20 fun facts to celebrate our 20th anniversary

We are so excited to be celebrating our 20th anniversary, it takes a lot more than great makeup to get this far. Just for fun, we compiled this list of 20 things you may have never known about jane iredale.

20th anniversary mineral makeup look

  1. Jane Iredale is a real person. On a snowy day you can see her brushing off her car with the rest of us.Jane Iredale
  2. Our headquarters are in Great Barrington, MA, voted the #1 small town in the US by Smithsonian Magazine in 2012.
  3. In 2014 we will move into a new building that is Gold LEED-certified. For example, the landscaping includes rain gardens that control and filter all of the runoff before it leaves our property on toward the river.
  4. 87% of our employees are women. 42% have been with the company for 5+ years, another 8% for 10+ years.
  5. Jane’s mother, Tess, assembles the Magic Mitts by hand – she’s 100 years old!
  6. Our employees tend to, and enjoy, vegetables and fruit from, an organic vegetable fresh vegetables from organic farmgarden located on our campus. For those who don’t garden, a local farmer visits and holds a farmers’ market for us every Tuesday through summer and fall.
  7. We are committed to making our products environmentally friendly: our hydration sprays are now ECOCERT-certified.
  8. We’re passionate about philanthropy. We’ve supported many charities from the arts to animal rights; most notably, during the five-year span of our partnership with the organization Living Beyond Breast Cancer we donated over $230,000!
  9. Our ingredients and our products are cruelty-free. We wear the Leaping Bunny logo with pride on all our packaging.lavender glycerin soap
  10. A sprig of lavender is included in every jane iredale shipment, a tradition initiated by Jane at the very beginning, when she used to clip a sprig from her garden to include in every order.
  11. We proudly own the phrase THE SKIN CARE MAKEUP. Makeup that cares for the skin has been the foundation of our line from the start.
  12. Six of our products are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as effective UV sunscreens.
  13. With colors ranging from flattering neutrals to the most daring brights; and finishes from candlelit shimmer to dewy, glossy, creamy and matte, we have everything that a heart desires for cheek, lip and eye.handmade makeup created with all-natural ingredients
  14. We play with the trends but we’re not ruled by them, and the editors take notice. We had more than 1.8 billion press impressions in the US, in 2013 alone.
  15. We personally respond to every comment and question from our 55,000+ Facebook friends.
  16. There is a short application video for every one of our products on our YouTube channel.
  17. Our Beauty Gallery tester displays are 100% made in the USA.
  18. You can find us in more places than you think – spas, salons, beauty stores, dermatologists offices – find out where to shop on our store locator page on skin accumaxjaneiredale.com.
  19. You can find us in 43 countries world wide…and counting…
  20. We launched our first skin care supplement in 2013: Skin Accumax addresses problem skin from within. The results (and reviews!) are glowing.

Stay tuned for exciting promotions, parties and new products as we celebrate our 20th anniversary throughout the month of April and the rest of 2014!

  1. Congratulations on your 20th anniversary. It’s great to hear about Eco- conscious companies who are genuine in both word and deed. ( Tell Jane I keep my lavender sprig from my last order on my nightstand. It smells so wonderful!. What a great idea!)

  2. I absolutely love Jane Iredale products. I have been religiously using the pressed powder and dream tint moisturizer for a few years. I was struggling with acne and now am completely free and clear! I won’t use another powder or foundation now.

    I get compliments on my skin ALL the time and tell everyone about your company.

    Also, mad props for being cruelty free. I couldn’t buy your products if you were not. Thank you so much for a wonderful makeup line!!!

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