Change your life, change your makeup, part 2

Last time we talked about changing skin tone and how to adapt makeup to that, but what happens if the feel, texture, behavior of the skin changes? Keep reading for a fun New Year giveaway!

Mineral makeup foundations

Life change: skin condition

My skin is fairly oily in the summer, and super dry in the winter. During the summer months, PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation gives me just the right touchable barely-there coverage. But right around — oh last weekend — my skin suddenly looks dull.

Makeup change: foundation diversification

When I am seasonally disaffected with my skin, I switch my foundation. As soon as the cold weather and dry inside heat make me look ashy, I switch to Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder. It breathes a whole new, luminous life into my complexion, and gives me the extra coverage I need during this time of year. In May-June, when dewy becomes unflatteringly shiny, I know it is time to switch back to the fresh, sheer finish of my trusty PurePressed Base.

If you prefer liquid/cream formulas, try Dream Tint Tinted Moisturizer in the summer and Glow Time Mineral BB Cream in the winter. If Liquid Minerals A Foundation is your BFF, you still need SPF, so try topping it with a dusting of PurePressed Base in the summer, and Amazing Base in the winter.

Skin changes may strike during different life phases, too. Aging, hormonal changes, pregnancy, and changes in lifestyle and health can change our skin. If your skin just doesn’t seem to look as fresh and lovely as it used to, consider foundation diversification. Aren’t we lucky that we have such a huge range of foundations to choose from?

The year is coming to an end, but we’re not done giving yet! Comment below and tell us what you’re going to do for a fresh start in 2013 and you could receive our Fresh Start Kit, this includes a Starter Kit, POMMISST Hydration Spray and Magic Mitt!

Happy New Year!

  1. For a fresh start in the new year, I am rededicating my self to regular workouts and fresh healthy food – kinda lost track thanks to all the holiday yummies!

    1. What am I going to do in 2013? Keep losing weight. I’ve lost 21 pounds in 2013 and kept it off, so I’m trying for a little more.

  2. I need a little more moisture in the winter, but love a little glimmer too. I switch to liquid minerals with an allover sweep of rose dawn bronzer. Perfect winter glow!

    1. I have oily skin in the summer but dries in the winter due to the back and forth between a Canadian winter and the furnace blowing to get the house warm, so I switch from using my daytime cream to a using nighttime cream as it hydrates most of the day.

  3. What am I going to do for a fresh start in 2013? I am going to take a cooking class so that I can learn to make more fresh foods so that my daughter, who has a lot of food allergies, can have safer and healthier choices. I also hope to buy more local foods and we are going to start a winter garden. Here’s to 2013. Healthy body. Healthy skin.

    1. Hi Jill,

      We hope you have a lot of fun with your cooking class and learn new things that will help both you and your daughter :). We would love to send you our Fresh Start kit! Please e-mail your mailing address to

      Happy 2013!

  4. Well I’m a mom again and just turned 40 so I’m up for a upgrade in everything 🙂 I just bought Janes primer. I need to update my skin care to something now more for drier skin since skin changed again. I feel I need a little more color since I look worn out from no sleep and dreary Chicago weather.

  5. My fresh start is making sure my mind, body, and skin are healthy and pampered. A good vegetarian diet with exercise as well as limiting stress helps the mind and body. The proper skin routine: cleansing, moisturizing, and protecting…..topped off with quality makeup to add tdazzle to the skin. What a start for the new year.

  6. What a great idea– I have the same problem, so I will have to try that. Plus my esthetician used the handi brush on me and I am getting one of those to help utilize my PPB better. My 2013 Fresh Start will be MORE WATER!! It is dry in Las Vegas, and the water more the better. 🙂

  7. I’m going to freshen up my home more by switching my bedding over to organic bedding, this will take a while as it’s not cheap, but another area that is important for our health.

  8. I am going to go through my make-up bag and throw away anything i havent worn in 4 months…can’t believe what I have in there! =/

  9. Starting over with a lot of things. Trying to get in shape despite my disability, look good to feel good and vice versa. Also getting everything in order to move

  10. For a fresh start in the New Year, I’m going to let go of the past …..the mis-steps, mistakes, self-doubt & failure…I’m going to daily focus in the positives in life & recognize each day as a fresh start, an opportunity to change me , my mind, my outlook, my course for the better….I will begin & continue to live without regrets ….to care for others & myself….to be healthy for me, those I love & the planet….to love life.

