Sweet Makeup For Spring in 5 Minutes

If you prefer your makeup to look very soft and natural, or just want a dialed-back version of last week’s post, here I’ve pulled out some of my favorite old friends to create a soft, sweet look that is fresh and beautiful for spring. Bonus: it takes just five minutes!

  1. From the Sweet Spot PurePressed Eye Shadow Triple, apply the creamy shade to the entire eyelid, lashes to brow, using the Deluxe Shader Brush. Be sure to work some of it into the inner corner of the eyes to give a bright, wide-eyed look.
  2. With the same brush, press the peach shade to the lid, blending up into and above the crease.
  3. Using the Crease Brush, dot the chocolate shade carefully into the crease, blending up. Keep the dark shade in the crease leaving the outer corner of the eyelid light.
  4. Moisten the Detail Brush and use it to line the upper lash with the chocolate shade.
  5. Finish the eyes with Longest Lash Thickening and Lengthening Mascara in Espresso to give them a feathery-soft look.
  6. To get a fresh, windy-day flush, use the Dome Brush to apply plenty of Whisper PurePressed Blush to the cheeks. Don’t be shy here! Smile to see the apples of your cheeks, then pop the color straight on them. Blend in a circular motion to cover the whole cheek. The intention is to look very bright and rosy here, so if you have more natural color in your cheeks than you like, you may want to tone this step down a bit.
  7. The bright pink lip is such a beautiful trend this year, I had to include it. It looks so flattering and youthful. Sugar Plum PureGloss Lip Gloss is a great choice, applied straight to the lips.

Where will you wear this pretty look… first date, brunch, weekend matinee?

  1. Hi Sue,  I would recommend using your usual daytime foundation. So if that’s Dream Tint, yes! The picture above is actually a computer generated image, so we can imagine her wearing any foundation we want!

  2. I wanted to let you know thatwww.bestofbothworldsaz.com has sold me and other women I know on your makeup. I am 52 years old with facial scars and discoloring from my early 30’a before I was diagnoised. Because I have to have sunscreen before I ever leave my home, I didn’t go out much at all. Thank you so much for giving me some of what I lost over 20 years ago. Kristy gave me a makeover with your concealer and lose powder my face is all one shade now. THANK YOU JANE! God bless you. Brenda Barnes 505-227-5595

  3. Hi Brenda,  Thanks so much for the sweet comment! It is so wonderful to hear that our makeup has helped you to feel better. Yay!

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