PurePressed Base

 “I never leave home without this product.  In fact, it’s the one I would choose if I were stranded on a desert island.  It does exactly what it says – a foundation, powder, concealer and sunscreen in one.  It gives great coverage but feels weightless.  It’s been our most important product since 1997, and I’m sure it will remain that way.”



tint today. tan tomorrow.

“My goal was to develop a natural self tanner with absolutely no drawbacks, no negatives. Once I felt I had accomplished that goal with Tantasia, I decided to include a bronzer in the formula as well. You could say that Tantasia is a bit of an overachiever.”



“I’ve always loved the smoky eyes that my friends achieved using kohl.  Unfortunately, the traditional kohl has many nasty ingredients in it, so the challenge was to get the same effect with ingredients that we could live with.  And we did it.  Mystikol is a liner that can be worn intense or smudged and it doesn’t fade out.  It truly lasts until you remove it.  I wear it every day – even all over my lid sometimes as a shadow.  With the highlighter on one end it means that when I’m travelling I can just pop it in my bag and go.”

Longest Lash Mascara

“I started to get very excited about the fibers available now to add to mascara that give thickness and length to the lashes.  So I pumped them into this mascara.  We also made a formula loaded with algae extracts and eliminated a lot of the water that mascara usually contains.  This produced a mascara that not only stays on but also aids the health of the lashes.  I always recommend applying our Lash Conditioner under the mascara because it eliminates any dryness and adds so much bulk to the lashes.”