Bright Eyes! Make up to make your eyes sparkle.

I have been totally inspired by playing with items in the new Silver Lining collection, and have recently discovered a few great tips that really add sparkle to the eyes.

Trick #1 Metallic Liquid Eye Liner: This is my absolute favorite,  and it can be used with even the softest daytime makeup. I picked this up during a video shoot with two of our beloved National Makeup Artists/Educators. Add a thin line of metallic Liquid Eyeliner close to the upper lash line once regular eye makeup is done (Shawn). Let the brush do the job: just lay it along the lash line (Kevin). It really works, even in the passenger seat of a moving car! You don’t have to have such a steady hand because the shimmery, metallic quality of the liner is so forgiving. Silver looks lovely with cool eye shadow colors like grey and purple; while Gold is gorgeous with warm, rich shades such as brown, bronze and taupe. It adds this incredible, subtle flash of light, and the eyes magically twinkle with each blink or turn of the head.

Trick #2 Midnight Blue and White Pencil: Here at jane iredale, we have been waiting not-so-patiently for the Midnight Blue Eye Pencil (thank you Jane!). Lining the water line/inner rim is an old trick that really makes the eyes look awake and adds beautiful intensity. But for a soft, subtle look, try lining just under the lower lash line with the White Eye Pencil, blending well so it is unnoticeable. It simply makes the eyes bright.

Trick #3 Shadow Placement: Traditionally we are taught to put the medium shade of eye shadow on the lid, the dark shade in the crease and the lightest shade on the brow bone. This looks great, but here’s another technique that really makes the eyes shine. Use the Deluxe Shader Brush to press the lightest shade, preferably with a bit of shimmer, onto the eye lid. Use the Crease Brush to apply the medium shade in the crease. Finally, accent just the outer corner of the lid with the darkest shade. Try applying it with the Eye Shader Brush in a small circular motion for control and nice blending in this tiny area. Blend everything with a clean Crease Brush. As a final touch, swipe the edge of the Flocked Sponge from the outer corner of the eye to the outer corner of the brow to be sure everything is neat and lifted.

Try any one of these techniques or all three at once. They are beautiful, delicate and subtle; or dramatic, vampy and intense, depending on how you apply.

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  1. I am crippled with deep pitted facial scars, and wonder if Jane Iredale is better than Dermablend, and is there any real way to cover these scars up with makeup?

  2. Hi Michelle,    I have contacted several makeup artists as well as a highly respected Dermatologist to see if I can get you any good information or advice… I will get back to you as soon as I hear something.

  3. Hi, MIchelle! My name is Kevin and I’m one of the National Educators for JI. First of all, please let’s change our perspective about your cosmetic conundrum from “crippled” to something more empowering. It’s a daily emotional challenge, yes, but it’s not crippling. I see many VERY sexy, and lovely women on the sidewalks of NYC at varying ages who happen to have deep acne scars and “crippled” is NOT what comes to mind.  I’m not going to say that Jane’s products are “better” than anyone else’s because that’s a matter of opinion and I respect the fact that everyone has their own. What I DO want to explain are the following: #1. Expect better–> not perfect. Makeup camouflages scars–it is incapable of “covering” them.   #2. Think matte( less shine) Mattifying scars on skin is like using a flat finish paint on a wall because it’s like a lovely magic trick, fooling the eye into perceiving a smoother texture. There are two items that immediately come to mind to devour your dilemna –Absence Oil Control Primer and PureMatte/Amazing Matte. Both are excellent for weightless smoothing and maintaining a less shiny appearance and all roads lead to Rome anyway, n’est-ce pas? That means the products will flatten shine, thus reducing the appearance of the scarring, AAAANNNDDD the Absence Primer will provide a smoothER, less-obviously-scarred-appearance for your dermatological doldrum. Don’t despair, darling! ABOVE ALL, what you will immediately notice is how WEIGHTLESS Jane’s products are….ALL of them. Don’t “feel” like you’re getting enough coverage? Use the flocked sponge(peach-colored-wash-a-thousand-times-and-it-never-falls-apart) with the Purepressed Base and consider application pictures of both the JI and the “other” brand. Good luck, Gorgeous, and keep us all posted!!

  4. And this from our educator, Shawn Towne:    “Sometimes, a little extra solution is needed. Three dimensional scars, can be tricky because they cast a shadow. The light is always changing so the shadow will move. Simply placing light in the recess of the shadow will help when you know your light is above. Minerals will cover any discoloration and minimize the appearance of pits. As well, our foundations will help the condition of the skin.”

  5. And here is an answer from Dr. Jennifer Linder, a renowned dermatoligist and Chief Scientific Officer at PCA Skin:         “To raise depressed scars, I will do subcision and sculptra which is a surgical procedure that releases the scar and triggers collagen production. Then I use fillers like juvederm and restylane to lift and fill in individual scars. I also use chemical peels and dermabrasion to improve the texture and any color variation. Of course mineral makeup can them camouflage any remaining color variation especially since the white of a scar cannot be improved with procedures.”     Posted @ Friday, October 02, 2009 11:44 AM

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