Fun facts about our mascaras, plus a GIVEAWAY!

makeup holiday giveawayThe holiday season is officially upon us! And with it we want to bring you some fun facts about our mascara line.

We have four different mascaras: Longest Lash Thickening and Lengthening Mascara, PureLash Mascara, PureLash Lengthening Mascara and PureLash Thickening and Lengthening Mascara. Although we love all of our mascaras equally, they are all different. Let’s take a look at what makes each one so special to us!

Starting with Longest Lash Thickening and Lengthening Mascara, available in Black Ice, Espresso and Slate Gray, I recommend this mascara if you want well-defined, longer-looking lashes with buildable volume. This mascara is full of triple-length cellulose fibers and seaweed lipids that add length and thickness while simultaneously conditioning, moisturizing, and protecting your lashes. Plus it comes with a hollow fiber brush that prevents clumping.

Next is our PureLash Mascara, available in Black Onyx and Agate Brown. This is a great mascara if you want to add a small yet lovely touch of color to your lashes. I tend to use it during the week when I want to brighten my eyes, but don’t necessarily want a very intense look. Plus it doesn’t smear or flake so I don’t have to worry about constantly checking my makeup throughout the day. There are four other lovely pluses to this mascara: (1) it is mildly water resistant; (2) it is made expressly for people with sensitive eyes; (3) it is free of all lacquer, shellac and petroleum based ingredients; and (4) it is formulated with seaweed lipids and panthenol to moisten and condition your lashes.

Last but not least is our PureLash Lengthening Mascara which is perfect if you want conditioned, longer, lush-looking lashes. Using a proprietary blend of seaweed lipids and wheat proteins, it simultaneously conditions and curls your lashes. It also contains cellulose fibers that add extra length and thickness. It is packaged with the same soft, hollow fiber brush that comes with our PureLash Mascara, and is available in Jet Black, Brown Black and Navy. Like PureLash Mascara, it is free of all lacquers, shellac and petroleum-based ingredients.


But wait! What about our PureLash Lash Extender & Conditioner?! (my must-have product) PureLash Lash Extender & Conditioner hydrates the lashes to prevent them from drying out and getting brittle. I tend to use it either before I apply my mascara, or right before going to bed. For extra luscious lashes, I like to apply a coat of PureLash Lash Extender & Conditioner, let it dry for a minute or two, and then apply Longest Lash Thickening and Lengthening Mascara.

We love our mascara products, and hope you do too! So with the holidays coming up we have decided to do a giveaway. Enter below for a chance to win one of each of our mascaras! There will be 10 lucky winners!

 How to enter:

  1. Leave a comment below telling us your go-to makeup look for the holidays.
  2. Remember to include your current e-mail address so we can notify you if you win.
  3. Get creative and have fun with your response!

Happy holidays!

  1. I’m usually traveling for the holidays, so I need to keep it simple: White/Pink Highlighter Pencil coupled with the Double Dazzle Highlighter Pencil for my eyes; PureLash Mascara in Black Onyx for my lashes; In Touch Highlighter for my cheeks; PureGloss Lip Gloss in Sangria.

  2. I love to use pure moist lipstick to condition and hydrate my lips in the cold winter air. Smell the roses hydration spray is the most refreshing part of my day before applying the amazing base mineral foundation followed by the complete in touch highlighter to give me that winter glow!

  3. I can make just about any eye look with your daytime shadow palette, but I love to be more dramatic for the holidays with a classic red lip. Purelash lengthening is my favorite mascara, but I’ve been wanting to give Longest Lash another try!

    1. I love to wear my cheekie blush on the apples of my cheeks with 24 Karat gold dust in champagne on the cheekbone. I wear champagne silk eye shere on my lids and line my eyes with violet eyes shadow instead of eyeliner. It makes my green eyes really POP. I spray my liner brush first with D2O hydration spray. I finish the look with lipstick in color Renee and dab a bit of gloss on top of that in Kir Royale. It’s a beautiful look with my dark gray dress with a black jeweled neckline.

