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Here is another one to file under, “it’s only makeup, let’s break the rules!” I love the look of Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder on my skin, especially during the winter months when everything is a bit drier. However, I don’t always like the mess that comes with loose minerals, so I kept experimenting with little ways I could reduce it and still get a nice even application. That’s when I threw caution to the wind and became a bit of a rebel by applying Amazing Base with my Handi Brush. We usually recommend the Handi Brush for PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation application only, but I love it with Amazing Base too! The Handi Brush fits neatly into the jar and picks up just enough powder without any mess. Plus, it gives a slightly different finish on the skin that looks really pretty. I just dip the flat head of the brush into the sifter, then work the powder into the brush with the lid, tap off the excess and apply with gentle, downward strokes (no buffing please!). Next time you’re feeling adventurous, give it a try!

amazing base loose mineral powder and handi brush


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