  11. To launch myself in a fresh new way into 2013, I am creating a new additional website that shows all of me, and all my talents. I have sometimes kept parts of myself hidden from the World, and I now realize I need to offer all of what I do to the World. That, and having recently just discovered Jane Iredale, I will be replacing my old makeup with Jane Iredale as I run out of products I currently have so my radiance will show on the outside to a new level as I step forward with all of me into the World in 2013.

  12. I’ve already been making changes, but in 2013 I’m going to continue to use more natural skincare, makeup, and household products.

  13. I must clean my garage and take a much needed vacation to San Francisco, CA. It is also important that I lose some weight…after all, I need to take care of me first as I am no good to anyone if I am unhappy and unhealthy!

  14. For my fresh start for 2013, I bought myself an entire new look for my nine year anniversary. I went out and bought all new Jane Iredale makeup. I got the new BB Cream in (BB3 – Which matched perfectly and covered everything flawlessly and wasn’t heavy.) 24 Karat gold dust powders in gold and champagne which I put on my eyes and decollete (so beautiful and elegant for this time of year) and I lined my eyes with the dark topaz mystykol, which gave me a nice bronze look. I tried my first cream blush (charisma – It looked dark in the tube but then when applied glided on effortlessly and looked amazing! I’m so in love with cream blush!) And finally I topped off my look with a big bold red lip by using the lip fixation in rapture. I love, love, love, the lip fixation. My lip colour stayed on all night through dinner and a production of A Christmas Carol. They are all wonderful products. I loved playing around with my look. Next year will be our ten year and we will be getting married in Hawaii to celebrate. I’m looking forward to what lies ahead. 2013 is looking to be a promising fruitful year. All the best to you and your’s in the coming year too!

  15. My 2013 fresh start will be trying to have more time-outs from worrying. I will also not feel guilty for pampering myself, especially with new makeup. 🙂

  16. For 2013, I’m going to try to expand my modeling career. I haven’t had much experience yet, but I think it’s because I haven’t pushed myself enough. It’s a tough business to get into, but I suppose it could only be easier to make it if I put a lot of effort towards it! I want big things to happen in 2013, and its up to me to make them happen 🙂

  17. At 58, it is seriously time to become more active physically and to shed some unwanted pounds. Along with this I strive to spend more time with friends and less time stressing about work. This year is the time to find better balance in my life.

  18. I am making 2013 My Year! I am getting married in September to the love of my life and would love to have flawless skin on this special day. I will also be getting my Esthetics Certified and would love to show off my flawless beautiful skin to my clients. I absolutely am in Love with Jane Iredale Makeup

  19. I also find I need to switch up my foundation from time to time. My skin changes a lot with the seasons.

    For the new year, I’m working on eliminating all toxins in my home and personal care products.

  20. I start the new year with a facial and some new products. Nothing like a smooth fresh face to start the year off with a glow.

  21. 2012 was an especially stressful fast paced year. I started a new job after being at another company for 15 years. The job was nonstop and all consuming and I ultimately decided that is not how I want to live my life- so I left. So for 2013 my fresh start/resolution is to live a more balanced life. Spend time with my loved ones and take good care of myself. Happy New Year!!

  22. I’m working on having more “less” in my life: less spending, less eating, less chaos, less mess, less indecisiveness, less procrastination, etc so I can have more “better” in my life.

  23. Healthy living is my mantra for 2013. Inside and out, head to toe. Beginning with the elimination of the negative, from the mind, heart, body and soul. Jane Iredale is more than make up, it’s positive for the skin!

  24. Going to start a new eating and exercise plan this new year! Also getting rid of unhealthy and unearth friendly body products!

  25. For the new year, I’m going to throw out all my old/unused beauty products and start fresh with fresh makeup that works for my age and skin type!

  26. This year I am going to focus on keeping my skin protected with sun block :). With my Jane Iredale bronzer I don’t need to worry about damaging my skin from the sun!

  27. For a fresh start this year I am going to be more positive and happier and focus on things that really matter and not be disallusioned by the things that don’t. I am going to work hard and look forward to my wedding in October and remember what my wedding is really about rather than getting stressed on the little things.

  28. Love the tips!! I’m addicted to the liquid minerals with a dusting of pure pressed powered (and of course some rose dawn- love the colors in that!!) I’ll need to get some amazing base and try that winter tip 🙂

  29. I am overhauling my health by getting on a regular exercise regimen, healthy eating with more fresh fruits and veggies, and less sugar, drinking more water and less caffienated beverages.