  4. My go-to makeup look for holidays is a good red lipstick and black mascara. Along with well rested and moisturized skin, I feel that the red lipstick gives a pop to a healthy, natural glow.

  5. With my Multiple Sclerosis disease I usually don’t get to wear to a if makeup like I want too!! I have more worst days than good days!! This Holiday season I want to be able to beautify myself to make myself the happiest girl alive!!!! I want to walk into our family Xmas with the biggest smile on my face knowing inside that I can still be the pretty girl that I have always once been 5 years ago!!!

  6. I don’t wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis so for the holidays I like to take may time and try to look my best. I attempt to contour and I love trying new things on my eyes, shimmer shadows and bold lashes, I usually keep a neutral lip and soft pink cheeks.

  7. I like the matte makeup look for the holidays or any day. I like to wear matte lipstick and eye shadow. I think the matte makeup compliments my skin tone the most.

  8. I like to do an eyeshadow look using Browns, sometimes with a touch of merlot. Then I use some eyeliner making a thin line just to define the eye and some mascara. I do my usual glow time bb cream and pressed powder over top. Add some blush and fill in my eye brows. Then I use lip liner and use my lip fixation lip stain to keep my lips coloured throughout my dinner!

  9. My go to look is a soft,just mascara, blush and a soft lip. I Would love to try the pure lash to help open up and brighten my eyes, also would love no flakes throughout the day ♡ plus I have super sensitive eye would love to see how this is on me.
    Happy holidays.

  10. I prefer to keep my makeup more natural but I love to play up my eyes simply because I think they are my best feature. I have blue eyes & I like to make them pop!

  11. I’m outside most of the time, I could not survive without my Lip Drink, and tinted moisturizer. Quick, easy, and makes me look and feel fabulous! Thank you for such a great product

  12. I love the simplicity of Jane, eyeliner, pressed powder, blush and a little mascara!!!! I’m 63, I love the way it looks so natural!!!

  13. During the holidays it is all about the red lipstick. I would like go to sparkly on the eye and RED on the lips! For new years it all about having a smokey eye/sparkles and also a killer red or sparkly pink on the lips!

  14. I like to keep my look simple with a little bit of shimmer on the eyelids – definitely with a red lip as well and of course BIG lashes as always 🙂

  15. During the holidays I like to keep it pretty simple but I definitely like to have a red pout and maximized lashes! On New Years Eve is when I like to do a smokey eye and just a shimmer nude gloss. Such a great combo for going out!

  16. I love to use sparkly, shimmery, extra-special makeup around the holidays! It just makes everything even more merry and bright 🙂

  17. Living in the southwest, my holiday priority is keeping my skin hydrated and glowing…then a soft nude lip with crème blush and mascara is my go too. But I love experimenting with shadows and colored mascaras…so pretty!

  18. Makeup during the holidays is honestly so much fun, and you can be so creative. My favorite look is something bold, but at the same time classic. For the holidays I usually will do a darker bold lip as my focal point, and a nice berry blush to compliment the lipstick. I also am big on highlighting during the holidays, it just looks so festive and gives a nice glow. Then for the eyes I like to keep it neautral. I will do a nice liner with it though to make it pop. If I am going out though I will add a little glitte to my eye look to get a more festive twist. I love makeup I feel like it’s the best accessory.

  19. I am a big fan of classic beauty. During the holidays that means clear skin, red lips, lots of mascara and black liner. If I want to take it up a notch, I put on a half strip of false lashes in the corner. There’s nothing like beautiful glowing skin!

  20. My absolute favorite for the holiday season is The Glamour Eye & Lip Palette which has brought me joy all the year long. I just love all the amazing eyeshadows starting with subtle beige and gold shades up to eye-catching but stylish violet. The range of lip glosses and lipsticks is so beautiful that every time when I need to choose one I would like to pick them up all 🙂 The Glamour Palette offers infinite possibilities for a ladylike but still modern Christmas makeup. It is just a pure luxury, finding enough space even in a small handbag. To finish my holiday look, I only need some Amazing Base powder, PurePressed Blush in Barely Rose and PureLash Mascara – and the most magical time of the year can begin! Merry Christmas to everyone!

