Back to school: your makeup questions answered part 1

It’s that time of year again! New pencils and notebooks, shoes and jackets, teachers and textbooks; whether you’re going to school, you have kids going back, or it’s just that feeling you get inside, it’s Back To School! We’re getting in touch with that school spirit, by giving a semester-long class in makeup. We’ll answer all of your most pressing makeup questions over the coming weeks; most of which have come from our Facebook page, but if you have questions, please leave them as a comment below and we’€™ll be sure to answer!

What is the difference between your new BB Cream and Liquid Minerals?
1. Coverage

2. SPF


3. Application

  • We recommend that you apply Liquid Minerals by dispensing two pumps onto the back of your hand. Next, mix it together using your foundation brush until it has a smooth consistency, next apply it to your face using downward strokes. Now, here’€™s my personal recommendation, because I’€™m too lazy to take those steps, I pump it twice directly on my face, then blend it with the Blending Brush until it’s smooth.
  • For Glow Time BB Cream dispense a small amount, smaller than a pea, onto your index finger. Then dab your index finger, middle finger and ring finger from both hands into the “€˜smaller than a pea”€™ sized drop then gently tap them all over your face until it is well blended. For best results, use a moisturizer or our new Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener underneath.

4. Conceal

  • glow time full coverage mineral bb creamBecause of the full coverage you get with Glow Time BB Cream, it also acts as a
    concealer. You can apply a little extra to the areas you want to conceal, or even using a shade lighter under your eyes to brighten them and cover under eye circles.


5. Finish

  • Liquid Minerals has a luminescent finish, which is sheer but brightening.
  • Glow Time BB Cream has a velvety finish, smooth and “€œglowing”.

6. Shades

  • Liquid Minerals comes in 18 of our 24 shades, if you know what shade you are in PurePressed Base or Amazing Base you should be able to match it up with Liquid Minerals or at least get close to it. Because it has such sheer coverage even if you don’€™t find your exact shade, it should adapt to look great on your skin.
  • Glow Time BB Cream comes in 6 shades, here is a chart that should help you narrow down what shade may be best for you:

BB1: Light, ex. Ivory and Bisque

BB3: Medium Light, ex. Radiant and Warm Silk

BB5: Medium, ex. Warm Sienna, Amber, Golden Glow

BB7: Medium Dark, ex. Suntan, Riviera

BB9: Dark, ex. Carmel, Fawn, Coffee

BB11: Very Dark, ex. Mink, Maple, Chestnut

What is similar about Glow Time BB Cream and Liquid Minerals?

  • Both work to diminish fine lines and wrinkles and also to minimize pores.
  • Neither contain any FD&C dyes.
  • Both are non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, sensitivity tested, clinically tested and dermatologist tested.
  • Both are hydrating to skin.

Here are two videos that show each products application. I hope this was helpful and look forward to reading your comments and questions below!

Liquid Minerals Application:

Glow Time BB Cream Application:

  1. I really wish there was a BB cream for oily skin. Dream Tint was reccomended to me for oily skin, but I can’t get the full coverage with Dream Tint that I can get with the BB cream. But after only a couple of hours I have oily shine.

  2. Is Dream Tint the only moisturizer availble? It does not go on skin smoothly, seams to drag across skin, feels dry quickly like not enough moisturizing.

  3. I know I’m late to the party, but if Joanna, who posted on Aug. 31 sees this — I just had a client who had the same oily issues with the BB cream. We used the translucent HD mattifying powder over it, and it really seems to help her. You might give that a try.

  4. Hi Blue Jeans and Joanna, I’m sorry I missed your questions! Blue Jeans, you may want to try our new Smooth Affair Facial Primer. It is not tinted but it works great as a moisturizer and helps to even and brighten your skin tone.    Joanna, you may want to try PureMatte over your BB Cream to give it a more matte look. Or if you prefer to avoid powder, our Absence Oil Control Primer underneath may be the perfect solution. Apply just a little bit, using the Foundation Brush, to the parts of your face that become shiny then apply your BB Cream on top. Please let us know if you have any other questions!

  5. I love the BB cream, it smells lush, has a high spf protection and full of goodness and feels great on my skin.

    The only issue I have is I’m always the lightest shade but BB1 is so light it is almost white. BB3 is a tad too dark for me and looks a bit orange along the jaw line. Would it work if I mixed the two to get something Imbetween and is there any plans to release more shade like a BB2.
    On another note, I love forever pink & peach and see you’ve just realised forever red but I can’t find this for sale in the UK?

  6. Hi there – just wondering what the equivalent bbcream and liquid mineral colour is for the butternut mineral pressed powder? Also which would you recommend out of the three? I’ve been using the butternut mineral pressed powder for the last 4-5 years and have loved it. thank you.

    1. Hi Vi, we’re sorry we missed your question. The new shade closest to Butternut would be Warm Brown. It is BB11 in our BB Creams. Latte Liquid Minerals would be closest to your skin tone, but you will likely need a dusting of Warm Brown as it may be too light.

  7. Hi Ive been religiously using Latte pressed powder since highschool. My skin is very golden but not olive. Latte is literally the only color match I have found that is a perfect for my skin tone but even Jane Iredale artists always initially attempt to go lighter even after I tell them my shade. Since Ive became a mom for the first time this past year (tired all the time) Im interested in something with more full coverage versus just the powder. From the reviews I dont think the Liquid Minerals would offer that but hopefully the GlowTime would have more full coverage. There is a color match chart but it doesnt include my beloved Latte. Can you recommend what my match would be?

    Alicia, aka Tired Mom in her 30s now 🙂

    1. Hi Alicia,

      Glow Time BB Cream is our fullest coverage foundation. Latte is somewhere between a BB7 and BB9, we recommend visiting a location near you to try both, or contacting our personal shoppers at to see if they have samples available to try.

      Best wishes!

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