PureGloss Lip Gloss

creamy color, high shine

The Look glossy
The Feel creamy

Treat your lips to luscious lip gloss shades that soothe, hydrate and nourish your lips for a fresh, pretty look.

PureGloss Lip Gloss
  • Snow Berry Snow Berry Snow Berry
  • Kir Royale Kir Royale Kir Royale
  • Pink Smoothie Pink Smoothie Pink Smoothie
  • Bellini Bellini Bellini
  • Tangerine Tangerine Tangerine
  • Nectar Nectar Nectar
  • Beach Plum Beach Plum Beach Plum
  • Sangria Sangria Sangria
  • Red Currant Red Currant Red Currant
  • Crabapple Crabapple Crabapple
  • Black Cherry Black Cherry Black Cherry
  • Soft Peach Soft Peach Soft Peach
  • Iced Mocha Iced Mocha Iced Mocha
  • Raspberry Raspberry Raspberry
  • Pink Candy Pink Candy Pink Candy
  • Candied Rose Candied Rose Candied Rose
  • Cosmo Cosmo Cosmo
  • Sugar Plum Sugar Plum Sugar Plum




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