  21. For a go-to makeup look i would do a look that is quick as well as makes me look perfect in picture… Because people tend to click so many photos and so many memories are made!!

  22. My favorite holiday look eould be of course Jane’s mascara to have Beautiful think curled lashed and to hilight my eyes I would use the 24ktGold in silver bb7 on face and Amber loose powder and just a little champagne dust on my cheeks and last but not least Cosmo pure lip gloss over Annette. All of it is on my chrtmas list I hav similar colors would love to ein this mascara to set everything off

  23. I would love to win this for my girl friend she loves the products.And I must say they look wonderful on her. My favorite look on her would be the natural look just a little mascara. Med in tined mostizer and just kissed lip& cheek stain . Would tast awesome under the mistle toe too 🙂 Merry Christmas Jane thanks for the chance to win

  24. It’s pretty simple for me. I use jane glow time every day year round. Then, I like to use fall colors. I use a maroonish color on my checks and eyelids, the jane highlighter pencil, and mascara. I usually finish it off with a simple lip – sometimes even just lip balm since they get dry this time of year.

  25. My holidays makeup is always an eye that pops!! I try to change from my daywear eye makeup to more shimmer and give the look that I have some lashes. This can be tricky because I have very light and short eye lashes. Looking forward to trying all the different jane Iredale mascaras to find a new favorite “pop”!!

  26. My go to make up product (I wear it everyday) is the Glow Time BB7 cream. I have never received so many compliments on my skin. A little goes a long way! Plus a little mascara to make my eyes pop!

  27. I like to go with the natural look most of the time, but on holidays or date nights with the hubster I like to add a pop of color and some extra gloss to my lips, maybe a little rosier cheek and some shimmer 🙂 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and thank you for this fun 12 days of Christmas, even if I don’t win it has been fun to see the different products and to see what the prize is each day 🙂

  28. my go to look for the holidays is primer, foundation, powder, blush, eye liner in black, gold shimmer shadow on the eyes, black mascara, red lips all they are start with Jane Iredale

  29. My go to makeup is bb cream, foundation, blush/the quad bronzer and finishing powder! Then I use the quad bronzer for eyeshadow, put on some eye liner and mascara and finally, spray some hydration spray to finish!

  30. I add a bit of shimmer or glitter for the holiday look. But only on focus on eye area (eye, cheek or lip). If you do it all you might be a decoration instead of a holiday look.

  31. My current go-to look is all about glowy skin, well defined eyebrows and bold lashes. I have been using a cream highlighter pretty much everyday, burgundy toned eyeshadows and either a pretty nude lipstick or a red one which puts me in the Christmas mood 😀 This is definately the time of the year to play a lot with colours and use whatever makes us feel beautiful!

  32. Bb cream, light blush, mascara, eyeliner, frosty pinkish gold glitter on lid, pinkish frosty lipstick. Simple and easy to dramatize later in the day for evening too

  33. As I’m visiting families the light is low and the old people have bad eyes I keep it simple with foundation, mascara and lipstick (I get red cheeks from the wine anyway…). I’ll keep the big eye make-up for New Year’s Eve. But I’m one of the girls who never leave the house without mascara!

  34. My holiday look is usually my daytime look with a little tweaking and a lot of tinsel! I love to break out the shimmery eye shadows and fluff up my eyelashes just right! My cheeks look all merry and rosy. A little bit of red velvet-y lipstick ties it all together like a bow!

  35. For Christmas I like to look a bit more glamorous so the brown sugar trio is a must with a great mascara. I would love to try this one.

  36. I liked to add a little sparkle to my eye and lips for the holidays my go to makeup is Mascara ….first and always…thank for the chance!!!

  37. My best holiday look is a happy smile, which seems very easy to do during the holidays! A nice rich red lipstick doesn’t hurt, either 🙂

  38. The very best holiday look is a nice smile, which is easy to do this time of year! Adding a beautiful red lipstick to that smile doesn’t hurt, either 😉

  39. My go to look is JLo glow…because who doesn’t want to glow like JLo? And because it involves a shimmery bronze smoky eye with is much less harsh in photos as opposed to 2 “black eyes”. 🙂

  40. My go-to makeup look for the holidays…will be the look my sister loves on me…I have to play up my eyes with eyeliner, with small wing, and 3 eye shadows. She also insists in my cheeks being bronzed and highlights at the cheek bones.