  30. I’m trying to get healthy for 2013 by taking vitamins, eating healthy and keeping a positive attitude. As I get older, my skin and body needs extra care and Jane Iredale is the best for my sensitive, rosacea-prone skin. In the winter, no other foundation will combat the dry flakiness as Amazing Base does.

    asthat Amazing Base does.

  31. My skin is sensitive and fairly oily.I use Absence for control oil and Pressed mineral powder everyday.I m so glad this products.

  32. I will be taking better care of my hands and nails, flossing my teeth twice a day, and reducing my coffee and sugar intake.

  33. I am going to make sure not to fall asleep with my makeup on. I also am going to try to switch my foundation as recommended above. I also want to try concealer since I have not used in the past.

  34. I’m going to try the BB cream I’ve been using the smooth affair with amazing base on top. The bb cream will be nice for the winter.

  35. Try to adjust in a more meaningful way to my husband’s illness and get a new career path in the works; my life is not over.

  36. I’m hoping to make a fresh start by losing weight this year and feeling my best. I want to change my diet to more fresh and local food, start an exercise routine, and address some ongoing health concerns.

  37. Well over the past almost two years as a new mom my main focus has been by growing child. I have overlooked myself. So as a fresh start I plan on taking better care of myself and my look not just my darling son. Happy mommy = Happy child.

  38. I was just thinking about this as I was showering this morning. I’m going to start a fresh new year by using one product at a time. I don’t need 5 cleansers, 5 shampoos and so on! Same with make up! I’m building my Jane Iredale, it’s so simple,easy and beautiful! The starter kit will be great to start the year with! I’ll soon be rid of all the ‘other’ stuff!

  39. I decided to start 2013 with fresh skin! Having grown up (and still living) in dry, sunny Arizona I have a lot of sun damage. I just got a TCA peel and am so thankful for Amazing Base to get the sun protection I need while I am peeling. I have been using Amazing Base for years to hide my sun damage and provide sun protection. It is going to be fun to experiment with some of the other products after I have peeled since I will not have as much to cover up (but I will always need the sun protection!).

    1. Hi Mary Jane,

      We’re glad you’re using Amazing Base and would love to send you our Fresh Start kit so you can also try our Pure Pressed Base! It is very gentle on your skin and has SPF 20 to protect from that harsh sun. Please e-mail your address to

      Best wishes for the new year!

  40. I will be trying to take on a new positive outlook in everything I do. I’m sure I will be happier and things will fall into place more smoothly. I’ll also be taking more “me time”, spending time each day doing something I truly love and enjoy!

  41. In 2013 I want to make more of an effort to not get so stressed out, especially over things that are not very important in the grand scheme of things. I want to work on being better about “going with the flow” and not waste so much energy on things that I either can’t control or that aren’t very important.

  42. For a fresh start in 2013, I plan to get a microdermabrasion done to literally ‘get rid’ of last year, and actually make a fresh start. Although I have recently started to use some natural products, I plan to change my skin care and make up by going COMPLETELY natural. I realise how much of a difference it has made in my skin, and I, in general, feel a lot better now that I use natural products as it is better for the environment, my skin and my health. I want to be able to look good AND feel good.

  43. I’m starting a whole skin regimen. No more skimping when I’m tired! Always cleanse, moisturize, tone (and exfoliate when needed!). I LOVE Jane products – will definitely try the Amazing Base, as I usually use the PPB, but have very dry skin in winter as well! Thanks, as always, for the tips!

  44. I have been wearing Clinique makeup for years, and my aesthetician suggested that I switch to Jane Iredale Cosmetics. I am absolutely loving the way it makes my skin look and feel, and I am encouraging my mom to make the switch as well! I am currently using Smooth Affair topped with Glow Time and PureMatte Finish Powder, and looking forward to trying new products soon!

  45. This year I will “get a fresh start” by taking on the 30 day yoga challenge at a local studio. I love yoga class because the home practice gets disrupted too much by life. I am going to make the extra effort to get to the studio – and put my well-being in a priority position!

      1. THANK you so much!!! The yoga challenge is great! I complained last night about 28 planks in vinyasa, but today my shoulders feel amazing! I’ve got this!

  46. I’m going to take a “less is more” approach with beauty, choosing a natural look and playing up my best features. I love this idea because this type of look with coordinate with anything I wear!

  47. For a fresh start in this New Year I am going to keep working on channeling the very best parts of myself while not being too hard on my rough edges. We all have them and most of the time trying to deny that they are there just magnifies them! I’m going to be kinder to myself.

