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Makeup Blog

Pure Ingredients and Makeup Safety

  • 1 min read


From time to time we get questions about ratings in the Skin Deep Cosmetics Database, which rates the safety of cosmetics.

Although we support EWG which is responsible for the Skin Deep site, we also have serious issues with it. The methods it has for assessing products is done without any discussion with the manufacturer and, therefore, leads to inaccurate information. For example, it has assumed that we use nanotechnology in our sunscreens which is not true. We have tried to enter into a discussion with them about this but they are unresponsive and have not replied to phone calls or e-mails. They also pay no attention to quantities used in a product. For example, they rate everything the same whether it's 50% of the formula or .005%. This is hugely important since ingredients are toxic at different levels. Homeopathy, for example, says that there is no such thing as a toxic ingredient, just toxic amounts.

EWG gives us a toxic rating on our 24 karat food-grade gold because they rate it as colloidal gold which it isn't. They rate the lakes we use toxic because commonly lakes and FD&C dyes are made from petroleum - ours aren't. The lakes we use are natural dyes bonded to a calcium substrate. We do everything we can to make our products as clean as possible.

If you have an issue with a particular ingredient, please don't hesitate to ask us about it. We will explain why we use it and how it is derived. Contact us at