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So what’s your story, morning glory?

I absolutely love it

Posted by G.H.

I am a young mature lady who has been using makeup since the age of 15. So to say Many years have passed and I have never been happy with my makeup. If I loved the colors I hated the after effects. If there were no after effects I hated the way it went on and did not stay. I decided to give Jane Iredale a try after seeing it advertised in many magazines. I absolutely love it. It was easy to get the look I wanted in one try and after traveling all night it still looked like I had just applied it. I can hardly wait to try more of the products because I think I have finally found my beauty guru. Thank you Jane for sharing these great products with all of us.


Posted by M.J.

I use the BB 3 cream then put light beige pressed power over it and top it off with the amazing matte and I absolutely love it! My acne has actually started to go away and the redness is covered up with the BB cream! Thank you so much for this make up! The dermo I work in has actually started to carry it too :)

I'll be a Jane Iredale fan for life

Posted by K.C.

Just a couple of days ago I decided that I was done with mediocre, somewhat healthy makeup and took the plunge to invest in Jane Iredale. It's been years coming and I've wanted to switch to Jane Iredale for a long, long time but I thought it was just a little too expensive for my budget. I try to treat myself as best I can so that I can feel comfortable in my own skin and I am SO happy that I finally switched over! I went to a Planet Beauty store and was helped by the most wonderful girl who wears Jane Iredale herself. She color matched me for the pressed powder (I'm "Radiant") and the most beautiful color blush I have ever worn in all 25 years of my life :) (Copper Wind). I'm a simplistic girl. I like my beauty to shine through just a little color and I really do feel radiant with my new Jane Iredale makeup!! My chronic acne flare ups on my upper cheek line are not at all irritated by the pressed powder makeup or the blush and I was having constant battles with the brand I was using before. Thank you Jane Iredale for still being great when I finally decided to make the best makeup switch I've ever made! And I really love how just a little of your product covers, and colors, beautifully- it will last me a long time and is money well spent. With my Radiant pressed powder, my Copper Wind blush, and the Pommist I feel so beautiful! I'll be a Jane Iredale fan for life...p.s. my Mom is too now that she's seen how happy I am with your line :)

Glow Time BB Cream

Posted by B.P.

I have noted several reviews of BB cream on your website from users who expressed difficulty in application. I recently started using this product, and came to realize that it wasn't spreading smoothly for 2 reasons - I was applying too much, and it goes on so much easier with a damp sponge than with the fingers. I believe my skin tone is between the 7 and 9 shades, so using 7 and following up with bronzer works great. This is great product.

71 years young

Posted by M.H.

OK: This is a first for me. I am 71 years young and have not liked my aging skin for a long time, and have tried a gazillion products. I have allergies so I can't use very much out there in makeup land. My dermatologiest recommended Jane Iredale and sells it. I had a makeup consultation but was still a little scared to try it, but I did order the sample kit for light or fair skin. I have to say it is beyond "spot on". I never would have chosen what is in it, but it is perfect. I take my time applying and have watched every "how to" video that were so informative............ I look fabulous and feel younger and walk with my head held high. I am hooked and proud of it.

Coffee & Jane Iredale

Posted by D.S.

This is how I start my Mornings Everyday, Fresh brewed coffee & Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup. I start with Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener, followed by Dream Tint that smells so nice and makes me glow! Next Liquid Eyeliner & then Mascara, Just Kissed Lip plumper and finish off with D2O Hydration Spray that makes me shine. Love Love Love my Mornings...

Eye shadow and Eye Gloss Tip

Posted by C.R.

I have been using Jane Iredale products for many many years now and love everything I have ever tried. I wanted to share a tip that I recently shared at a Jane Iredale event at my local salon. I mix the powder shadows with the eye gloss to create new colors. I have extremely oily skin and I find if I use the gloss as a base, my eyes stay beautiful all day long. Thank you Jane!

I got my confidence back

Posted by L.M.

As long as i can remember i have always suffered with scarring on my skin. Unslightly red blotches on my cheeks and jawline which severly damaged my confidence growing up. The thing i have neglected to tell you is that i am a beauty therapist. My clients obviously expect to see flawless skin from their skin therapist! Up until two years ago this was a big problem for me and i always felt it affected my work. Then by a stroke of luck i found Jane Iredale. With the help of their consultants and by training in their range i got my confidence back. By using products like disapear to conceal my scarring and the extra coverage from their pure pressed bases my skin appears flawless. Now i truely enjoy making a difference in the lives of others by introducing them to this fanatsic range. So try it for yourself, what have you got to lose! 

Love, Love, Love

Posted by S.F.

I just want to let you know that I love, love, love your Liquid Minerals. Warm Silk is a great match for my skin tone, and just a tiny drop makes my skin look flawless and lasts all day. The pump bottle should win every packaging award that exists. It is spill-proof, and allows you to use every last drop of the product. I use it every day and one bottle lasted five months!

It's clear that you really care about the quality of the products that carry your name. Your goal to improve the look and texture of each individual's skin is something that is overlooked in the cosmetic community. Most companies seem content to cash in on the latest trends. What the industry fails to realize is that great looking skin is never out of fashion.

First-Time Caller

Posted by D.G.

I have never sent a letter to any company before but just had to let you know how much I love your products.

I started using your line about a year ago and have been amazed. I am almost 50 years old with very oily skin. For years, I blotted, washed, and reapplied makeup, just to get through the day. This got much better when I started using your products but recently a friend of mine suggested that I use your Dream Tint. Since it said moisturizer, I really thought it would make my problem worse and I'd be throwing away most of the tube. To my surprise, I have used Dream Tint for two weeks and get through the days with almost no shine!

After 30 years of trying every product on the market, I finally found something that leaves my skin soft, gives me an SPF, and almost eliminates my oily zones. I know the box doesn't address those of us with oily skin but I had to tell you my experience. Thanks for such wonderful products!

Down right gorgeous!

Posted by S.L.

I  am writing to just say how much I love the PurePressed Pressed Minerals Base in Warm Sienna, PureMatte Finish Powder, and Moonglow. I am a very fair woman of color and it is quite hard for me to find foundations that will match my unique skin tone. I also have sensitive, acne-prone skin and I have to be VERY careful about what I put on my face. For many years, I had depended on liquid andcream foundations to give my skin more of a polished look and make my skin tone look even. But, all these foundations did was cause damage. They would cause me to have horrible breakouts, look unnatural, and cause redness. I just knew that there had to be something better out there for me. Because, I had wasted so much money buying foundations that just didn't meet the grade.

 In December 2007, I ordered from the jane iredale line for the first time. I felt in my heart that these products were going to be different as they are pure and are used on some of the world's most famous television faces. So, I felt that I had more to gain than I had to lose.

After, I received all of my jane iredale products, I immediately went and washed my face and then applied moisturizer. Next, I applied the PurePressed Base, PureMatte Finish Powder, and Moonglow. After applying all three, I was simply ecstatic at the results. My face looked healthy, even toned, and down right gorgeous! I was just so happy that I had finally taken a chance on a line of products that actually work! I have never experienced any breakouts with the jane iredale products and my face has actually started clearing up with continued use! I don't experience any redness with any of the products. And, the products truly do last all day until I wash them off.