  48. I have decided not to be wasteful! This pertains to all areas of life. This is my fresh start in 2013! I will be selective in the foods I eat and the cosmetics I use. I have gradually integrated Jane Iredale! Soon I will use everything! I love it! The starter kit will help me to see what products to use!

  49. My personal fresh start will be to simplify. I plan to waste less, and enjoy the things around me. I really hope to simplify my closet by purging and repurposing, my pantry with Meat Monday (the turnaround of Meatless Monday, where we only eat meat on Monday), and my makeup bag and skin care with natural cosmetics that nourish my skin rather than irritate it (I have perioral dermititis and Jane Iredale has been a lifesaver – your makeup is actually soothing to my skin! I love it!). I also hope to inspire and teach my 10 year old daughter the gift of simplicity, the importance of contentment and the opportunity for natural beauty, both inside and out.

  50. I am 47 and have been going to school to become an RN. Sometimes juggling school and home life can get kind of hectic. I have realized my dream of becoming a Blues singer and my wonderful husband is incredibly supportive, so for my fresh start in 2013 I am going to focus more on my music! Music is healing for the soul and who couldn’t use more of that in their life? 🙂

  51. 2 years ago I lost my business. After that depression settled in, I let myself go- I was a Huge fan of Jane iredale wore nothing else. When my partner walked out on our business, 1 year turned into 2- 2 weeks ago my dad died.his death marked the end of a really difficult period for our entire family- he had Alzheimer’s disease. I have stood at his grave sight and promised I would recapture the daughter he raised- he defined me as tenacious – I have started on the inside- now need a little help w. the outside.

    1. Hi Angi,

      We’re sorry to hear that you’ve had a rough couple of years. We would like to send you our Fresh Start kit to help kick off your new year on the right foot. Please e-mail your mailing address to

      Happy 2013!

  52. enjoy the fact that my daughter Melissa Greenberg is going to have a baby and that I gave her a lot of your products as an xmas present and everyone is telling her how beautiful she looks – even got stopped in the grocery store!!! Thanks Jane Iredale!!! You have really made us happy!!!!! We will stay happy all year!!! and then some

  53. I am the type of girl that invests a lot on different face creams, cleansers, sunblocks and moisturizers. I have a weekly session wherein I treat my facial and body skin with different mixtures such as oatmeal mask etc.

    But one thing that I hate to do: putting make-up on my skin. Because I know that make-up will only temporarily make your skin look good but after using it in the long run, it will destroy your skin due to different harmful chemicals incorporated in its formula.

    But now, after graduating college, my work demanded that I should wear make-up so that I will look presentable. I wasted so much money in buying make-up brands that only makes my skin prone to breakouts, and build-up of blackheads and white heads. After that I never did used make-ups again.

    One friend of mine introduced me the products of Jane Iredale. I tried the product. i love the way it made me look glowing without my face feeling itchy and heavy. My friends complimented me that day that I am blooming and my skin is glowing. I slept with the make-up still on my face that night, and it didn’t caused me breakouts the following day. After that, I became obsessed with your products. Not only it conceals my skin’s imperfections, it protects and heals the skin after long term of use. I witnessed it when my friend used it. her acne subsided and was very happy of the result.

    This year I would like to complete my Jane Iredale collection. And make it as part of my skin care routine. Hope I will be chosen!

  54. This year I plan to find gratitude in every experience, one thing to be happy about each day, and abide by one random act of kindness daily. I believe that in order to radiate outer beauty, it first has to shine from within!

  55. I really would like to try this new makeup, I use Bare Minerals now but have heard rave reviews about your makeup.

  56. Im eating better drinking more water working out & learning how to apply makeup & how to remove it and take care of brushes

  57. I’m starting fresh this year by going completely clean and green in ALL aspects. Clean eating, chemical free and natural beauty products, earth friendly everything. I’ve also made a decision to volunteer more with organizations I care about.

  58. I am going to work on breaking the carb addiction, make exercise a part of my daily routine, practice more patience and understanding and improve my skincare regimen!

  59. I’ve made a promise to myself to live by example for my daughter. I purchased an electronic cigarette device to help me quit smoking real cigarettes. Even though I never smoked directly around my daughter, unfortunately the chemicals and toxins would be all over myself. I also set a goal to lower my resting heart rate by 10 beats per minute, and after I meet that goal, I plan on setting another one. Part of my plan of attack to lower my resting heart rate is to eat a lot cleaner, and I purchased special plates that show me what each of my portions of food in the food groups should be. I’ve talked about it for too long and now I have a plan of action to focus on. Things are definitely looking up and I’m proud of myself for committing.

