Blush Basics – A simple make-up technique

Whether you’re using cream or powder blush, apply it to the apples of the cheeks, which is the part that protrudes when you smile. I know you’ve heard that part a million times but here is the key: apply color no closer in than the iris of your eye, and then blend up and out. This simple make-up technique really opens up the face and makes a huge difference (thanks Jane)!

  1. I have high face bones – very close to my eyes when I smile. Blush does not look good this close to my eyes. Where should I apply my blush?

  2. Hi Dee,    Try applying blush a little bit lower and farther out. This will add a warm glow to your face without fighting your eyes for attention. Just be careful that you don’t go too low, as that might look unnatural. Little adjsutments can make a big difference. Experiment! try different placements and snap some pictures of yourself in the same lighting to see what looks best.    Good luck!

  3. Hi Mick,    This should work for most face shapes. This technique opens up the face, and it might be too much for someone with quite a full face. In this caase, a bit more sculpting might enhance their beauty best.    I hope this helps!

  4. Hi Margarita,    That’s a great question, thank you!    There is no oily or shiny finish to this blush, just a subtle glow. I apply it under my PurePressed Base, which gives me a very lit-from-within glow (if I do say so myself!). If you are concerned about shine, definitley apply PureMatte on top.

  5. how can i make my face look longer or thinner, my profile is too round, and more so since I turn ed 51, i see what looks like a double chin, help.

  6. Hi Lee,  I am sorry it took me so long to reply. I was checking with our National Makeup Artist Educator, Shawn Towne. He says, “Bronzer is the face shaping secret of the stars. Use it around the outer cheekbones, temples and jaw line to slim the face. Try our So Bronze 3 for a rich neutral color that will also warm skin up in the winter.” I have seen other makeup artists using a 3 and backwards 3 shape starting at the hair line, coming in under the cheekbone and again at the jawline. See more in this video about contouring and highlighting:   Good luck!

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