Change your life, change your makeup, part 1

It is true that if you change your makeup, it can change your life, but did you ever think that if you change your life (or when your life changes), you should change your makeup? If your trusty makeup ritual isn’t giving you the same effect, it is easy to feel lost! But no worries, a few tweaks and you’ll be back on the path to your most beautiful self.

makeup is not a mystery

This whole idea occurred to me when I noticed that the intense, dark eye makeup that looked fantastic in September was suddenly making me look haggard. It got me thinking about all the little and big changes that happen in life and can affect our looks. This is not a problem, it’s an invitation to shake up our makeup routine. If you’re stuck in a rut or not feeling your absolute prettiest, I hope this inspires you to try some little changes that might make a big difference in how you look and feel about yourself.

Life change: skin tone

What was the problem with my formerly fantastic smoldering eyes? Regardless of how careful I am with SPF (and I am!), I get a little darker in the summer. That darker skin tone was the perfect canvas for smoldering makeup. I was loving Dark Topaz Mystikol smudged all around my eye, layered with the medium shade from Triple Cognac PurePressed Eye Shadow Triple on the lid and into the crease, the dark shade in a sideways “v” around the outer crease and along the lash line, with the lightest shade on the brow bone and inner corner. One swipe of PureLash Lash Extender & Conditioner, plus many layers of Black Ice Longest Lash Thickening and Lengthening Mascara completed the look (this is not me, it is a model from our makeover room representing my tawnier, post-summer complexion).

Sultry autumn makeup

But now that my skin tone is paler, that same makeup makes me look like the walking dead.

Makeup change: lighten up!

I used the same triple eye shadow but switched up the placement: I pressed the lightest shade from lashes to brow, and the medium shade in the crease. I still use the Dark Topaz Mystikol, but in a more precise line along the upper lashes only, or I can wing it up a bit if I am feeling playful. Black Ice Mascara is still my go-to, but I apply it on the upper lashes only for a wide-eyed, bright look. A brighter lip and a lighter shade of blush complete my makeup. Now I look alive!

Bright eyed winter makeup

Again, this is not me, but a model from our makeover room, intended to represent my paler, early winter face.

Of course, the same principles hold true in reverse. if you happen to catch too much sun on the slopes, during a Caribbean getaway (lucky you, in either case), or are reading this during the warmer months, just go the opposite way.

One final note: USE YOUR SUNSCREEN, PLEASE! I wear our mineral foundations SPF 20 every day, and Powder-Me SPF 30 Dry Sunscreen if I am spending more than 5 minutes outside. This post is not meant to imply it is OK to tan, it is only meant to address the realities of life, especially my life, which is spent largely outdoors, which leads to some color on my easy-to-tan skin, even with scrupulous sun protection.

There are several more posts in this series, covering topics from changes in skin condition and volume, to the impact of new haircut and color, so stay tuned!




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