  60. Thank you for the tips! It’s so easy to get in a makeup rut and just wear the same thing all the time. This article was full of good reminders about how and when to change as our skin changes.

  61. Don’t change something if its working for you. I will continue experiencing the benefits of my JI makeup. I am changing my eating habits to nutrient dense foods. This along with Jane Iredale will make my skin in its best condition. Hope to try your new BB creams. <3

  62. I am happily beginning my year with health on my mind. I am vowing to eat healthier, drink more water, watch the chemicals I put on my face & body and going to attempt to exercise 🙂
    Happy New Year!!

  63. I am going to focus in positive changes instead of resolutions that are hard to keep. As for makeup, I will be cleaning out the old as I realize that my Jane is all I wear everyday! I love everything I have and have been a Jane girl for about 7 years now!

  64. I’ll be 60 in February so I want to update my appearance..I don’t feel like I am 60 so I don’t want to look like I am 60!

  65. I’ve just accepted a new job doing fundraising for an organization that I love, a no-kill animal sanctuary and I think this is the best way to start the new year. A new year, a new career!

  66. This year for a fresh start, I decided to start my mornings before I even hit the floor with positive thoughts. I think about my day as I lay in bed and think good things and that no matter what happens, I will remain positive. Negativity can make your face look older and your heart weak.

  67. Love jane iredale makeup! Discovered it about a year ago while searching online for less harsh chemicals in a lot of products, including makeup. Found out recently that it’s available in my home town so bought more product there. Much rather buy it locally whenever possible rather than online although if that is my only option, would do it :)!

  68. In 2013 I need to take a bit more time for me so I can take better care of me by working out a bit longer, caring for my skin and hair a bit better, and cooking/eating a bit healthier.

  69. I love the look of matte mineral foundation but I too experience a change in my skin during the winter. Suddenly, it creeps into very line and crevise and looks dull and pasty. I find myself looking for a new foundation for the winter months but it has been a challenge as i love the coverage of mineral makeup. Will give the Dream Tint and Amazing base a try!

  70. My two little ones are getting a bit more in a routine, so I’m making sure to set some time aside to take care of myself this year. Regular workouts, taking care of my skin, making myself feel more like me again!

  71. This year I will be changed all my makeup /skin care to Jane Iredale. I am in love with my starter kit that I got for Christmas. I love how all the makeup looks all day and how it feels on my skin!!

  72. Revisit my values and commit to living them everyday. I write them done and keep them on my fridge and in my offfice as a visual reminder. Welcome 2013!

  73. For 2013 I am going to renew my commitment to taking good care of my skin. I am so grateful that my consistency helps me look 10 years younger than I am. I do need to also reconnect with my inner artist. I’ve been in a job without a lot of interpersonal contact and got lazy about wearing makeup. This would be a great jumpstart!! The skincare, I’m good. The makeup, notsomuch.

  74. This might sound funny, being on the internet at the moment, but I’m trying to give myself a fresh, healthy start by disconnecting from the internet more. I only look at positive and useful websites now and limit my time. I found myself wasting a lot of time on celebrity gossip sites and reading negative and sad stories a lot (especially at the end of the year) and it really brought my mood down. I am not allowing myself to do that anymore, and so far I am happier. :o)

  75. making healthier food choices, drinking more water, more exercise, and trying to reduce stress will help me in 2013!

  76. This year I am dedicating myself to paying more attention to listening to my body and my heart’s desires. I am choosing to be the best me I can be, set attainable goals, and embrace opportunities.

  77. For a fresh start this year I’m going to take better care of my eyes. I’m going to clean my makeup brushes and liners once a week, use a makeup remover, add an eye cream to my routine as well as getting eye treatment add ons with my facials.

  78. Getting a fresh start spiritually as well as physically by dedicating myself to more Bible study time and definitely working out and trying to eat better. That way I can truly shine inside and out! Happy New Year!!

  79. Dealing with Rosacea, I came accustomed to full coverage foundations that acted more like a mask than an enhancement. I was introduced to JI’s Pressed Powder and fell in love. Over the last year my skin has improved to the point that I now feel comfortable and confident leaving the house with little to no foundation. In 2013 I look forward to taking control of my health and happiness.

  80. I just purchased my first products from Iredale Cosmetics..the moisturizer, bronzer, blush, concealer and lip gloss…I love them all!! I needed a fresh start for the New Year and I couldn’t think of any other way, then treating myself to amazing new makeup. I’m so glad I chose your line 🙂

  81. Focusing on good mental health and taking care of myself better. I am a huge fan of all of your products, especially skincare.

