Simple summer makeup and a giveaway!

Summer is right around the corner, which means many of us are toning down our makeup for a lighter, fresher look – a simple summer look. Keep reading to learn how you can get Ruby’s look for summer, plus another giveaway!

simple summer makeup look

Dream Tint Tinted Moisturizer is my go-to summer foundation, it’s our sheerest foundation but it also contains SPF 15. Even on cloudy days it is so important to wear SPF to protect not only the look of your skin but more importantly the health of your skin. With the new wave of CC creams hitting the market, it’s also worth noting that Dream Tint was jane iredale’s original CC cream because it not only gives coverage but it also soothes your skin, protects it from the sun, moisturizes and it is available in color correcting shades. The Lilac Brightener Dream Tint works great on tired or sallow skin; it can also help neutralize redness around your eyes. The Peach Brightener Dream Tint works well if you have hyperpigmentation or uneven skin tone. It’s hard to believe this little baby can do so much but believe me, it does! Plus, with the recent introduction of Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightner to the jane iredale line, the combination is amazing. Okay enough of my talk – here’s how to get Ruby’s fresh, effortless summer look.

Dream Tint mineral makeup foundation

Just Kissed Lip Stain in Forever PinkForever Pink Just Kissed Lip & Cheek Stain is really remarkable in that it adjusts to your own body chemistry creating a pink shade that flatters your skin’s undertones and is unique to you.

Giveaway time! Comment below and tell us what you love about summer for a chance to receive Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener and Forever Pink Just Kissed Lip & Cheek Stain. We will comment below and e-mail you to let you know if you are the recipient, so be sure to check back!

    1. Love waking up early and hearing the birds singing and the sun rising up over the mountain and seeing it get brighter and brighter with the grass shining and everything comes to life. Just a beautiful time of year.

  1. I love being outside, seeing all the birds and animals and all the fresh fruit that is in season in the summer!

  2. looking for sea glass with my two boys….a summer treasure hunt together for those little pieces of glass is better than finding diamonds….

  3. looking for sea glass on the beach in cape cod with my two boys….those summer treasure hunts together for little jeweled pieces of glass is better than finding diamonds…

  4. My favorite thing about summer is that I get to leave Southern California for a month to spend time in beautiful western Massachusetts with my family and friends. I also love all the fresh summer produce I get from the farm stands there! Yay for summer!

  5. I love the warm weather and being able to be outside at the beach enjoying life. I also live getting the slightest bit of a tan so I can play with all my make up combinations that I don’t get to use all winter!

  6. I love summer because you can wear cool weightless clothes which feel lighter than air. You can spend most of your day outdoors drinking in the happy feel good factor.

  7. What do I love most about summer?? The feeling of cooling off… whether it’s walking into an air conditioned room, drinking a glass of cold water, enjoying an icy beverage, taking a cold shower, or finding a spare piece of ice to hold against my neck — there’s nothing like the feeling of going from uncomfortable to comfortable!!! Thanks for the great give away! If this posted twice, my apologies. The screen popped back up!

  8. what i love about summer is the sunny mornings that are just cool enough to take a stroll !

  9. The great weather and fun festivals tend to gather thousands of happy people just to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

  10. Summer is the time for relaxation, celebration, and enjoying family and friends. A time to get fit and play.

  11. What I love about summer is sharing a family vacation with my little miracles and my hubby. I used to envision all of these precious times when my twins were in the hospital fighting for each day after surprising us 3 1/2 months early. I prayed for summer nights snuggled up with my boys, splashing in the pool, watching baseball together. They don’t like baseball yet, but we will get there and now we have a little girl to share it with. It’s not just Summer that’s magical… Life is!

  12. The smell of salty waves, the coconuty smell of sunscreen and the taste of buttery corn on the cob and grilled hot dogs cooked on a small habachi on the beach.

  13. Putting my feet in the ocean and feeling the waves lap on my legs – it calms me and all is right in the world for that moment.

  14. Summer is full of sunshine and smiles!! It’s having a good time outside, bonfires, concerts, laughing, going to the lake!!!

  15. I love spending the summer weekends with my husband and daughter. Going to the river and making sure I apply my JI BB cream for SPF, enjoying the view, reading a book and a margarita on the other hand. Loving life and family!

  16. I love summer…more time with my precious children..more relaxed mornings more coffee.. More of my favorite berries..fresh grown locally..strawberries, blueberries, rasberries, cherries & blackberries..summer also reminds my of my own childhood and my Dad who was a principal and got off a month in the summer…miss you Daddy!

  17. I love being able to skip foundations and bronzers and giving my hair a rest from the blowdryers and straightening irons

  18. I love the fruits and vegetables, vacations, drinking coffee on the porch in the early mornings, the beautiful flowers from spring plantings, less traffic on highway from school being out, and my July birthday!

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Thanks for commenting and happy early birthday! We would love to send you Smooth Affair and Forever Pink :). Please e-mail with your full name and mailing address and we will be sure to get it out to you soon.

