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    What's Your PureGloss Personality?

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    Now is the perfect time for a kiss of color! An effortless glide of our reformulated PureGloss Lip Gloss moisturizes, protects and pulls your look together in seconds. Our glosses check off all the boxes. They're pretty, but they also contain antioxidant protection, are vegan friendly and have a delicious lemon flavor. Most importantly, they're available in 18 long-lasting shades, including three new ones:

    PureGloss Lip Gloss in Hot Cider $26.00

    PureGloss Lip Gloss in Pink Lady $26.00

    PureGloss Lip Gloss in Martini $26.00

    Can't decide which PureGloss Lip Gloss color to choose? Take our PureGloss Personality Quiz to see which shimmery shade is right for you!

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