  82. To make a fresh start in 2013 I am getting rid of the negative and holding on to the positive. I’m cleaning out the stuff I no longer use and if it’s usable by someone else, giving it away. My husband and I are rededicating ourselves to our relationship and committing to paying attention. I’m “downsizing” by being extra sensitive to whether or not a new thing is really necessary and not giving in to impulse purchasing. My fresh start is to be conscious and to make informed decisions with intention. It’s my life and I intend to live it with a renewed passion and purpose.

  83. In 2013 I plan on taking better care of myself both physically and mentally. I am looking forward to the new year because I know its just going to get better!

  84. What a great article! And so incredibly true! My skin is always more oily in the summer and super dry in the winter. Keeping it moisturized is key for me during the winter months. In this New Year I have several goals. 1- to shed all the extra baby weight I’ve put on since delivering my fourth child. 2- Give a couple of my girlfriends “make-overs” They are not Jane Iredale users and I want to convince them that this is the best product out there! I’ve been a Jane user for over 10 years! Jane has something for everyone!

  85. For 2013 I am going to rededicate myself to eating healthy again and forcing myself to take ME time!! At soon to be 43 years old, with 4 daughters ranging in age from 23 months to 23 years, my life is busy and I tend to neglect my own needs. 2013 is the year for some ME time!

  86. I’m going to mark times on my water bottle so I can look and see how much water I need to drink by each time spot. Often it’s late in the day and i still have 2/3 of the bottle to finish. This new way will show me that by 10 am the line better be “drunk” down to there or I’m not on it.

  87. This year I am continuing my resolution from last year to not eat meat. Vegetarian diets bring a lower intake of toxins in the body and fruits and vegetables contain large amounts of antioxidants to detoxify the body so as well in the fight against cancer, early aging and cardiovascular diseases. Also, the fiber content decreases the risk of diseases such as colon cancer, high cholesterol, hypertension and stroke, diabetes, etc. My goal is to be the healthiest me I can be!

  88. This year I’m going to start my own business, so very excited about this and being able to help people with their skin and also can’t wait for Doc Setterfield course!

  89. I love the idea of the new Glow Time BB cream foundation. My skin is dry and this foundation sounds so rich and nourishing. This product will definitely be my next purchase! One of my new year’s resolutions is to drink plenty of water to hydrate my skin. I expect to glow for sure doing this along with using the Glow Time BB mineral foundation cream!

  90. I am going to simplify my skincare regime and continue to use SPF every single day. My diet has been very healthy but I’m going to try to go more vegan and incorporate new foods like farro and quinoa.

  91. I’m going to maintain a positive outlook, no matter what. I’m surrounded by many negative people and I will no longer allow them to steal my “energy”

  92. Pommist is essential during the winter months. Also for a health all over glow I finish with Bronzer in Sunbeam….for that touch of sun!

  93. I finally quit smoking – it’s just about a year now! I want to start working out and really focusing on putting healthy stuff into my body. I’ve already cut out most sugars from my diet and would really like to get in great physical shape!

  94. I have been dealing with Rosacea for about a year and a half. After trying many products, I finally discovered jane iredale at my dermatologist’s office. I have been using and loving Smooth Affair Primer and Glow Time BB Cream. I am a stay at home Mom. I had been going makeup free on the days I didn’t need to leave my home, figuring that would help the Rosacea condition. We just returned home to Indiana from an 8 day Christmas visit to see family in Pennsylvania. While there, I used my jane iredale everyday. Well, my face has never looked so good! I was so worried about the Rosacea getting worse while we were travelling and the opposite happened. The Rosacea has improved tremendously! What I discovered is that it actually helps to use jane iredale Primer and Glow Time all the time. So that is what I will be doing for a fresh start in 2013 – using jane iredale EVERY DAY!!!!

  95. For the new Year I would like to continue to grow into an even more healthier and happier version of myself, including transitioning to more healthy beauty products! 🙂

  96. I’m going to try to take more care of myself: workout, use make-up a bit more often (I only put make-up on when there is a special event) and maybe finally find a hobby.

  97. Simplify my life! Keep hydrated, stay healthy, finally organize my pantry, get out of a makeup rut by trying some new eye makeup (colors).

  98. Last year reminded me how lucky I really am. I have a career I chose and the means to go back to school and study at a Grad level which filled my mind. I’m going to remind myself every day about how my life is one of service to many young children who need me each day.

