Not quite spring makeup look

I know it’s not quite spring, in fact we still have a ways to go, but this winter has already been long and dreary. So I thought it was time to bring some spring feelings to this cold weather with a makeup look that isn’t quite so spring that it’s too bright for mid-January, but enough pop of color to put a spring in my step. Keep reading for my “not quite spring” makeup look.

woman with spring makeup look

  1. Start by applying PurePressed Base in your shade and spritz with Hydration Spray.
  2. Apply Barely Rose PurePressed Blush to the apples of your cheeks using the Dome Brush.
  3. Apply Comfort In Touch Highlighter to your cheek bones and bridge of your nose using your finger.
  4. Apply Oyster PurePressed Eye Shadow to your brow bone using the Eye Contour Brush.
  5. Apply Allure PurePressed Eye Shadow to your Eye Lid by gently pressing the eye shadow on using the Eye Shader Brush.
  6. Apply Supernova PurePressed Eye Shadow in your crease using the Crease Brush.
  7. Line your top and outer 3/4 of your bottom lash line with Aquamarine Mystikol.
  8. Highlight the inner corner of your eye with the highlighter on Aquamarine Mystikol.
  9. Apply PureLash Extender & Conditioner, followed by Black Ice Longest Lash Mascara to your lashes.
  10. Finish your look with Sangria PureGloss Lipgloss.

Click on the model above to try this look on in our makeover room.

What’s your favorite go-to look for “not quite spring”? Tell us below!

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