Trend Spotting: Metallics
Trend Spotting: Metallics

Highlighter Pencils


Foiled eye

Apply a thin layer of Eye Gloss in a shade similar to your skin tone from lashes to brow, patting with the finger to blend. Wet your favorite eye shadow brush with water or Hydration Spray. Take a metallic shade of 24-Karat Gold Dust, such as Gold or Bronze and tip a little bit into the cap. Dip the brush into the 24K and press to the eyelid. Repeat till the entire lid is well covered. Allow to dry. Winged black liquid liner or smudgy, smoky liner in a coordinating shade complements this beautifully. Pile on the mascara.

Platinum Frost

Use the white end of the White/Pink Highlighter to cover the eyelids, inner corner and under the lower lashes. If your inner rims are pinkish, line those as well. Use the pink end to highlight the crease, concentrating just above the crease but below the brow bone. Blend. Dust Silver 24-Karat Gold Dust on top, from lashes to brows. Apply mascara, individual Faux Lashes, then more mascara. (blog post here). Use a pink shade of blush like Awake or Cheekie PurePressed Blush or Clarity In Touch. Finish the look with Snowberry Pure Gloss.

Gilded Lips

Your lips must be very smooth for this, so begin with Sugar&Butter, probably a few days in a row before your party! Line lips in a shade similar to your lip color. Choose a neutral, shimmering shade of PureGloss, such as Beach Plum or Soft Peach. Apply it. Choose a pink-toned shade of 24-Karat Gold Dust, such as Champagne or Rose Gold. Tip some into the cap, then using your finger, press it all over the lips till they are completely coated. Bonus: the Gold Dust helps the gloss to last much longer. Caveat: you will need a mirror and stable environment to reapply (don’t try this in a taxi!).