  99. This year I am going to finally finish my BEd. It has taken me a few years longer because I have endometriosis and had to be hospitalized several times. This year, I am going to concentrate on my dream of being a teacher. I am going to work hard, stay positive and not let my disease define me. This year is going to be for me. I am going to study hard, stick to an anti-inflamatory diet and keep my head above water. It’s a new year and a fresh start. This year I will finish my goal and start living ny dreams.

  100. Sure it’s cliche but I really want to eat better and exercise this year!
    I love my PPB but I’m starting to wonder if I should try Amazing Base in the winter. My oily skin tends to get very dehydrated and even more sensitive!

  101. I love your mineral make up asit dosen’t irritate my otherwise easily irritated sensitive skin. This year I would finally like to find my dream job and drink more water.

  102. Last year I found about Jane Iredale makeup when my 16 year old daughter got a chance to model for Curtain Call Costumes, I asked the makeup artist what kind of makeup did she use cause the models skin looked flawless ( we are talking 16 year olds here) she said Jane Iredale and my daughter and I have been hooked ever since. This new year I will be eating healthy, drinking alot of water, and getting outside as much as possible, with my Jane Iredale makeup on of course 🙂

  103. What am I going to do for a fresh start in 2013? I plan to continue my yoga classes and also start my balroom dancing classes (it is my passion and i did it before for 10 years but had to stop because my mother died and i couldn`t afford to pay for classes anymore and didn`t have time for that hobby). I also would love to expand my passion to makeup and hopefully go to beauty school so i can become a makeup artist (my recent passion!). Thank you! I love your makeup line!

  104. In 2012, I began a weightloss program, successfully losing 45lbs. I took a break for the holidays so, now, in 2013, my goal is to restart and lose another 30lbs. 🙂

  105. I have decided to FINALLY pursue my doctorate, even though I will be 60 years old by the time I finish. It is a lifelong dream and I figure I better make a commitment and just do it!

    1. Hi Phyllis,

      What a wonderful accomplishment! We wish you all the best as you pursue that degree, and we think you may need a little jane iredale by your side ;). Please e-mail your full name and mailing address to and we will get your prize out to you.

      Happy 2013!

  106. For a fresh start and the new year, I’m going to try and read a book every week and go to yoga at least once a week!

  107. I’m going to be kinder to myself by keeping in mind that I can change, right this moment, simply by saying “I don’t want to be this way any longer, so I won’t”, by trying not to demand perfection from myself, and by remembering that I am very blessed with a wonderful husband that loves ME – with all my scars, when I cry, everytime I laugh, he loves me for me.

  108. For my 2013 Im going to go the spa and have my face done with jane iredale makeup for the first time and buy some. I have wanted to try it for a long time and my children gave me some money for cristmas specfically to use for jane iredale makeup. Im very excited.

  109. This year I am going to be more myself. So what if I’m not a size seven anymore, maybe I’m happy in double digit size. I just wanna be happy and have a great year.

  110. I made a huge change to my skincare regime by using cool natural and organic products only which really helped my skin. For 2013 I would love to start on my makeup regimen and make sure I’m using makeup that gives me a fresher outlook on life.

  111. 2013! i am determined to hone my make-up skills now that i am retired and have the time. i’m enjoying playing with it a little, trying new textures and colors, and working on finding a new routine that makes me feel pretty at this stage of my life. i still want to look my best, and i’m ready to embrace change and experimentation. it’s important to me!

  112. I recently found out I have an intolerance to gluten. I’ve been making healthy changes to my diet and now plan on doing the same for my skin care and makeup. I was surprised at how many items out there contain gluten; it’s not just the lotions but also the lip products. I’m very thankful for the information on your website listing the items that containing gluten. I’m happy to know that all your lip products are gluten free. I already use you pure pressed powder and look forward to trying many more products.

  113. Eat less sugar—Because it shows on my face. I deal with acne at age 35! I know my hormones play a big role. I am going to get them figured out this year to cause me less trouble!

  114. I probably missed the giveaway deadline, but I just wanted to share. In 2013, I am going to be me again. I have been suffering from allergic reactions to everything (beauty products, foods, and environmental agents) that have debilitated me and dampened my enthusiasm for the wonder of every day and I have slowly started giving up. That needs to stop. I vow to get dressed and made up every morning before 7 am, and when my body allows, I am going to go for walks and not let physical impediments brought about by these allergies bring me down, either physically or emotionally. Thank you for making products that allergy sufferers can wear with confidence. And thank you for opening the door to get my self esteem back, even if it’s just me seeing myself when I stay in bed/couch all day. On these bad days, seeing my skin glow makes things a little bit better.

