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Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Mom's Favorite Products

  • 4 min read


We all know that moms can be superheroes. They're always multitasking, whether it be making dinner with a baby on their hip, working while taking care of a sick little one or just trying to keep on top of all the small details that go hand-in-hand with being a mom. They're all real wonder women. Even mamas to furbabies have to multitask. Belly rubs and kisses can be very difficult to balance! We asked some moms around our office what their favorite, go-to, mommy-friendly products are, and we're excited to share them with you. Read their suggestions for some Mother's Day Gift Ideas.

Mom-Approved Mother's Day Gift Ideas!

Mom-friendly Skincare for Dry Skin

For our dry-skinned moms, we have two excellent products for you that are both easy to use and great for your skin. These multi-tasking products help these two moms look and feel their best.

Katelyn Chaffee, our Customer Experience Manager, lovesSkin Omegas. This mom of two-year-old Atticus says, "I’m forever battling dry skin and this is the perfect complement to my skincare and makeup regimen. Plus, I look at it as a much deserved special treat for my skin!"

Amy Kuhn, our Accounts Receivable Manager, can't get enough of Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener. Mom to three-year-old Kennedy says, "I love this product. I have very sensitive skin. As I’ve gotten older my skin has been drying out and my skin tone has become uneven. I cannot use over the counter moisturizers on my face, no matter how sensitive and natural they say they are because I am prone to breakouts. I’ve used prescription lotions and serums that my dermatologist recommended and none come close to working as well as the Smooth Affair. This product keeps my skin soft, smooth and even. It is so lightweight and smells great."

Skin Omegas $47.00
Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener $48.00

Mom's Forever Faves

Some of our other jane iredalemoms shared their all-time favorite products. These must-haves are tried and true products that some of us can't go without.

Jamie Roberts, our Senior Business Services Manager, uses PureLash Lash Extender & Conditioner every day. Jamie, mom to Rachel, 21, Alyssa, 18 and Adam, 17, says, "I have used this product religiously since the day it came out. I use this under my mascara everyday and I use it every night on my lashes and on my eyebrows to keep my lashes conditioned and to keep my eyebrows soft and manageable. The lady who waxes my eyebrows says that it makes all the difference in keeping my eyebrows from being unruly. I get complimented on my brows and eyelashes all the time and I attribute this to our lash conditioner."

For moms who love the classics, tryPurePressed Base Mineral Foundation.Stephanie Ullrich, our Product Development Assistant, not only uses the foundation herself, but even her daughters love it. Stephanie, mom to Madison, 17, Mackenzie, 14 and Michael, 12, says, "The women in the Ullrich Family are PurePressed Base lovers. The girls and I are big fans of quick, easy, natural-looking finishes and need something that holds up to our super busy on-the-go lifestyle. We have no time for touch-ups. PurePressed Base keeps us looking our best through it all!"

For those moms constantly chasing sleep, Jaime Kemp, our Senior Manager, International Business, loves Active Light Under-eye Concealer. This mom to seven-year-old Mason and four-year-old Khloe says, "I love this product. It refracts light for a soft-focus finish, diminishing my dark circles."
PureLash Lash Extender & Conditioner $19.00
PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation $42.00
Active Light Under-eye Concealer $28.00

Furbaby Moms Need Love Too

Our furbaby mamas have their own favorite products. Whether they're walking their dogs or carefully avoiding that sacred part of their kitty's belly that shall not be touched, lest they want to lose their hand, furbaby mamas need their makeup to look beautiful all day long.

Jonalee Barbalunga, our Marketing and Brand Planning Analyst, loves ourBeautyPrep Face Toner to keep her skin balanced while she's playing with her big baby, Khan. She says, "It keeps my skin looking and feeling calm, quenched and refreshed. What I really love most is that I can use this product year-round, perfect for the Northeast dry winters and humid summers."

For a gorgeous flush, Keri Ann Segalla, our Digital Project Manager, uses Flawless PurePressed Blush. This mama to Jackson and Jordan uses this blush daily for a glowing flush. She says, "I wear this shade every single day. I love it because it gives me a soft, peachy-bronze glow and it ties together the rest of my makeup for a truly Flawless look!"

Emma Roberts, our Consumer Marketing Coordinator, can't find a foundation she loves more than Liquid Minerals. It's moisturizing and lighter-coverage formula is perfect for snuggles with her all-black feline, Boo. Boo never gets transferred foundation on his glossy coat, and Emma always looks fabulous after a snuggle session. She says, "My dry skin LOVES this foundation! It gives beautiful, dewy coverage and I always get complimented on my skin whenever I wear it."

For a timeless eye shadow look that will outlast the puppy kisses, Kat Dahlgren, one of our Digital Designers, loves the Daytime Eye Shadow Kit. Mama to Lily and Doug, two big fur babies, Kat says, "I’m completely obsessed with all of our eye shadows but the Daytime Eye Shadow Kit quickly became my go-to. The colors are so pigmented, they’re easy to blend, and look great on the eyes. Dark Suede (the brown) is my favorite, I only need a tiny bit to create my go-to daytime smokey eye. It stays on all day, even though my dog Lily loves to give kisses."

BeautyPrep Face Toner $33.00
PurePressed Blush $30.00
Daytime Eye Shadow Kit $59.00
Liquid Minerals $52.00

Whether you're a mama to tots, teenagers, or four-legged friends, these products will never steer you wrong. These skin-loving, time-saving makeup products will last through all the snuggles, tantrums, walks and play-dates. Tell us what your favorite mommy-friendly products are @janeiredale using the hashtag #GoodBeautyStories.