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How To Choose Your Best Blush & Highlighter Shade

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With all the focus on luminous skin these days, our Glow Time Ethereals Blush and Highlighter Sticks are making a big splash.  But many people want to know how to choose their best shades.  The beauty of this new collection is its versatility and ease of application.  Let’s look at some pointers for picking your perfect shades of blush and highlighter and how to apply blush, bronzer and highlighter.

choose the best blush and highlighter shade and how to apply

Blush and Highlighter Looks

Regardless of your skin’s depth or undertone, there are many options from which to choose for your blush and highlighter, but you may want to customize your look based on what effect you’d like to achieve.  When looking at our new blush colors you’ll notice a distinct graduation of depth and warmth so varying skin tones can use colors that are lighter or deeper.  Some people will use the deeper colors as bronzers while others may wear them as blush.  The highlighters are your wild card — they can mix with anything.  The way you use them will depend on whether you want your look to be soft and muted or intense and saturated.  To get a better understanding of how to use our Glow Time Ethereals Blush and Highlighter Sticks together, let’s look at each color of blush.

Blush and Highlighter Color Combinations

glow time ethereals blush stick in glorious

Glorious Glow Time Blush Stick – Chestnut red with gold shimmer.  If you have a lighter skin tone, this color will look good as a bronzer softly blended around the outer parameters of your face.  If you have deeper skin, you can wear it in the outer cheeks and apples.  On very pale complexion it may look very saturated so sheer it out with the Blending Contouring Brush.  It combines well with Eclipse Glow Time Highlighter Stick.

glow time ethereals blush stick in aura

Aura Glow Time Blush Stick – Guava with gold shimmer.  This shade will also work as a bronzer on lighter skin tones, but it will give a more saturated undertone.  It’s beautiful on the apples of the cheeks on medium to deep skin tones and it combines well with Eclipse Glow Time Highlighter Stick.

glow time ethereals blush stick in enchanted

Enchanted Glow Time Blush Stick – Soft pink brown with gold shimmer.  If you have a medium skin tone, you’ll find this color applies and blends effortlessly and gives a rich, golden warm glow.  This shade also works beautifully as a bronzer for very fair skin tones like Ivory or Bisque and it can be used as a subtle highlighter on the deepest skin tones.  It combines well with Solstice Glow Time Highlighter Stick.

glow time ethereals blush stick in ethereal

Ethereal Glow Time Blush Stick – Peachy pink with gold shimmer.  This shade gives a luxurious glow for those with light to fair skin tones and gives a natural fresh hue for every day looks.  It also makes an excellent, subtle highlighter for medium dark to deep skin tones.  It combines easily with Solstice or Cosmos Glow Time Highlighter Sticks

glow time ethereals blush stick in mist

Mist Glow Time Blush Stick – Soft cool pink with subtle shimmer.  Our coolest tone for a fresh, blushed cheek on anyone with medium to fair skin, it’s especially favorable for brides.  It also makes a stunning highlight for deeper skin tones.  It combines well with Cosmos Glow Time Highlighter Stick

glow time ethereals highlighter stick in eclipse

Eclipse Glow Time Highlighter Stick –Gold sheen.  This highlighter creates the luxurious appearance of pure gold melted over the skin.  Beautiful on any complexion, it combines well with Aura and Glorious Glow Time Blush Sticks

glow time ethereals highlighter stick in cosmos

Cosmos Glow Time Highlighter Stick – Pearlescent Pink.  Our coolest toned highlighter, this color gives an ultra-modern sheen to the skin.  It looks wonderful with Mist or, for a more dramatic look, combine it with Aura Glow Time Blush Stick.   

glow time ethereals highlighter stick in solstice

Solstice Glow Time Highlighter Stick – Iridescent champagne.  This is our most universal highlighter.  It works with any skin tone and can be combined with all of our blush sticks.  Combine it with Glorious for high contrast or Ethereal Glow Time Blush Stick for a more subtle look. 

How to Apply Blush, Bronzer and Highlighter

How to Apply Blush, Bronzer and Highlighter

Another important dynamic to consider is how much product you’d like to apply blush, bronzer and highlighter.  Before picking colors, you may want to consider your application tool:

  • The Blending Contouring Brush will give a soft, well dispersed application that’s excellent for sheering out colors that may be more saturated with less blending. It’s a great tool for applying deeper tones as bronzers. 
  • The Dome Brush will give soft but focused areas of color with medium saturation. It’s a favorite for popping a blush in the apple of the cheek and blending in circles to disperse it. 
  • The Foundation Brush will give the most precision for specific placement. An excellent tool to use for applying the Highlighter Sticks to the tops of the cheeks. 
  • Then, of course, you can always apply the sticks directly on your cheeks and blend with your fingers.

Because the Glow Time Ethereals are so universal, you may have difficulty deciding which one you like the best.  Our recommendation is to contact our Beauty Advisor team and schedule a Virtual Consultation or visit a professional near you to experience them in person.  We know you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you see how beautiful they look and how simple and easy they are to apply!

Shawn Towne

Shawn Towne

National Makeup Artist and Senior Educator - Shawn Towne's interest in creating beauty began as a teenager growing up in San Antonio, Texas where, as he wryly says, there wasn't much of a beauty industry. Since then, his more than 30 years as a licensed esthetician and cosmetologist have given him the opportunity to work in Los Angeles, Miami and New York as well as travel extensively around the world, gaining experience in editorial, film, television and high-fashion runway makeup and developing a personal passion for helping mature women achieve a healthy, more youthful appearance with makeup. With images, mentions and accredited articles in Allure, InStyle, Town and Country, Marie Claire, LesNouvelles, DAYSPA and American Spa, Shawn has become a recognized expert in the beauty industry.