  115. Looking for choices that reflect my philosophies and beliefs – like cruelty-free products. Thrilled to see that such beautiful make-up as Jane Iredale is endorsed by Peta. Way to go!

  116. In 2013, I am going to make healthy choices every day for my mind, body, and spirit. I am going to focus on the positive and work everyday to beat my depression. I am going to surround myself with friends and family who love me and work hard in school. I am do what I love which is to make skincare products in my kitchen. I am going to breath and take life moment by moment.

  117. In 2013 I plan to throw out all of my Lancome products that I’ve been using for over 10 years. My skin is a mess from all the chemicals and I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll find a good quality product that renews my skin! 🙂

  118. I am going to focus on being there for my husband and my family! After a tough year which has kept my spirits down, it is my turn to create a positive and uplifting atmosphere at home! Looking good helps to feel good, and when I feel good my family feels good!

  119. I have tried so many different brands of make up for my oily skin, and nothing seems to work nor do I stick with anything continuously due to not seeing results. I am 57 years old and perimenopausal and also hypothyroid. I would love to know where to start with your products!

    1. Hi Sherry,

      If you visit this URL and enter your zip code it will direct you to the locations nearest you where you may try on the makeup Since you battle oily skin we would recommend our PurePressed Base, which has a more matte finish. You also may want to try Absence Oil Control Primer underneath to help prevent the oil from building. All of our makeup is free of chemicals and fillers so it will not clog your pores. If you would like to talk with one of our personal shoppers, they would be happy to answer any questions you have and send you samples to try! You may e-mail them at or call them at 877-869-9420. Let us know if we can help you with anything else!

  120. What would make the most possitive change in my life would be to see the smile on my Mom’s face return! I have lived with her, relocating after my Dad was diagnosed with brain Cancer to help her. Unfortunately it was extra had for her since he had no symptoms until a seizure put him in the
    hospital and 5 months later he was gone. They were married for 52 years.
    It brings tears to my eyes everyday to see her suffering, I’m going to dedicate all I can to get her back into living and not just existing. She is the dearest, kindess person you could ever meet. I’m in my fifties, so I think there are many activities we can do together to get her out and make friends, and possibly enjoy life once again. She depends on me, and I can’t think of a better thing to do than try to help her get some quality of life back. God Bless her and all of you who took the time to read this, as well as all of you that have also been through this as well. I guess I should get a life as well? 🙂 I do love JI products, but the one concern I have is,(being an avid label reader) there seems to be a lot of grapefruit mentioned in the ingredience. I take several medications that don’t allow grapefruit or the juice in your diet, so is this a safety issue? So many of the things I have wanted to try, have it as one of the ingredience. Sorry this is sooo long.
    Thanks in advance,

    1. Hi Terry,

      We are so sorry things have been difficult the past few months with your family. We hope you are able to get your smiles back soon! We would recommend asking your doctor or pharmacist about the grapefruit in our makeup. If you are referring to Glow Time, which has grapefruit seed extract, it may not have the same effects, but they should be able to help answer that for you. If you let us know what kind of makeup you are looking for we may be able to make some recommendations for products that do not contain this ingredient should your doctor want you to avoid all forms of grapefruit.

      Best wishes to you and your mom!

  121. I’m in my early 50’s and need serious help with my skin. I’ve been hearing alot about the BB creams and yours was recommended to me. I have some sun damage (sun spots) I am trying to cover – will it hide those? Also, it sounds like I should also get the primer if I try it? I’m just a little leary and wanted a bit of advice before I make that kind of investment. Thx.

    1. Hi Carla,

      Great question! Our Glow Time BB Cream is our highest coverage foundation. You should have no problem covering sun spots :). The foundation is build able so you can get as little or as much coverage as you want. We recommend starting with a very tiny amount and adding more if you want fuller coverage. You do not have to use the primer underneath the BB Cream, but it is a lovely addition to your beauty routine, it will also help your makeup last longer and apply more evenly. Please let us know if you have any other questions and how you like Glow Time.

  122. I know it’s a little late for “new year” resolutions, so I’m making an Purim resolution. I think confidence is the best-looking addition to someone’s face, and the best-looking addition to their life as well (although of course your makeup is awesome too). So I’m going to work on that, on being kind to myself, and kicking butt and taking names. 🙂

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