  41. I love a smoky eye paired with a nude lip. I’d love to combine my go to bronze eye makeup with a red lip this year. Who wants to teach me?

  42. For me, a little glitter on the eyes, volume mascara and red lipstick – exactly what I imagine for the Christmas holidays 😉

  43. My must have/ go to item is my PureMoist Lipstick, Annette! I carry my lipstick everywhere and it matches my complexion perfectly! It’s a perfect color, especially for the holiday season. I keep my look simple by using the eyeshadow pallet Brown Sugar which compliments my lipstick color, Annette. I love how Jane Iredake gives me confidence!

  44. After losing all my hair with chemotherapy, eye makeup was so important to help look more like myself and less “sick”. Now that my eyelashes are slowly going back, mascara is a must!!

  45. I love bright eyes and dark lips for the holidays!! Fabulous contouring and a winged liner!

    rachelmarietravis at

  46. For the holidays its all about the eyes for me as I don’t think I look too good in a red lip which is what I would do otherwise. I love love love adding a white/glittery shimmer to my eyelid , added with lots of layers of mascara to give a POP , must have suddle blush , and a glossy lip

  47. The holidays are the time go get glitzy and have fun with your makeup! I choose a bold color on my lips and shimmer on my eyes. We are traveling on Christmas so it’s got to be fun but easy to do and something I don’t have to reapply!

  48. I have to at least have my in touch high lighter, my white pink eye pencil, some lengthening mascara, my bitty brow kit, and a pop of colour on my lips – that look works for any situation!

  49. I like to do a smokey eye with dark silvers and black since my eyes are hazel and I finish it off with the longest lash thickening and lengthening mascara since it’s my all time favorite. Then I use tinted moisturizer with some powder, and a lip stain. I like to keep it simple but still dramatic!

  50. With so many grandbabies to kiss I try to keep it simple, so I don’t get makeup all over them. I just wear powder, blush, eyeshadow and mascara. I guess it is a clean simple look.

  51. With an almost two-year-old and a six month old, my makeup routine is all about simplicity. That’s why I use the JI glowtime bb cream, good coverage and I don’t have to use multiple products. Excited to try the mascara since Im sensitive to a lot of mascaras I’ve tried in the past. Unless I am lucky enough to have my boys take naps at the same time, I usually just use bb cream, mascara, maybe some eyeliner, and lip stain. Loving the new forever red stain!

  52. Got to have fresh flawless skin and slightly contoured cheeks. Liquid winged eye liner and a light pink to medium red lip! A little primer on the eye lids for the shine

  53. This is definitely my season for a bold red lip and smokey eyes!! I also love an accent of glitter added to my day and night time look. Why not just brighten up the room most with a glamorous look for the holidays? My style is the answer to that question.

  54. I love dark berry lips for the holidays, as well as a soft highlight on the cheekbones and Cupid’s bow. I like to keep the base clean and eyes subtle so that the lips stand out more. That and I’m not very good at applying eyeliner and eyeshadow, so I stick to what I know. 😉

  55. Going with the classic looks around the holidays is the best. By going with a plum eyeliner and some deep burgundy eyeshadows, my green eyes are accentuated just a bit. Then curling my lashes and using my JI mascara puts it over the top and gives it a polished look. Using a light peachy blush and a simple pink gloss gives the finishing touches.

  56. I never put too much for an ordinary day – smokey eyes or just an eye-liner and a mascara, natural looking lips….

  57. I like a hint of white on the bottom, under the lash near the tear duct part. It adds a hint of sparkle without aging me and looks festive.

