What’s in Jane’s tote this summer?

This week was my official change of bags week. For some of us this happens more often than others, but for me it’s usually right before summer and right before fall when I clean out my purse, set aside all my winter products and replace them with my summer lip colors and Powder-Me SPF Dry Sunscreen. It got us girls in the office thinking about what we put into our bags as we change seasons, and we couldn’t help but ask Jane for a peek inside her summer tote this year. Here’s what we found!

Bag and Hats

  1. Beach Plum PureGloss Lip GlossLight pink liquid lipstick and lip gloss
  2. Tangerine PureGloss Lip Gloss
  3. POMMISST Hydration Spraypommisst hydration spray
  4. Powder-Me SPF Dry Sunscreen in TranslucentPowder-Me SPF
  5. A summer readbook on the beach
  6. iPadipad with woman surveying the view on the screen
  7. Organic dog treats
  8. A pair of flat shoes
  9. Sunglasses sunglasses on a womans face
  10. A recipe for a summer pasta. For a few we love from our friends at She Knows, click here! pasta

What’s in your summer bag? Tell us below!

  1. My summer bag (and year round bag) is currently a diaper bag so most everything that’s in it is baby-related. However, there is a bit of room for my favorite summer product, the L.A. Lip Plumper!

  2. In my summer bag is makeup for touch ups and a handful of other items.
    Dream tint
    Iced mocha lip gloss
    L.A lip plumper
    Pure pressed base in ivory
    Handy brush
    Lip drink
    Mints, tissues, i phone, water bottle and a couple of small toys.

    of my favorite makeup depending on the day,

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