the great ways you can use Eye Glosses, and I hope you will return the favor and share your own tricks and tips.

eye shere liquid eye shadow

The most popular way to use Eye Gloss is simply to add a wash of color to your eye lid. Some of the glosses, such as Champagne Silk, Lilac Silk, Peach Silk and Grey Silk, are more sheer. Brown Silk, Green Silk, Mauve Silk, Wine Silk, Pink Silk and Aqua Silk Eye Gloss are more heavily pigmented. Whether you are going for a run, or to work for the day, or dancing till the wee hours, this stuff will not budge! There are 3 ways you can apply Eye Gloss:

  1. Using the doe foot that comes with the Eye Gloss;
  2. Using your finger, squeeze a little gloss onto the doe foot and then pick it up with your ring finger and gently pat onto your eye; or
  3. Using the Sculpting Brush or Camouflage Brush, squeeze a little gloss onto the doe foot and pick it up with the brush. If using the Sculpting brush apply by moving the brush in small circles, if using the Camouflage Brush apply by moving the brush in short criss cross motions.

Keeping the setting power in mind, make sure you blend your Eye Gloss well. If there are any streaks they won’t be going anywhere until you wash your face, so be sure to soften any edges before it drys, you can do this by gently patting the edges with your ring finger.

My favorite way of using Eye Gloss is as a primer. I apply a very sheer layer of Champagne Silk Eye Gloss every morning from my upper lash line to just under my eyebrow. I then apply my eyeshadow as usual on top of it. Not only does my eyeshadow stay put, but the Eye Gloss slightly intensifies the color of my eyeshadow so I can get the same look with less makeup; or use a bit more shadow and really see the color pop.

I introduced my mom to the Eye Gloss as a primer and she called me in shock saying, she had slept in her makeup (which I do not recommend, even with jane iredale) and when she woke up her eyeshadow looked exactly how it did when she applied it the morning before. Yeah, that’s staying power!

Our Marketing Manager, Honey, found some great ways of playing with the Eye Glosses in our Spring Video featuring Aqua Silk Eye Gloss, Rio Just Kissed Lip Plumper and Rose Dawn Quad Bronzer. She uses Brown Silk Eye Gloss on her lid and then using the Detail brush she lines her lower lash line with Brown Silk and her upper lash line with Aqua Silk Eye Gloss, it is gorgeous! You can watch the video below.

I hope this post inspired you to play with one of our favorite products, and answered some of your Eye Gloss questions. Please feel free to comment below, I love to hear from you!

  1. Aside from being a mad Jane Iredale addict, I really love the eye gloss range. This product is really easy to apply, and once it dries it is totally smidge proof! My favorite combination is the champagne silk and brown silk. I use the champagne silk from lash to brow line, applying with the doe foot and my finger. This must fully dry before I use the brown silk in the crease and blend well into the dry champagne silk using the sculpting brush. A line of blue mistokol on upper and lower lash line makes great “cat eyes” that won’t move all night. I’ve even skated all afternoon and then partied all night in this stuff and it looks fresh dewy, and beautiful under any circumstances. I can’t wait to try the new the aqua look in the video! Thank you Jane Iredale for yet another mind-blowingly fantastic product! I really love the instrucitonal videos too; so please keep them coming! 🙂

  2. I am also a fairly new Jane Iredale addict. . My only disappointment is that I have purchased 2 sets of each moonglow and sunbeam.All 4 of these products have been pulverized to fine powder. . They are a mess. I only carry them in my purse, what is the problem? Why don’t you invent a cover for protection for this product? I am losing money. t

  3. Love the product and always the mails on the make up. I really miss the give a ways. Thae last one was GREAT. Thank you..Love Love the make up

  4. Love the product and always the mails on the make up. I really miss the give a ways. Thae last one was GREAT. Thank you..Love Love the make up

  5. Hi Renee,    We are sorry this keeps happening! We recommend keeping the quad bronzers in a snug area, such as a small cushioned makeup bag, to minimize movement. Please feel free to contact our personal shoppers for a replacement of these products, they can also make additional suggestions on how to prevent this in the future! The e-mail is:

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