  58. I love a berry lip, in the blink of a smokey eye palette, gold eyeliner, smudged black liner, so bronze 3 on cheeks and highlighter on cheekbones, bridge of nose and inner corners of the eyes

  59. I am a white haired senior citizen now living in Florida. (Where else, right?) My holidays basically consist of hanging out with my three grandchildren, who love me, no matter what I look like!
    For myself, however; Smooth Affair, Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain in Forever Pink and a spritz of D2O Hydration Spray when needed does the trick of keeping me from crying when catch glimpse of my old self in a mirror.
    Love Jane Iredale!

  60. I like wearing some sparkle on my eyes. On the lips I like a tinted gloss. It helps me feel festive. I would love to try your mascara. I’m a great lash Maybelline girl and have a hard time finding something else I like.

  61. Hi, for my holiday look I add eyeliner and a little more eyeshadow. I also try to use a bolder lipstick color. Most days I just wear foundation and blush now so anything extra is a holiday look! Thanks.

  62. Everyday I tell myself I’m only going to wear a little bit of makeup… Seems like everyday around this time of year I’m in a hurry. However, I love my Jane Iredale makeup so much, I end up taking my time and enjoying the morning routine before things get hectic.

    I learned to do my eye makeup first, starting with petal, then using my daytime eye kit, eyebrows, eyeliner and then move on to foundation and a powder to set. I’ve found using the loose powder on my eyes helps keep the eyeshadow in place. Since I have a hard time with my shadow smearing easily.

    In the winter, i prefer a full coverage foundation such as the liquid minerals. In the summer when i get a spray tan, I don’t need anything more than pure pressed minerals.

    And blush, love your shades and how well it blends. Can’t go out without moonglow it sunbeam. I get so much use out of sunglow I use the pink for my blush, the sheer to highlight and the Browns to contour. It is truly a multi-use product.

    Thanks for the wonderful makeup. I had given up on ever wearing makeup again when a wonderful retired RN helped me find my way to feeling like a woman with your natural products. Thanks Jane for sharing with the world.

  63. For the holidays I like smoky eyes with a touch of glimmer, lots of lashes and scarlet lipstick. Makes the most of my features!

  64. My go to is my BB Glow time!! I am new to your products and still would LOVE to try so many but ever since purchasing the Glow Time and the Pressed Powder‼️ OMG‼️ my skin feels AMAZEBALLS!!!!!

  65. (getting this into the right place!)
    My go to make-up look for the holidays, is smokey eyes and glossed lips to dawn a clean, soft looking face (with Absence Primer and PurePressed powder). As a blonde, I love to have facial definition!

  66. I like to use a sparkling eyeliner to holiday parties – usually an ice blue thin line of eyeliner. I also add highlighting to my cheekbones and just under the eyebrow to brighten things up a bit!

  67. For the holidays I prefer smokey colors with a splash of bright. For example smokey eyes with a bright fun eye liner!!

  68. I like minimal makeup, always have. I love BB cream and a little blush but I will never go without mascara!!! Less is more with most but mascara, I like to pile it on

  69. I love Jane Iredale and ALL of the mascaras! The one that works best for my eyelashes is the pure lash, in black! It’s my favorite, especially when paired with the Jane Iredale Lash Conditioner!!

  70. Mascara to add color to my blonde lashes and clear or gentle pink lipgloss is all I really have time to get done. If I had the time I’d rock a gold eye with a hint of mint blue, brown liner, peachy cheek and berry lip.

  71. Smoky eye, winged liner, dark lips..beat to the gawds!!!!!! Of course the most important part my fave JI foundation yall make! Slay….

  72. My go-to makeup look for the holidays always includes a red lip (with a nude or pale colored eyeshadow) and lots of mascara!


  73. I like to add some color such as blue under lashes to bring out color. Give my eyes a holiday look and lips with some shimmer


  75. As my skin dries out in the winter, my dream tint is an everyday must!! I love mascara, but have not tried the Jane iredale ones..yet! If I don’t have much time, mascara and a red lip does the trick!

  76. My go-to look for holidays is a cat eye, layers of mascara for bold, fluffy lashes, and a red lip, paired with glowy skin.

    My email is klprice (at)

  77. My makeup look for holidays is basicly “Bazazz!” Everything!
    I go all out during holidays. That is what makes my holiday a little more special.

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