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Tips For Winning the Battle Against Oily Skin

  • 2 min read


If you have oily skin like I do, when summer approaches, so does the dreaded face shine. For me, this is the worst part about the season (that, and mosquitoes). To help you enjoy your summer looking as fresh as a daisy, here are some tips I’ve discovered to combat excess oil. First, our product expert Christine, recommends that we soak up excess oil using facial blotting papers. The cute case fits easily in the tiniest bag, and doubles as a business card holder! To read more, here’s a link to our blog on blotting papers. After removing the excess oil, apply a mattifying powder. We have a few choices at jane iredale,so to help you decide I have written a little about each of them. The first is Beyond Matte, which is an HD mattifying powder that comes in four different shades: Lilac, Peach, Translucent, and Dark. Beyond Matte is ultra water proof and because it is HD approved, its finish gives you a nearly perfect complexion. I recommend this if you are going to be in front of a camera or for a really special night out. To learn more about it (why Lilac?!) you can read our blog post about Beyond Matte. If you are anything like me, the times you need shine control the most are when you are out and about. I like to keep a Brush-Me Matte in my purse for just these times. Brush-Me Matte is a loose powder, dispensed through the attached brush, so there is no fuss, and no need to carry an extra brush! To apply Brush-Me Matte, simply twist the brush to 'unlock' the flow and let the powder into the bristles, then lightly brush it on your face. Twist to 'lock' (important for keeping your purse clean!), pop the top back on and toss it back in your purse, so easy! Brush Me MatteThe last option for great shine control is my personal favorite, PureMatte Finish Powder. If you are a PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation fan, you will probably love PureMatte. It looks very similar to PurePressed Base and is applied in the same way, using the Handi Brush; check out the video below for a quick tutorial of how to apply. Pure Matte uses rice starch to absorb any excess oils in your skin. I apply PureMatte as soon as I finish my makeup in the morning. This helps prevent shine from developing. If I do start to see any shine, that’s when I turn to my trusty Brush-Me Matte. I hope this gives you hope for conquering your shine this summer. If you have any tricks for minimizing shine, please share them with us!
Chelsea Simmons

Chelsea Simmons

Chelsea began her beauty journey in 2010 as a fashion and beauty freelancer at Ladies’ Home Journal magazine. There she had the chance to test and review hundreds of products while quickly falling for the benefits the clean makeup she tried. After leaving the magazine industry, she worked as a publicist for international fragrance and beauty brands until 2016 when she landed at jane iredale. Here, she has discovered liquid eyeliner doesn’t have to burn her eyes, foundation doesn’t have to feel heavy, and that the jane iredale Global Educators truly have the best beauty hacks. Since then, she’s shared her 10+ years of experience with you on The Good Glow Blog.