  19. My favorite things to do during the summer is spending time at the pool and enjoying great drinks and food on our deck.

  20. I love about summer as I love hitting the beach with my bikini, sunbath under the sun and receive my natural tanning, keeping my make up minimal to just a touch of tint moisturizer and sunscreen, lightly fill eyebrows and lip gloss. Also loving the sea breeze under the sun… it is so refreshing. <3

  21. I love summer because of the smell of fresh cut grass all over! Also i love gardening and i am growing huge pink, yellow and almost black tomatoes and fresh herbs! Love fresh salad in the open air dinner….

  22. the sounds of summer at night with the insects and early in the morning with the birds….lightning bugs too!

  23. What I love most about summer is that spending it with my husband and daughter…Southern California waves, perfect evening weather and the hot summer wind.

  24. Spending time outside after being indoors all winter, grilling, and driving with the windows rolled down! Summer also frees up time to go visit family (love Boston in the summer!) and this year I am particularly excited because my husband and I are adding a few days to our family visit to travel through 5 states. We never had a honeymoon, so maybe this can be it!

  25. Summer is…bright colors, happy sounds, wonderfull scents, nice bubbly drinks,…
    Summer is…being happy with those small things.

  26. What summer means to me are blue skies, the birds chirping outside my window in the morning and not having to wear heavy coats and snow boots.

  27. i’m finally moving into my dream apartment this summer, so i’ll definitely be enjoying my time with friends in a new place.

  28. I love the way the sun turns my hair to wavy, reddish blonde! And my skin is tanned. Love being outside soaking up vitamin D!

  29. I adore having my children home from school and spending time with them. I specially love the beach and acai bowls on sunny days!! I also enjoy the long days that will give us extra time to do fun family activities.

    I now love that I found out about your makeup line and I will be protected from the sun this summer in a healthy way that will also treat my skin. I recently found out about Jane Iredale, I am in love with your makeup line!!

  30. The long hours of daylight that allows us to feel lazy and being able to look great at the beach while protecting my face from the sun with my pure pressed base. Of course, fresh watermelon comes a close second!

  31. In a word: CORAL. Best color for summer in my opinion. It’s so juicy, fresh, and light. Beautiful on many skintones.

  32. I love the feelings that summer gives me! It brings such warmth and happiness that every day is a good day! I can definitely say that I love summer because it leaves me with the happiest of memories. I also can’t forget those fresh cherries summer brings!

  33. I live for the long, hot days spent in the sun relaxing with a cool drink, some awesome friends, and the beautiful as well as sun-protective makeup from Jane Iredale!

  34. I love spending as much time as I can with my family, going hiking, kayaking, getting locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables, enjoying the various farmers markets and having the time to relax and feel the warmth of summer.

  35. Love everything about SUmmer.Its so lively with all the sunshine and lots of people outside.Exploring new places and going on hikes.

  36. I love the warm weather and having the sun shining down on you. I love that you meet more people during the summer months because everyone is outside 🙂 It’s a wonderful time of year where people seem the most content for the entire season.

  37. I love how carefree summer feels. The kids are out of school, we don’t need to think about coats, boots, umbrellas. Of course, I love the way the sun’s rays warm my skin (not without suncreen:)) And all the fresh produce from my garden and the barbecues.

  38. I love the longer Summer days with the beautiful sunsets after a South Florida afternoon rain shower….the sky is as pink as sun kissed cheeks. Summer is for enjoying the summer off from school, fresh fruits & vegetables, fun filled beach & pool days, relaxing with friends & family, and having that extra time to enjoy a good book! Wishing everyone a fun filled Summer! 🙂

  39. I agree with you about summer veggies, but also what I love about fresh veggies is the canning so you can have them all year long.

  40. Summer is by far my favorite season! It gives me the chance to spend more time outdoors, enjoying nature. I love the ocean and beach because I just find them so soothing and comforting. Just standing on the beach and looking out into the vast ocean somehow seems to make my stresses disappear! I also love wearing sundresses and sandals (and hats to protect my hair/face from the sun), as well as pretty pink makeup colors for summer!

  41. I love summer, but not when it is too hot. I like it just so you get that warm fuzzy feeling when you feel the warmth of the sun on you face.

  42. I love summer for BBQs on the beach with family and friends, fresh sweet corn and watermelon. Family visits and vacations. Wearing light, fun summer dresses and an fresh faced make up look. Happy Summer! Thanks for the fabulous giveaway!

  43. I LOVE summer because the sun doesn’t set until after 8pm, the weekly farmers markets with fresh tasty veg…the watermelons! The berries! The camping in the mountains with friends and dogs and fresh fish for dinner!
    And the sweet sea breeze from the coast greeting me on morning walks with my dog! 🙂

  44. What I love about summer is, getting to change up my makeup! Family time,sharing in my kids fun, and seeing smiles on there faces. They love summer! (:

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