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Beauty Tips
About Us

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Caring & Giving

Making a beautiful difference

jane iredale not only makes products that support women in looking and feeling their best, we also support local organizations with a similar mission. Through community service and meaningful partnerships, we proudly give back in ways that empower us all.

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What we do as individuals and as a company matters. We can all make a difference, big or small. — Jane
over 1,000,000 donated to charitable causes

feeling better logo

Look Good Feel Better® is an exceptional program that teaches beauty techniques to people with cancer to help them manage appearance-related side effects of treatment so they are able to face their diagnoses with greater confidence.

Look Good Feel Better
More Than Makeup

Look Good Feel Better’s Annual Impact


Companies supporting the US program


Women served in the United States


Workshops held across all 50 states


Estimated hours donated by volunteers

18 Degrees

18 Degrees logo

18 Degrees has a long history of serving Western Massachusetts families, with the well-being of children and families central to its mission. We know that children achieve their highest potential growing up in supportive, healthy families. Partnering with families is the best way to promote healthy, happy children, to make strong families and better communities. 18 Degrees helps families recognize and build on their strengths to address challenges.

gladly allens logo

Gladys Allen Brigham Community Center is a multi-service organization empowering children and youth, with a special emphasis on girls, to become responsible, confident and personally fulfilled individuals.

Girls Inc. of the Berkshires, a core program of the Brigham Center and an affiliate of the national Girls Inc. organization, is one of 1,400+ sites in 400 cities across the US and Canada serving girls 6 – 18. They inspire all girls to be strong, smart and bold through leadership and empowerment programs.

Gladys Allen Brigham Community Center
Elizabeth Freeman Center

elizabeth freeman center logo

Elizabeth Freeman Center offers hope, help and healing to all experiencing or affected by domestic and sexual violence through free, accessible and confidential services in Berkshire County, Massachusetts. They work to end the cycle of violence through community mobilization, advocacy and education. Promoting social justice and working to end all forms of oppression are essential to their work.

i-tri logo

i-tri is an inclusive, community-based program that fosters self-respect, personal empowerment, self-confidence, positive body image and healthy lifestyle choices for adolescent girls. Through a curriculum of physical fitness, family outreach, nutrition classes and self-esteem workshops, affirming respect, responsibility, teamwork and dedication, as well as the sport of triathlon, i-tri girls develop healthy habits and healthy attitudes which last a lifetime.

alt text
Berkshire Humane Society

berkshire humane society

Berkshire Humane Society is a nonprofit, open-admission animal support organization with a twofold mission. To ensure the compassionate care, treatment and, whenever possible, placement of homeless animals through the shelter operation. And, to promote and improve the welfare of all animals through community education and outreach.

other philanthropic efforts

Jane and Bob

SaveOurMonarchs is a grassroots, non-profit organization dedicated to saving the declining monarch butterfly population. Planting milkweed seeds is the best way to save the embattled butterflies.

Giggle Park
Giggle Park

In 2011, we designed and built a playground in Great Barrington called Giggle Park. Local townsfolk, employees & partners volunteered to build the park. Giggling is still being heard.

Local Farms
Local Farms

We support agricultural organizations including the Great Barrington Farmers' Market, Berkshire Grown, Berkshire Botanical Garden, and Berkshire Agricultural Ventures.

care where you live

When it comes to giving our time and support in meaningful ways, we have always believed in thinking locally. To that end, Jane and the employees at our headquarters in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts actively engage in community service. Members of our staff serve on the Boards of area nonprofits and volunteer with Berkshire organizations that support people in need.

The company also sponsors local cultural arts and agricultural organizations to help grow and sustain the Berkshire economy. In addition, Jane’s pledge to give back by doing good has inspired our employees to donate to community organizations and initiatives in lieu of exchanging holiday gifts with each other. Here’s a partial list of where we’ve given our support:

care where you...



lend a hand

Care where you give your time and support. Giving with purpose has measured impact.



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our company

our company

We exist to serve and enhance women’s lives by providing a safe, comfortable and knowledgeable community for exploring their own beauty and feeling more alive. Learn more about us